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OGFP Update For 11-7-2003

1 day to Senior Day vs #10 Iowa at Ross-Ade, Men's bball exh opener vs Global Sports tonight!!!

Date: 11/07/2003
Author: TexasBoiler
© Old Gold Free Press Columnists

    Good morning Boilermaniacs! Once again, there is quite a bit of news coverage to get to in today's edition. As promised in last week's issue, we lead today with more information on a great cause called Knucklehead Charities. Dave Mengel and his partner at, Gerald Higgins, launched the idea back in September and through the donations of many Knuckleheads online, 30 kids from the Lafayette Area attended the Arizona game with FREE tickets, t-shirts, and then compliementary food and drinks at halftime. This weekend is the second event for KHC and ya'll are welcome to stop by Lot D (look for the white Knuckleheads flag), about 100 feet West of the Port-o-Potties, and help us greet approximately 30 more kids who will be attending the Iowa game at our expense. We are working on future events such as basketball games, and other athletic events in the near future. Dave and Gerald have asked me to take on a very active role with the group's leadership and it has been an honor to be involved thus far. Stay tuned to for more info on how to contribute to this new organization.

    In addition, Coach Tiller's wife, Arnette, is sponsoring a canned food drive, so please bring your cans to The Ross Ade Stadium gates and help feed some hungry folks this winter. You can also stop by Lot D and help us Knuckleheads promote our cause by placing your cans in our KHC logo bags to bring to the Ross Ade Stadium gates.

    One other quick mention and then (I promise) I'll get to a breakdown of the Iowa game tomorrow. I simply wanted to point out the article below covering the infamous Train Wreck of 2003 tribute last weekend and the subsequent dedication of the new player's entrance tunnel at Ross-Ade. This was a great moment at Ross-Ade last weekend and I failed to cover the story before the game last week.

    Alright, if you have not been too sheltered with family and work obligations lately, you might be well aware that the #10 Iowa Hawkeyes are coming to town for a pivotal home game tomorrow. The Hawkeyes are 7-2 overall and 3-2 in the Big 10 with a key home victory over Michigan earlier this year. They are led by the conference's stingiest scoring defense, giving up just 13.7 pts per game. Purdue's defense by comparison is now 4th in scoring defense, giving up 16.2 pts per game. Purdue's offense is averaging 28.7 pts per game but realistically we will be fortunate to score 20 pt tomorrow . Clearly Iowa's D motive operandi is shutting down the opponent's running game as they are 2nd in the conference, allowing just 72 yard per game on the ground. Methinks, our running backs will have a very difficult time establishing a running game as we are 5th in the conference, averaging about 160 yds per game on the ground and frankly we will be fortunate to get to average over 3 yds per carry tomorrow. Therefore, despite the fact that temps will be in low 40's at best for game time, the dry conditions and Iowa's status as just the 6th best passing defense in the conference (207 yds per game) leads me to believe that we will probably throw 60% of the time tomorrow. Moreover, our passing offense is ranked 3rd in the conference, putting up 227 yards per gam through the air. I think the key for our offense will be passing to set up some room to run and Orton will need to have a great day through the air. Iowa has a very good front four led by DE Matt Roth (who cheap shotted Orton and gave him a concussion last year at Iowa) who was co-defensive Big 10 Player of the Week (with our Shaun Phillips) with 3 sacks against ILL. We will have to win the pass protection battle and give Orton enough time to move the chains whether it's threw the air or via the QB scramble. I'm sure Iowa will try to emulate Michigan's press man coverage, but probably won't blitz as often as UM, as they prefer to drop several into partial zone coverage. Our offense was better in the red zone last week in terms of converting TD's instead of FG's but tomorrow is another huge measuring stick...Purdue is 22-44 or 50% when it comes to TD conversions in the red zone while Iowa's D has given up 7 TD's in just 18 opps in that area. Might be best for us to consider the big play TD from outside Iowa's 20 yard line.

