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Purdue Men's Basketball Recruiting

Cameron Stephens

  School and Year (1999-00)    Vincennes CC
                  (1997-99)    Purdue University
                  (1996-97)    Fort Wayne South Side, IN
  Height and Weight            6'7  220lbs
  Position                     Power Forward
  98-99 Ratings                #1 JUCO power forward (RB)
  96-97 Ratings                #18 (HS), #43 (FS), #50 (RR), #29 (PS)
  Status                       Active

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Player Summary

     Cameron Stephens plays a lot of center in high school, but has the body of a forward which should be his position in college. Ranked as a top30 player by most recruiting gurus, Stephens possesses the athletic skills to have his pick of any school he would like to attend. He can play either with his back to the basket or facing, but either way he blocks a lot of shots. Positives are his athleticism and ability to run the break, and he is good with the ball. Although strong, he needs to bulk up to be a force in division 1 as a power forward. Improving his perimeter shooting would also add to the total package.
     Cam ended his senior season in the finals of the Fort Wayne regional. For his career he scored 1417 points and grabbed a total of 800 boards. In his final season, Stephens averaged 21.6 points and 11.9 rebounds per game for Fort Wayne South High. In the final AP poll, South Side was #4 in the state. Stephens was named to the Indiana All-Star team.
     In his junior season, Stephens averaged 18.5 points and 10 rebounds per game for Fort Wayne South High, which finished 20-5. He shot 62 percent from the field and 67 percent from the foul line, and was named All Summit Athletic Conference as a center. Stephens was also named to the Indiana Junior All-Star team.

Current Player News

NEW! 02-10-00...Just a day after a blurb at Hoop Scoop has Stephens liking Kentucky, word from the SEC conference via the University of Arkansas looks to be preventing Stephens from playing this fall in the SEC. An SEC rule limiting the eligibility of non-qualifiers and partial-qualifiers seems to suggest Stephens would not be eligible to play in the SEC until the spring of 2001, not the fall of 2000 as planned. The reason is a rule stating academic non-qualifiers must have at least three semesters of junior college under their belts before transferring to SEC schools. According to Arkansas assistant Brad Dunn, the three semester rule does not include summer school. Arkansas has stopped recruiting both Cam and another player due to the rule, and it also suggests Kentucky along with other SEC schools may be at a disadvantage with Stephens now. Stephens could still play in the SEC, he would just have to take junior college classes through the fall and join the team in January 2001. Stephens is currently averaging 13.5 points and 11.6 rebounds per game for Vincennes, shooting 53-percent from the field and 64-percent from the line.

02-09-00...The 14th ranked Vincennes Blazers defeated the 6th ranked Southeastern Iowa Blackhawks 85-72. The loss brought an end to SE Iowa's 15-game winning streak, dropping their record to 24-4. Vincennes is at 18-4. Cam Stephens had 6 points, 9 rebounds and 4 assists, while fellow Purdue prospect Johnnie Selvie of SE Iowa finished with 11 points, 10 rebounds and two blocked shots.

11-13-99...Vincennes moved to 3-0 Friday with a 89-58 defeat of Danville in the opening round of the Kiwanis Invitational at Vincennes. Vincennes faces Belleville tonight in the tournament final. Through three games, Cam is averaging 17.7 points and 11.7 boards. Cam's numbers might be slightly affected by the addition of 6'7 Cincinnati transfer Aaron McGhee, who's one game averages of 21 points and 11 boards after returning from an foot injury led the team on Friday.

11-05-99...A report from our forum has some stats for Cam's first game at Vincennes..."Cam had 20 points and 15 rebounds in a game that VU won 102-62. Also listed Cam as center so don't know how much facing the basket he did in the game. Coaches comments were that Cam played well and dominated the boards at both ends of the court. The coach also stated that this team is a lot of fun to coach. Speaks well for team chemistry!" (report by JoeW)

The official Vincennes press release for the Millersburg game..."Purdue transfer Cam Stephens scored 20 points and hauled-in fifteen rebounds to lead V.U. to a 102-62 season opening win over Millersburg, Ky, Military Academy. Five other Blazers reached double figures. Tim Harris scored 18 points to go along with seven rebounds, Alan Goff added 17 points, Andre Horton and Chris Sanders added 12 points each while Jason Burston came off the bench to score 11 points in his Blazer debut. Millersburg which dropped to a 2-and-1 record was led by 6-7 forward Michael Haynes who scored 17 points. The Blazers led 48-17 at halftime." (complete stats below)

For a preview of the 1999-2000 Vincennes squad, visit this link to the Vincennes University website.

You can now listen to VU games on the web! We have also added the 1999-2000 Vincennes schedule at the bottom of the page. Check out the game times and then click on the WVUB radio link at the bottom of the schedule. The website was undergoing upgrades while I visited this weekend, but it appears as if you don't need to download any special drivers or programs to listen to the games live on the net.

11-04-99...We are hearing that Cam will be waiting until the spring signing period to announce his return to Division I, whatever school that may be.

10-10-99...I talked to Vincennes head coach Dan Sparks today to clear up a popular question regarding Cam. According to Sparks, Cam will play at Vincennes for the 99-00 season, then will have two years of eligibility remaining when he returns to Division I for the 00-01 season.