    It goes without saying that anything worse than even in the turnover margin, could be devestating tomorrow. Fortunately, Iowa is vulnerable to the turnover, in particular on the road (like many Big 10 teams). Seeing the trend of Purdue being +14 in turnover margin for the season while Iowa is -1, it would seem that we should win the turnover battle tomorrow. Our D has gotten very good in terms of forcing fumbles and will have to do the same as Iowa will most likely rush the football 45 times or more tomorrow. Iowa's RB, Fred Russell is the conf's 2nd best RB and he has a great run blocking o-line in front of him. Russell averages 112 yds per game. For Purdue to win we will need to keep Russell under his average and force Iowa's mildly tested QB (Nathan Chandler) to beat us in the passing game. After all, Iowa is the worst team in conference when it comes to passing yardage, averaging just 160.7 ypg. I expect our 8 starting seniors on defense (Phillips and Nesfield at DE's, Terrill at DT...Johnson, Koutovides, and Gardner at LB...Reeves at CB...and STU at FS) to be riled up by a nearly sold out crowd on Senior Day. I don't see how Iowa scores more than 13 pts on offense quite frankly.

    Iowa is very dangerous on punt returns apparently, with 3 TD's on the season, if I'm not mistaken. We have given up 2 TD's via the punt this year, so tomorrow better not be another for that or we could be in serious trouble. Who knows, maybe our own Anthony Chambers will return another punt for a TD that is the game winner? Both teams have stellar place kickers so I'd call that a wash.

    Anyways, my prediction is Purdue 20, Iowa 13. Orton has a big day with 2 TD passes, one to Standeford and the other to TE Garrett Bushong who will be wide open. As always, make it a point to strongly consider showing up tomorrow, if you're not already. It still boggles my mind that most likely we won't have a sellout of 62,500 (5200 less seats than last year) with a top 10 team coming to town against a top 20 team who has 21 tremendous seniors playing their final home game at Ross-Ade. All I know is I'll be there, probably with a tear rolling down my cheek during senior introductions and even more bittersweet tears as Johnny, Berin, Kevin, Anthony, Vedran, Nick H., Nick P., Shaun, Craig, Gilbert, Landon, Niko, Jacques, Deaunte, Jamaal, Brent, Eric, Andy, Patick, Torey, and then STU walks off the home field for the last time.

    I can tell you this...I have been invited to a summit on November 25th at Purdue to discuss ticket promotions and advertising next season and I look forward to working through some ideas with the folks in God's Country. If you have any ideas, feel free to email me.

    Here's my latest ideas in case you were wondering...

    my thoughts for season ticket pricing...

    Premium Seats (30-30 yd lines)...$240 or $38 per game avg
    Great Seats (Goal line to 29 yd lines)...$180 or $30 per game avg
    North End Zone Seats (Goal line to Goal line)...$150 or $25 per game avg
    Family Fan Zone (South End Zone)...$90 or $15 per game avg

    I also think something like The Gene Pool should be created for the student section - i.e, have a President and leaders for the section, give everyone a short sleeve t-shirt and a sweatshirt with their order so the section really stands out on TV and in person. Maybe we can have Chad Brown and/or another coach address the student section 15 minutes before kick off much like the bball coaches do before the games. Anything to incent the students to be in there seats early would be nice.

    This last idea might be difficult to implement, but I'd like to see a "refer a new season ticket holder" policy whereby the ticket office sends the person who did the referring a $15 check (or maybe a Gift Certificate to Purdue Pride) with their season ticket order as it's mailed out.

    With solid marketing campaigns to students and the general public and the new pricing and referral bonus plans, I'd think that a season ticket base of 48,000 for next season is possible!

    Also tonight is the men's bball team's first exhibition game of the season at 6pm tonight at Mackey Arena versus Global Sports.



    News Release

    Contact: David Mengel

    Aka: “Spoilerdave”


    For Immediate Release

    “Knuckleheads” Sponsor Charity Outing

    Sunday morning QB’s raise enough money to send 23 kids from the

    Wabash Valley Big Brothers & Big Sisters to a Purdue Football game.

    When fourteenth ranked Boilermakers take the field this Saturday to defend their turf against the tenth ranked Hawkeyes from Iowa, there will be 23 Purdue fans from the Wabash Valley Big Brothers & Big Sisters in attendance courtesy of the philanthropy of many of Purdue’s most loyal fans and alumni. Knucklehead Charities is sponsoring a tailgate party prior to the game and outfitting the kids in T-shirts before sending them packing towards the stadium with a little spending money for a hotdog and a coke at halftime.