10-05-99...Due to Cam being back on the market as far as recruiting goes, we are again activating his player profile. Over the coming year, we will update his progress at Vincennes CC and keep an eye on his recruiting status. Coach Keady has said it is "the plan" to try and get Cam back on campus for the 2000-2001 season. However, many other schools will be trying to recruit him now, especially since he is getting early hype for being the top power forward in the junior college ranks.

10-21-97...Official word has been received that the NCAA has denied Stephens' eligibility appeal. He will not even be classified as a partial qualifier, so he will not be able to practice with the team this year. Both he and Jamaal Davis will sit out their freshman years and then have three remaining years of eligibility starting in the 98-99 season.

10-19-97...No official word yet from Purdue on Cam's appeal. However, the Indy Star reported on Saturday that the NCAA had not accepted the appeal, and the news was also reported on WNDE radio and in the Purdue Exponent on Monday.

9-27-97...The Fort Wayne Journal Gazette is reporting that the Stephens decision should be released before the start of fall practice on October 18th. If it does, and if it favorable, then we will see Cam on the floor for Mackey Madness. Rumors still suggest he could be a partial qualifier and that the NCAA would have to take "special circumstances" into consideration for him to be fully qualified and able to play. But, being ruled a partial qualifier would still allow him to scrimmage with the team....just not play in games.

9-12-97...A glimmer of hope...Purdue knows more than it is revealing, but it looks like Cam will be at least a partial qualifier and will be able to practice with the team this year. The question still remains whether he will be able to play. Unofficial reports indicate that the NCAA has reinstated Cam's core classes that were disputed by his high school, reportedly and econ and a math class. WPTA Channel 21 reported last night that both classes were accepted, and that Purdue would file a waiver to try to get Cam full eligibility. The waiver is reportedly necessary because he is still a matter of decimal places short of fully qualifying, and Purdue officials want to try to convince that Cam was on track to qualify before the death of his two grandparents, who he lived with at the time. Purdue is reported to be in a state of "cautious optimism". Fort Wayne high officials were rumored to be confident that Cam was qualified before the NCAA decided not to accept the two core classes.

9-11-97...There have been unconfirmed reports that the NCAA has granted Cam's appeal to have two core classes count toward his core GPA. It is unknown if the rumors are true. As of noon on Thursday, the Purdue Sports Information Department had not heard from the NCAA, nor had they heard the rumor. The rumor stated that Cam's hometown radio station, WOWO Fort Wayne, had broken the story early on Thurday morning. It does appear that a decision on the appeal could come soon. The NCAA was placing eligibility appeals for fall sports as priority over appeals for winter sports (including basketball). Indications are that some basketball appeals are now being considered. More details when I get them.

8-19-97...It was revealed in the Journal and Courier today that the class at the center of Cam's appeal is a Econ class. The appeal has been filed by Fort Wayne South officials. The article went on to state that both Stephens and Davis will attend Purdue in the fall with the help of federal Pell Grants.

8-17-97...An appeal has been filed with the NCAA regarding Cam's academic status. In a speech at a golf outing earlier this month, Coach Keady hinted that Cam's academic status hinged on one core class. The appeal is designed to see if the NCAA will take extenuating circumstances into consideration and reconsider the non-qualifier ruling. The issue being stressed by Purdue that affected Cam's grade in the specified course is the loss of both grandparents within months of each other this spring. At the time of their deaths, Stephens was living with them and trying to concentrate on his academics. However, it is doubtful the NCAA will reconsider.

Keady was also overheard to say by a fan at the outing that Cam's indecision expressed in the media after the NCAA ruling was the result of embarrassment. Cam's frustration came when his hard work academically fell just one class short. It is also rumored that Stephens might attend Purdue on a part-time basis this fall, retake the ACT, and try to qualify for the second semester.

7-22-97...Indications that Stephens is having a rough time accepting his non-eligibilty are manifesting in wild speculation by the media. Forget the exact GPA or the exact SAT scores Stephens has...he will not qualify. Recent reports have his mother doubting his desire to attend Purdue, but most of what others are saying about Cam fly directly in the face of what he has been quoted as saying. He will come to Purdue and sit with Jamaal Davis his freshman year. Keady got the opportunity to talk to Stephens' while in town for the Wendy's Classic, which Stephens' skipped. Keady said Cam skipped due to media pressures. Since Keady is not concerned about Cam coming to Purdue, then fans shouldn't be either. The coaching staff expects Cam to arrive on campus soon to begin preparing himself for the upcoming year. His mother is busy filling out financial aid paperwork to try to get him a Pell grant to cover the expenses his first year.

7-13-97...A few media reports are confirming that Stephens will not be eligible next season. Stephens currently has a 2.3 GPA. To qualify, the NCAA requires an SAT score of 900 with that grade point average. A minimum 2.5 GPA is needed to be a partial qualifier. Fort Wayne South coach Gregg Taylor, in an interview with the Journal and Courier on Saturday, hinted that Stephens SAT score is known. Taylor said Stephens is currently "20 points short" and that Fort Wayne South has notified Purdue of their calculations. Stephens reportedly said again on Friday that he still plans on attending Purdue in the fall.

7-10-97...Although nothing official has yet to be released, it now looks as if Stephens will end up as a non-qualifier. At this point he is in the same boat as Jamaal Davis, though his scores were close enough to keep everyone wondering until the results of his standardized testing were received. Sources say he is also having a hard time accepting the determination. Indications are that he will sit a year, concentrate on studies, and work on his game with Jamaal for the next year. Both have said as recently as yesterday that their academic eligibility for basketball will not affect their plans to attend Purdue this fall.

7-9-97...A determination of Cam Stephens' academic eligibilty should be known soon. Upon the release of rumors, a source close to the athletic department confirmed that the basketball office was buzzing yesterday morning in response to what was rumored to be a determination of Stephens' status. No details were released, but more info is expected to be released to the media soon.

6-28-97...(posted 7-21-97) I don't think the Kentucky All-Star team could have played a better game. Their defense was solid, mainly man-to-man with good defensive pressure. Their defense did allow Cam to get the ball with regularity, choosing to give up the inlet to Cam in the post but doubleteaming his spin moves. Looking at the box score, hitting 8 of 27 attempts does not look stellar. But Stephens did not give up during any portion of the game. A shot that wasn't falling did not change his composure. Cam finished with 11 boards and got good help down low from a surprisingly good preformance from Chad LaCross (13 points, 6 boards). The team's high scorer, Cam had 11 of his 21 points in the first half (also 2 steals and 1 block in the first half). (see stats below)

Some glimpses of the star Stephens will become were seen on this Saturday in Kentucky. Frequent offensive misplays were immediately followed by defensive steals. A thrown-away ball in the paint in the first half was followed by a steal, and another turnover was followed by a Stephens steal and dunk in the second half. Here are a few interesting plays from the game...
  • An alley-oop dunk, fed by Luke Recker. Good timing on the dunk, but missed a couple others in the first half because of timing.
  • Trying to put the ball up with 4 defenders around him, Stephens has the ball blocked from the side. Immediately back on defense, Stephens steals the ball back at the top of the key and takes it in for a dunk.
  • A great spin move from the right side low post, leading to a curl through the paint and a left-handed layup.
  • An almost identical move, this time in the high post followed by a left-handed layup.
  • Flashy spin move around a defender on the break at half-court, but lost the ball as additional defense arrived.
  • With his man stuck on the perimeter, he shadowed him to the basket and got the defensive rebound.
  • To end the first half, Cam steals the inbounds with :07 left and takes it in for a workman's type dunk (no flash).
Some plusses...Cam has a host of very sweet spin moves he uses in the paint. He avoids that one dribble that gets a lot of players in trouble in the post. He can spin either way and can hit the off-balance shot. He also has very quick hands and is deceptive on defense. He also doesn't get too flustered if he coughs up the ball. Bad offensive plays are often followed by good defensive plays. Good overall speed and court awareness.

Some minuses...Understand that his shot was very off this game. He could improve on getting himself a little more squared off to the basket after utilizing his quickness in the paint. He also missed 4 or 5 baby hooks from the low and high posts. He also didn't effectively use his size to the fullest potential. He was frequently getting blocked by smaller players when doubleteamed.

One last point. When I first saw the box score and the number of shots Stephens put up during the game, I was concerned he was playing selfishly. After reviewing the tape, it appears he attempted to pass back out of the post following an inlet pass a little less than 25% of the time. The defense frequently chose to defend the outlet instead of freeing the man on the perimeter. There were obvious times when he could have passed back out. From looking at the tape, it appeared to me that the decision whether to pass back out or put it up was made many times before the ball reached his hands.

Overall a great exhibition of skills. For a guy who eventually wishes to play on the wing, he sure is a good post player.

6-21-97...The Indiana All-Stars won the first game in this years series against Kentucky, 102-88. A scouting report from an observer in attendance..."Went to the Indiana - Kentucky high school all star game tonight. Stephens finished with 20 points and I believe 9 rebounds. He looked uncomfortable playing all of the time in the post as he definitely is destined for small forward. He doesn't have a choice on this team as the have no size and he is the only inside game. He had a very mediocre 1st half but played very strong in the 2nd. Good athletic ability and skills. Will contribute next year but only as a role player. He is not as athletic as Gary McQuay, nor does he board nearly as well." (scouting report by a Boilermaker fan)

6-20-97...On paper it looks as if Cam Stephens will qualify for freshman eligibility next fall. A recent article in the Journal and Courier had Stephens confident the NCAA Clearinghouse would qualify him.

To qualify for eligibility, every player must send copies of his scholastic test score and high school transcripts to the NCAA for review. The paperwork is delegated to the NCAA Clearinghouse, which certifies players are actually qualified. Player can either qualify, partially qualify (allowing them to practice with the team their freshman year but not play), or not qualify. A sliding scale is used to take into consideration differing scholastic testing scores and core GPAs.

Specifically Cameron's math credits have caused the most worry. The ability of Cam to bring up his math score has freed up another math grade that would have had to be used to satisfy core requirements. The hard work has come from a focus upon academics and not basketball over the past two months. Coach Bruce Weber has been in constant contact with Stephens and his academic counselor trying to keep him focused on what is important.

The addition of Stephens to the fall roster adds quality depth to up to three positions, from power forward to shooting guard (a position which Stephens has said in the past he would eventually like to play). Stephens has developed a good perimeter shot while playing mostly in the post. With the loss of Davis on the All-Star team, Stephens will be forced to play more in the post than on the wing.