    With the help of Purdue University, Gold and Black Illustrated,,, and many other Purdue faithful, “Knucklehead Charities” has been able to raise over $1800 through T-Shirt sales and private donations to be used towards the purchase of tickets and other necessities to send scores of children to Purdue Football games this fall. Thirty kids from the Lyn Treece Boys & Girls Club were able to enjoy watching the Boilers whip Arizona 59-7 earlier this year. Five additional tickets will be donated to the Lyn Treece Boys & Girls Club for the Purdue/Iowa game as well.

    After the game, the kids will be whisked away to meet some of the players after the game for a chance to get autographs and pictures so the kids can remember their experiences.

    Attached is an itinerary for the festivities this Saturday. For more information regarding the charity event or for a media request to attend please contact David Mengel at

    (All times are Lafayette time)

    Saturday, November 3, 2003

    11am – 2:30pm Knucklegate Tailgate Party (Lot D)

    Purdue Knuckleheads have set up a tailgate party for the kids prior to kickoff. Food and refreshments (non-alcoholic) will be provided. The kids will be escorted to their seats approximately an hour before kickoff in order to catch the pre-game presentation.

    For more detailed directions, please contact Geary Richard at 765-430-9027

    3:30 pm – Kickoff - Purdue vs. Iowa

    The kids will watch the game from the “Family Fun Zone” in the South End Zone. The seat locations are as follows:

    Section 132 Row 12 Seats 15-24

    Section 132 Row 13 Seats 15-24

    Section 132 Row 14 Seats 15-24

    Approximately 30 – 45 minutes after the game (location to be released upon request)

    A small group of players will make themselves available to sign autographs and take pictures with the kids. A complete photo CD will be made and copies will be sent to the Big Brothers/Big Sisters to distribute. For a copy, please contact David Mengel at


    Purdue Dedicates Ross-Ade Tunnel To Victims, Survivors Of Train Wreck
    "The crowning feature of the preparations for the game was the mass meeting held last evening on Stuart Field. All previous affairs of this nature when compared to the one of last night seem insignificant. Over a thousand students gathered on Stuart Field, and for over an hour the place rang with Purdue yells and songs."
    - Lafayette Morning Journal
    October 31, 1903

    Watch The Commemoration Video

    "As Purdue football fans were reading this account in the morning paper 100 years ago today, an engineer was throwing his train into reverse on the outskirts of Indianapolis.

    On Oct. 31, 1903, the first Football Special chartered to carry the team and fans to Indianapolis was closing in on Union Station. A second Special followed 10 minutes behind, both crammed with pennant-waving, chanting crowds. Purdue fans numbering more than 1,500 set out see their Boilermakers take on Indiana in the annual showdown in the budding rivalry. "


    Boiler fans asked to tackle hunger

    By Bob Scott, Journal and Courier

    "Arnette Tiller has set a lofty goal for Saturday's food drive at the Purdue football game -- double last year's collection total. Last year, more than 6,200 pounds of food were collected, according to the Food Finders Food Bank. That was enough for almost 4,800 meals.

    The wife of head coach Joe Tiller and other wives of Purdue football coaches are combining with student-athletes for the second annual food drive. All donations will go to the local Food Finders Food Bank, which distributes food to more than 180 agencies in 18 counties.

    More than 50,000 fans are expected to attend the football game against highly ranked Iowa, and Arnette Tiller urged Boilermaker fans to be generous.

    "It seems like if you get that many people in one place, we should be able to collect a lot of food," she said."


    Overachieving Hawkeyes will test Boilers

    By Doug Elish
    Sports Editor§ion=sports&storyid=footballiowa

    "Saturday, the No. 10 team in the country is coming to Ross-Ade Stadium.

    It's the same team that lost the Associated Press' player of the year, the John Mackey award-winning tight end, four of its offensive linemen and four defensive starters from last year's 11-2 Orange Bowl team.