6-15-97...The Illinois All-Stars evened up their series against the Indiana All-Stars with a 109-86 victory in Crown Point on Saturday. Cam Stephens scored 15 points, as the all-time series now stands at 2-2. Indiana won in 94 and 95 and Illinois won last year behind a monster game from Ronnie Fields. Luke Recker was the Indiana MVP with 35 points and Melvin Ely took the honors for Illinois with 21 points and 17 rebounds. Three of the players on the Indiana All-Star team that plays against Kentucky were on the roster for the Illinois game. Only Stephens and Luke Recker played, as Jamaal Davis remained in St. Anthony's hospital across town.

4-28-97...It was announced during the Tim Knight Coca-Cola All- Star game on Sunday that Stephens was unable to attend due to a death in the family. I'm not sure about the death in the family, but he wasn't expected to attend the game as of 10 days ago. Cam still needs to get a good math core score to qualify and was staying home to study. He also has an upcoming SAT date. There is also an upcoming ACT test date in June. At this point, an improvement in either his core GPA or his SAT score will gain him freshman eligibility. This is likely to come from SAT improvement.

4-24-97...Cam Stephens and incoming juco guard Tony Mayfield are scheduled to play in this years Tim Knight Coca-Cola All Star games this Sunday, April 27th. Joining the two Purdue recruits will be a host of other incoming college players from Northwestern, Notre Dame and Indiana. The Coca-Cola All-American game will be at 2:00pm followed by the Coca-Cola Reebok All-American game at 4:00pm, both held at Joyce Arena on the campus of Notre Dame. The games will be televised locally on WTTV4 out of Indianapolis. Tickets can be purchased through Ticketmaster, or by calling the Joyce Center box office at (219) 631-7356.

4-21-97...Incoming Purdue recruits Cam Stephens and Jamaal Davis have been named to the 1997 Indiana All-Star team. The Indiana team will play its Kentucky counterpart on June 21 and 28. For more information about the game, follow this link to the Events page.

4-18-97...If you see the name Cameron Stephens not on the roster for your favorite all-star game this spring and summer, don't be surprised. Rumor says he will skip some of the early spring games to concentrate on his studies. One of the rumored deletions is the all-star games of Tim Knight. You may remember these from two years ago when Brian Cardinal ran away with the MVP. The news on his academic status is still the same. He needs improvement in either his qualifying score or his core GPA. Improvements in both would relieve any doubt.

4-2-97...Stephens is beginning the process of looking ahead to playing for Purdue. "I know I can go in there and help them out on the boards," Cam said. "Even if my shot is off, I can still score because of my rebounding." Stephens is also looking forward to playing against Luke Recker, but not in the way most IU or Purdue fans might think. The two have become friends as a result of their play for the Spiece Jeansmen last summer. Recker tried to talk Cameron into going to Indiana, but it was unsuccessful. "A lot of people from this area are already talking about it," Stephens said. "IU and Purdue. Cam and Luke. It's going to be fun."

3-18-97...Two weeks ago, Cameron was the "Hometown Hero" focus of ESPN's Scholastic Sports America program. We have two reports from people who saw the program..."They interviewed him and his uncle and all of the other kids. But they showed a different side of Stevens, his personality. He looks like a hard working kid, who is honest and cares about his family alot. They also brought up comparisons to Glenn Robinson and even showed a clip of the Big Dog during his Roosevelt years. They amazingly called Stevens the best player in the state since the Dog"... "They showed him shooting 12-20 footers with a good stroke. Also showed some acrobatic follow stuffs and backdoors. A lot of good movement without the ball and active on both ends of the floor. After a big follow stuff on a fast break, he just turned around and busted butt back to the defensive end. His facial expression never changed, kept up his compossure and defensive intensity. His coach and fellow platers all commented on how much he works to keep his whole team involved rather then trying to be a one man show. Compared him to GROB, which he politely deferred, saying he wasn't that good but it was a nice complement and a goal he would like to reach. He was well spoken and a little quiet in the interview but seemed to take charge on the floor. He seems to be a natural SF but probably would be more physically suited to PF than Cardinal."

3-4-97...Click here for an article on Cameron Stephens from the Indianapolis Star and News, written by Gold and Black Illustrated's Doug Griffiths.

3-1-97...Cameron is close to qualifying for freshman eligibility, so close that no one seems to be worried about his situation. The combination of his GPA and SAT score is just shy of the NCAA requirements. Speculation is that he will likely get the GPA up enough after this semester to qualify, but will retake the SAT just in case. The NCAA determines freshman eligibility according to a scale that figures in both GPA and scholastic test scores. For a better idea of the system, follow this link to the NCAA website for a look at the rules regarding academic eligibility.

Bruce Weber recently visited Cameron during the Fort Wayne sectionals and was impressed with his unselfish play. Although very quick and athletic, Weber thought Stephens could use some strength.

2-28-97...Everything was going in for Stephens Friday night in the finals of the FW Wayne sectional, including the game winner. Rebounding the ball with seconds left, Stephens drove the length of the court and hit a 28-foot 3-pointer at the buzzer to secure the win. Stephens lead FW South past Wayne with 36 points to capture the sectional championship. Up next is FW Dwenger in the second game next Saturday following the Woodlan/Dekalb game.