    "I think they have done a great job of coaching; their players have really put it on the line for them and they're playing at a high energy level," head coach Joe Tiller said during Tuesday's press conference. "They have moved some folks around. They’ve put new faces in the lineup and I don’t see much of a drop-off."

    An understatement would be to say experts predicted the Iowa Hawkeyes (7-2, 3-2 Big Ten), which lost 24 lettermen in all, to experience a drop-off in performance. Most preseason publications predicted Iowa to finish between sixth and eighth in the Big Ten, much less make any national headlines."


    Saturday's game

    • Who: Iowa (7-2, 3-2) at Purdue (7-2, 4-1)
    • Kickoff: 3:30 p.m.
    • TV: ESPN
    • Radio: WNDE-1260 AM

    Senior class

    Purdue's 21-member senior class, which is playing its final game at Ross-Ade Stadium on Saturday:
    • Anthony Chambers, wide receiver
    • Vedran Dzolovic, defensive end
    • Deaunte Ferrell, strong safety
    • Gilbert Gardner, linebacker
    • Nick Hardwick, center
    • Landon Johnson, linebacker
    • Niko Koutouvides, linebacker
    • Berin Lacevic, kicker
    • Andy Nelson, kicker
    • Kevin Nesfield, defensive end
    • Shaun Phillips, defensive end
    • Nick Pilipauskis, center
    • Jacques Reeves, cornerback
    • Patrick Schaub, fullback
    • Stuart Schweigert, free safety
    • Brent Slaton, punter
    • Eric Smith, cornerback
    • John Standeford, wide receiver
    • Craig Terrill, defensive tackle
    • Torrey Vogel, strong safety
    • Jamaal Wilson, wide receiver

    By Michael Pointer
    November 5, 2003

    "WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. -- Many of the 21 seniors on the Purdue football team made quite a first impression. They were key contributors as freshmen on the 2000 team that earned the school's first Rose Bowl berth in 33 years.

    But to coach Joe Tiller, they made just as important a contribution as sophomores the following season -- when Purdue went 6-6 and lost to Washington State in the Sun Bowl.

    "Our defense had to carry us," said Tiller, who will coach the seniors in their final home game Saturday when Iowa visits Ross-Ade Stadium.

    The Boilers' offense had been decimated by graduation after the Rose Bowl and finished just 105th in the nation that season. Valid excuses would have been plentiful had Purdue failed to earn a bowl bid."


    Getting defensive

    Purdue, Iowa feature strong defenses

    By Tom Kubat, Journal and Courier

    "D-fence, d-fence, d-fence.

    We've all seen those signs at games, where one person holds up a giant 'D" and the fan next to him holds up a picture of a fence.

    Nothing would be more fitting than to see Ross-Ade Stadium littered with such signs Saturday when No. 16 Purdue plays No. 10 Iowa.

    The strength of both teams is defense.

    "An excellent, excellent defensive team," Purdue coach Joe Tiller said of the Hawkeyes. "An excellent kicking game. And I think their offense plays to the strength of their defense."They're pretty close to us, quite frankly."


    Iowa at Purdue - Game Time: 3:30 EDT / TV: ESPN

    by Andy Gamm
    If not for the battle of first place teams taking place in Columbus, this game would be right up there as a potential player in the Game of the Week sweepstakes. In the interim, call it 1A. This game promises to be a war. Iowa has two losses and desperately needs a win to stay in the conference title chase. Purdue has just one loss and could use a big home win before a highly important trip to Columbus next week. Last year's contest in Iowa City was an absolute thriller. The Hawkeyes rode the big plays of Brad Banks and Dallas Clark to a dramatic win over the Boilermakers. The difference between then and now? Banks and Clark cannot play a factor in this game. Each team comes in off a big home win and is chomping at the bit for a chance to stay in the thick of the hunt. Iowa's struggles have come on the road (losses at MSU and OSU) but Purdue has an early season loss to Bowling Green at Ross-Ade so the gold and black are beatable...