12-29-96...Fort Wayne South cruised to its third consecutive Summit Athletic Conference tourney with a dismantling of Fort Wayne Wayne, 69-51. South Side (11-1) ran its SAC tournament winning streak to 10 games over the past three years by beating Wayne for the second time in nine days. The Archers won the first meeting 57-56. The rematch was not as close. The team shot 51 percent from the field, outrebounded Wayne 34-24 and committed just 10 turnovers while being called for only eight fouls. The difference in the game tonight? Rebounding, defense and support. Support of the conference's and the state's all-star player Cameron Stephens. The supporting cast included Ryan Norfleet (17 points), Asmar Woods (16 points), and Tony Macon (9 points) who got all three of his baskets from the perimeter. Wayne coach Murray Mendenhall's comments back on December 20th before the two teams first meeting were prophetic. "You can't let (Stephens) run loose and score 40 points," said Mendenhall, "but they have other kids you can't ignore either. They can hurt you enough to create a lot of problems." Coach Taylor of South Side agrees, "Cam brings along a crowd and when people concentrate on him, we have others who can step in. They all came to play tonight."

Stephens led the scoring with 25 points and led the Archers to its 22nd SAC tournament championship.

12-14-96...Cameron Stephens topped the 1,000 point mark for his career in a 34 point effort against Bishop Luers. He is currently sixth on South Side's all-time scoring list and can move into 3rd place by the end of the season if he matches last years scoring output. He can become #2 if he averages 33 points a game for the rest of the season. Willie Long tops the Archers career scoring list with 1,697 points.

12-7-96...The game plan was simple. Go straight at Pete Longheed, Homestead High's 6'6 center, and get him into foul trouble. It took until a minute into the second half to accomplish with the score a close 32-28 in favor of Fort Wayne South. When Longheed went to the bench with his fourth foul, Stephens scored 9 points in the next five minutes to expand the lead to 13 points when Longheed finally returned with two minutes remaining. "That was really big," South Side coach Gregg Taylor said of Longheed's departure. "We intended to go at him and make him play defense. We felt he was the key. When he went out, that was when we were able to pull away." But the 65-52 win was not comforting for Coach Taylor. "Tonight was the sloppiest we've played all year," Taylor said. "Mentally and physically we got tired. We're happy to be 4-1, but we're not satisfied."

11-13-96...Cameron Stephens is officially a Purdue Boilermaker! He signed today.

11-12-96...Stephens is expected to sign a national letter of intent tomorrow to play for the Boilers, along with fellow Indiana high school star and friend Jamaal Davis. "Today is just another step towards me getting there," Stephens said. "I'm looking forward to getting there and playing with Jamaal. We're really good friends now, but when we are there every day, we will probably become real good friends." Hoop Scoop has named Stephens the state's best high school talent. "In my opinion, Cameron Stephens is the best Indiana high school player since Glenn Robinson," said recruiting analyst Jim Kasberg.

Speculation that Stephens and Davis might reconsider their verbals to Purdue because of the NCAA violation by Kendrick back in June are unfounded. The harshest criticism has come from Cameron's hometown newspaper, the Fort Wayne Journal-Gazette, who has filed a disclosure lawsuit against Purdue. But speculation that Purdue has given Stephens special treatment has him fuming. "My family and I are doing all right," Stephens said. "We don't need any help. Why would Purdue help us? I got upset that they asked me. They tried to make a big deal out of it."

8-28-96 Cameron Stephens has verbally committed to play for the Boilers.

8-02-96...Two recent rumors about Cam Stephens are circling amongst Purdue fans. Keep in mind that these are just rumors. A reliable source has said that Stephens has recently given a verbal commitment to Purdue but has not made the official announcement. This goes along with a second rumor that Purdue is close to offering a scholarship to another player (the player remains unknown) and Stephens has told the coaching staff to hold a scholarship for him. Purdue has two scholarships available next year, one of those being held for Jamaal Davis.

Bill Hensley, organizer of the Spiece Jeansmen AAU team, still believes Stephens is headed to Purdue. I talked with him yesterday morning and found out that the Spiece team finished 10th at nationals, minus the Indiana bound Luke Recker who left the team at the beginning of July.

7-9-96...The comments from Jamaal Davis made over a month ago seem to be correct...Cameron Stephens is not attending the Nike camp in Indy this year. "I still am kind of mad I'm not going (to Nike)," Stephens said. "But it'll be better for me in the long run." The Fort Wayne Sentinel reports he is staying home to concentrate on summer school. Cameron will be attending the Fury Camp at Carroll High School next week. It has also been rumored that he has been invited to the Adidas camp in Las Vegas.

Stephens has also expanded his final list of Purdue, Wake Forest, and Kentucky, to included North Carolina State, Indiana and Michigan. "At first, I kind of nailed it down to the final three," said Stephens, "but when the calls started coming in, I saw a couple other schools I might be interested in. I want to look at those and go from there." He plans to visit Indiana within the next couple of weeks, and announce his decision before the beginning of school in August.

7-7-96...The Indianapolis Star is reporting that Stephens has been invited to attend the Nike Camp at IUPUI. Stephens will join teammates Jamaal Davis and Luke Recker from the Spiece Jeansmen AAU team. Contrary to the Indianapolis Star article, the camp is closed to the general public.

6-14-96...Fellow Fort Wayne resident and former Purdue forward standout Walter Jordan hopes to help bring another Fort Wayne area forward to the hardwood at Mackey. Jordan is optimistic his efforts will be rewarded. "I think we have a real good shot," said Jordan, who played for the Boilers between 1974-78. "Frank Kendrick has done a tremendous job the last two years of letting Cam know how important he would be to the Purdue program. I've known Cam since he was 8 or 9 years old, and if I have anything to do with it, he'll be wearing gold and black."

6-13-96...Stephens stepped onto the floor of Mackey Arena for the second time in just over two months as the Spiece 17-under AAU team took on a 19-under squad made up of many incoming Purdue recruits. Cameron gets a smile on his face when anyone mentions Mackey Arena. "I like playing here at Mackey because the fans really cheer for you here," said Stephens of the arena chosen every year as one of Dick Vitale's loudest. "When you look at the Big Ten, this has got to rank as one of the top buildings in terms of creating excitement and enthusiasm," says Vitale, a man who should be an expert on loud. "Fans here love their basketball. People are involved in the game. It's very loud."

Stephens has an added incentive to sign with the Boilers for the 97-98 season, as his friend and fellow blue-chipper Jamaal Davis has announced he will accept a scholarship offer from Purdue. When the two met a year ago head-to-head, Stephens wasn't too impressed with the highly touted Davis. Now the two talk everyday and function as a team on the Spiece Jeansmen 17-under AAU squad. "This year Jamaal got a lot better, stronger and bigger," the Fort Wayne South standout said of his new friend from Merrillville High School. "It's been fun playing with him. We try to dominate each other when we play. It's our competitiveness. We always want to beat each other so we both have something to say." Davis agreed with Stephens and hinted the two still would like to play together. "It's like playing with someone you've been playing with for years," Davis said. "We look for each other. It's like a guard and a big man, but it's two forwards. We'd like to carry it over to playing together in college because that would be a real force we feel."

Cameron has set a distant deadline for his announcement, the November signing period. "It's going to decide my life really," said Stephens, "so I am going to take my time." Stephens mentioned three schools recently, Purdue, Kentucky and Florida and has said he wishes to take at least two visits before he makes a decision. He has already officially visited Purdue. Recruiter Clark Francis has been telling Kentucky fans that Stephens might be looking hard at Kentucky. This from a recruiter who has told Purdue fans "Purdue is going to get Stephens, you can write that down." It would be wise to write that down in pencil, as Francis loves to tell fans exactly what they want to hear.

According to Davis, Stephens was not invited to the Indianapolis Nike camp coming in early July. When I asked Davis if Stephens was going to ABCD, he said "no" again. "They just didn't ask him to go I guess," said Davis.

4-26-96...Cameron had a great game in the opening contest of the Run 'N Slam tournament, playing in the low post with Jamaal Davis. The Spiece team was athletic, but the lack of consistent guard play will keep them from the national championship sought by team sponsor Spiece. Down low the team is strong with three of Indiana's top junior stars including Stephens and Davis, and Indiana recruit Luke Recker. Defensively the team presses full court and traps at the half court.

Stephens was practically unstoppable in the first quarter, scoring 11 of the teams 22 points with 1 block and 2 steals. Stephens post play is simple, go strong up and over your man. Davis, in comparison, has slicker moves. Stephens runs the press well, but needs to work on his footwork and perimeter shooting. Unless he grows two or three more inches, Cameron will not be a good option at center on the college level. He is built to play power forward but will need to bulk up.

The Spiece Jeansmen team went undefeated (3-0) in pool play and received a two round bye in the tournament. Unfortunately, in their first game of the tournament, they lost to eventual finalist Atlanta.

4-26-96...Purdue recruits Cameron Stephens and Jamaal Davis, who both play on the same summer AAU team, have developed a friendship and now wish to attend the same school. "I most definitely would like to play with Cameron," Davis said. "We've talked about going to the same school." The two have also developed a friendly competition. "Some people say Jamaal is better than me, and some say I'm better that him," Stephens responded. "That's going to keep me working all year long." Although Stephens hasn't closed the door to anyone who has expressed interest in him, Purdue is still at the top of his list. "I'm not really worried about where I'm going to go," said Cameron. "I'm just working on my game. I want to work on my outside game and my dribbling. Whatever happens happens."

4-24-96...Kentucky and Cincinnati are making a push for Cameron Stephens. Kentucky recently made a visit to Fort Wayne South to see Cameron, but he has not promised them an official visit. "I got a visit from Kentucky about two weeks ago and my family keeps telling me about Cincinnati. Stephens will take a few visits before he decides, probably by the end of the summer. "I won't take all five visits, but I might take two." Purdue still remains at the top of his short list of schools.

4-16-96...Stephens recently announced that Purdue is still at the top of his short list of schools. He added that he will announce his decision at the end of this summer, before the beginning of his senior season.

4-9-96...FW South's Cameron Stephens and Merrillville's Jamaal Davis will participate in the third-annual Run 'N Slam All-Star Classic AAU basketball tournament April 26-28 at Purdue. Stephens, Davis, and IU recruit Luke Recker of DeKalb are members of the Spiece Basketball Teams entry in the Run 'N Slam All-Star Classic. According to tournament director Bill Hensley, play will begin at 7pm on April 26. Games will be staged in Mackey Arena, Lambert Fieldhouse, the Intercollegiate Athletic Facility and the Co-Rec Gymnasium.

Play is scheduled from 8am until 10pm on April 27 and from 8pm until 4pm on April 28. The championship game for those in the 17-and-under division is set for 2:30pm on April 28 in Mackey Arena. There is no admission charge, and fans are welcomed to attend any game.

A total of 44 teams will compete for the 17-and-under crown, and 24 have entered the 16-and-under division. "I saw the Spiece team practice Saturday, and they're awesome," Hensley said. "Potentially, it's an AAU national championship team. The competition in this tournament will be the best in the country."

Purdue is ahead of North Carolina, Georgetown, Pittsburgh and Cincy on Stephens' short list.

01-19-96...South Side defeated North Side 76-44. South Side led 36-14 at halftime. All SAC (Summit Athletic Conference) center Cameron Stephens saw limited playing time and finished with 10 points. South Side remains undefeated at 6-0 in the SAC.

10-16-95...Stephens was also in attendance for Midnight Magic and feels like he would fit in well with the program and coach Keady. "I was really impressed with this event," Stephens said. "I liked the fan support and the turnout was great. I had heard about the support of the fans, but when I saw it, it really, really impresses me." Stephens also likes the players and coaches, and how the crowd reacts to them. "I met a few of the players tonight, and they seemed really nice. And the coaching staff seemed really nice. It seems like a place where I would want to play."

"Purdue is right there at the top of the list," Stephens said. "I haven't really made up my mind, but Purdue is really in there. Tonight made me really think about making my decision. It made me want to hurry up and getting it over with."

10-2-95...Stephens averaged 15 points and 9 rebounds a game during the 1994-95 season, when Fort Wayne South finished 23-4 and advanced to the Fort Wayne Regional's championship game. "Purdue has a real good shot at him," South coach Gregg Taylor said Monday. "He did some playing in Mackey Arena this year with his AAU team, and the (Boilermaker) coaches have been to one of our open gyms."

9-21-95...Recruiter Clark Francis describes Stephens as a very skilled young power forward. Francis said Stephens is widely considered as one of the top 10-15 juniors in the country and is likely to go to Purdue. "Cameron Stephens might turn out better," said Francis. "Purdue is going to get Stephens, you can write that down."

Single Game Statistics

02-08-00        2   7  2   4  0   0  9 3 1 1   6  Won 85- SE Iowa 72
02-06-00        6   8  3   5  0   0  6 4 0 0  16  Won 88- John A Logan 73
02-03-00        DID NOT PLAY                      Won 70- Lincoln Trail 63
01-31-00        DID NOT PLAY                      Lost 74- Cincy State 79
01-27-00        4  15  1   3  0   1 18 4 0 1   9  Lost 78- Kankakee 88
01-22-00        4   7  5   9  0   0  7 1 1 1  13  Lost 77- SE Iowa 92
01-19-00        6   9  3   4  0   0  8 6 1 3  15  Won 85- St Catharine 83
01-17-00        4  10  4   8  0   1 16 4 7 0  12  Won 79- John A Logan 70
01-15-00        9  17  9  12  0   0 15 2 0 4  27  Lost 78- Kennedy King 81
01-11-00        DID NOT PLAY                      Won 70- Rose Hulman 59
01-10-00        4  10  5  11  0   0 11 2 1 2  13  Won 96- Parkland College 70
12-11-99        5   8  7   9  0   0 14 4 5 0  17  Won 105- Kaskaskia 83
12-07-99        5  11  6   9  0   0 21 4 1 1  16  Won 84- Cincy State 81
12-01-99        7  11  0   0  0   0  8 4 0 0  14  Won 119- Ancilla College 97
11-26-99        2   6  0   0  0   0  9 6 0 1   4  Won 93- Johnson Wales 63
11-24-99        4  10  0   0  0   0 17 3 3 3   8  Won 89- Brevard 64
11-20-99        DID NOT PLAY                      Won 99- Kellogg 65
11-16-99        4   7  4   5  0   0  7 4 0 0  12  Won 81- Wabash Valley 79
11-13-99        2   5  8  10  0   0 12 2 3 1  12  Won 108- Belleville 88
11-12-99        7   7  1   2  0   0  9 2 0 0  15  Won 89- Danville 58
11-08-99        7  10  1   2  0   0 11 6 1 3  15  Won 124- Lindsey-Wilson 84
11-04-99        7  10  6   9  0   0 15 1 4 1  20  Won 102- 62 Millersburg
06-28-97        8  27  5   6  0   0 11 1 5 1  21  Lost 75- Kentucky AS 108
06-25-97                            13     3  12  Lost 71- Junior AS 81
06-18-97                                      14  Won 104- Junior AS 65
06-14-97                            14        15  Lost 86- Illinois AS 109
06-12-97                                      14  All-Star scrimmage
02-28-97                            17        36  Won 63- FW Wayne 62
02-27-97                            13        13  Won 54- FW Luers 45
02-25-97                            15        15  Won 47- FW Elmhurst 42
02-22-97                            13        17  Won 76- SB St. Joe's 27
02-08-97                            11   4 6  27  Won 51- Indy Chatard 49
01-31-97                                      16  Won 55- FW Elmhurst 54
01-28-97                            14        13  Won 51- FW Harding 41
01-24-97        6  10               20 2 3 4  23  Won 66- FW North 53
01-11-97              11  15        16 3      25  Won 78- #20 Marion 56
01-10-97                            10 3      21  Won 71- FW Concordia 62
12-28-96                            16     3  25  Won 69- FW Wayne 51
12-27-96                                      33  Won 78- FW Snyder 52
12-14-96                                      34  Won 104- Bishop Luers 47
06-19-96        5  11  3   7  0   1 10 3      13  Lost 69- Senior AS 101
06-15-96        2      2   2  1                7  Lost 117- Illinois 132
06-12-96        8  14  0   4  0   0  9 3 0 1  16  Lost 62- Black AS 103
04-27-96        9             0               18  Won 74- B'ton White 65
04-27-96        7      4      0               18  Won 91- LA Rockfish 61
04-26-96        9  13  1   4  0      3   2    19  Won 83- Indy Stars 72
02-01-96                                      25
01-19-96                                      10 Won 76- North Side 44

Season to Date Statistics

Season thru      PPG  FG%  FT%  3P%  RPG APG SPG BPG  RECORD RANK
* For Cam's 99-00 season-to date here!
96-97 season    21.6 .542 .682  9-? 11.9 2.5 2.5 2.0   23-1  #4 (IN)
95-96 season    18.9 .620 .670       9.7 1.1 2.1 2.0   20-5
94-95 season    15.0 .660 .530       8.7 1.0 1.7 1.2   23-4

Awards and Honors

96-97 season    McDonalds All-American Nominee
                Indiana Mr. Basketball Candidate
                Indiana All-State First Team (Indianapolis Star)
                Named #8 on the All-Time Allen county team (News Sentinel)
                Indiana All-State First Team (Associated Press)
                Fort Wayne News Sentinel Co- Player of the Year (with Recker)
                Hoosier Basketball Magazine Top40 Workout
                SAC "Tiffany Gooden" Award for attitude
                Indiana Top40 Workout selection
                Indiana All-Star Team
95-96 season    Summit Athletic Conference (SAC) First Team
                Associated Press All-State Team High-Honorable Mention
                Indiana Basketball Coaches Association #7 Top Underclassmen
                SAC Holiday Tournament MVP
                Spiece Jeansmen AAU Team MVP
                Indiana Junior All-Star Team
                Top 323 Workout Top Prospect (#1 Jersey)
                #1 Junior Player in Indiana (Hoop Scoop)

1999-00 Season Schedule for Vincennes

Date        Day     Time      Opponent
----        ---     ----      --------------------
11/04/99    THR     7:05P  W  Millersburg Military Academy
11/08/99    MON     7:05P  W  Lindsey-Wilson JV
 Kiwanis Invitational (@ Vincennes)
11/12/99    FRI     8:00P  W  Danville
11/13/99    SAT     8:00P  W  Belleville

11/16/99    TUE     8:30P  W  @ Wabash Valley (IL)
11/20/99    SAT     7:05P  W  Kellogg (homecoming)
11/24/99    WED     7:30P  W  @ Brevard (FL)
11/26/99    FRI      TBA   W  @ Johnson & Wales (FL)
12/01/99    WED     7:05P  W  Ancilla
12/07/99    TUE     7:05P  W  Cincinnati State
12/09/99    THR     7:05P  W  Rose-Hulman JV
12/11/99    SAT     7:05P  W  @ Kaskaskia (IL)
01/10/00    MON     7:05P  W  Parkland
01/15/00    SAT     4:00P  L  @ Kennedy-King (IL)
01/17/00    MON     7:05P  W  John A. Logan
01/19/00    WED     7:00P  W  @ St. Catharine (KY)
01/22/00    SAT     8:30P  L  @ Southeastern Iowa (IO)
01/27/00    THR     7:05P  L  @ Kankakee (IL)
01/31/00    MON     7:00P  L  @ Cincinnati State (OH)
02/03/00    THR     8:00P  W  Lincoln Trail
02/06/00    SUN     3:00P  W  @ John A. Logan (IL)
02/08/00    TUE     7:05P  W  Southeastern Iowa
 Isaac K. Beckes/Sodexho Classic (@ Vincennes)
02/11/00    FRI     8:00P     Kankakee
02/12/00    SAT     8:00P     St. Catharine

02/16/00    WED     7:05P     Wabash Valley
02/19/00    SAT     7:05P     Kennedy-King
02/22/00    TUE     8:00P     @ Danville (IL)
02/24/00    THR     8:00P     @ Lincoln Trail (IL)
02/26/00    SAT     3:00P     @ Parkland (IL)
02/29/00    TUE      TBA      NJCAA Region XII Tournament
03/05/00    SUN      TBA      NJCAA District XII Tournament
03/14/00    TUE      TBA      NJCAA National Tournament

* Game Times Listed Are All Vincennes Local Time (EST)
* Listen to Vincennes basketball on the web by visiting 
the WVUB radio website!

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