    This is yet another contest where the opponents are neck-and-neck in key statistical areas. Purdue is just above Iowa in terms of offensive production (i.e. points per game) but is just behind in points allowed. The Boilermakers are slightly ahead in pass defense and red zone defense but a smidgen behind in punting, total defense and pass efficiency. So, it's a coin toss, right? Well, maybe not. Iowa, not unlike many teams in the Big Ten and around the nation, is not nearly as strong on the road as at home. Purdue will have a big edge in its home crowd but also must give that crowd something to cheer about early, or Iowa may sneak out with a tough road "W". the keys are simple: Purdue has really made an effort to run the ball and is doing it quite well out of the spread offense. Iowa has to rely on the running of Fred Russell because Nathan Chandler isn't as mobile as Brad Banks was last year. Whoever wins the ground game will win this game. We know Purdue should have more effectiveness passing the ball, but can the Boilers run against this league leading Iowa run defense? If it can, Purdue will be that much closer to a second league crown in four seasons. However, if Iowa controls the clock and can keep after Kyle Orton by throwing defensive curveballs a la Michigan, the Hawkeyes will get a huge road win. Both squads have kickers capable of making the game winner and it might just come down to that. The home field edge makes all the difference in this barn burner: PURDUE 23 - IOWA 20.

    BloomsILBoiler says... I'll get to see a tremendous late-afternoon game looms between two excellent defensive teams at Ross-Ade Stadium this weekend. This is essentially an elimination game for the Big Ten championship, as the winning team keeps its Rose Bowl hopes alive for another week. Iowa was the latest to join the "Beat Up on Illinois!" bandwagon with a (Sarcasm) real nail-biting (/Sarcasm) 41-10 win over the hapless Illini. Purdue bounced back well from the UMich debacle with a closer-than-the-score-indicates 34-14 win over N'Western. Both defenses are terrific against the run, but Iowa RB Russell is too good not to make some noise on the insanely experienced Purdue D. On the flip side, Purdue's offense has enough balance to keep the Hawkeye D from controlling the game. Finally, these 2 teams have fantastic Special Teams, and I think this game will be decided by whom makes the most defensive and special teams plays. In what will break down to a game of Field Goals (Ben Jones vs. Nate Kaeding), I think Jones will nail the game-winning opportunity in a heart-stopping game... Purdue 19 - Iowa 16


    Praise hasn't gone to linebackers' heads
    Purdue trio sees room for improvement

    By Tom Kubat, Journal and Courier

    "Individually, they can be as different as night and day. Collectively, they're an efficient run-stopping, quarterback-harassing, pass-covering machine.

    Purdue's three starting senior linebackers -- Gilbert Gardner, Niko Koutouvides and Landon Johnson -- arguably are about as good a trio as these parts have seen.

    "I think that's fair to say," Boilermaker coach Joe Tiller said. "You combine the experience with the foot speed and the physical skills, and they're pretty good. They're real good.

    "We couldn't be more pleased with the way those three have played."



    "he opponent: No. 16 Purdue (7-2, 4-1) plays No. 10 Iowa (7-2, 3-2) Saturday at 3:30 p.m. (ESPN) in its final home game of the season. Projected attendance is 60,000, about 2,500 short of capacity. Purdue is one of four Big Ten teams with one conference loss.

    Iowa similar to Boilers: Tiller said the visiting Hawkeyes remind him of his team. They rely on strong defense and special teams and an offense that is opportunistic, if not explosive. Iowa leads the nation in rushing defense (49.4-yard average) and is eighth in total defense (279.4). "They're getting good pressure out of their front four without blitzing," Tiller said. "Their linebackers, particularly (Chad Greenway), have improved. And their secondary is as good of tacklers as I can remember."

    Award, honors update: Purdue's Ben Jones is one of 20 semifinalists for the Lou Groza Award, emblematic of the nation's top kicker. The Zionsville High School grad is 18-of-20 on field-goal attempts, with one of his misses being blocked. . . . Defensive end Shaun Phillips has been credited with an additional one-half sack in the Boilers' 34-14 victory last week over Northwestern, giving him 2.5 for the game. Phillips is in second place on the school's career sack list with 29.5.

    Facing top teams: Purdue is 3-6 against Top-10 teams under Tiller, including 2-4 at Ross-Ade Stadium. Purdue is 11-20 against ranked teams, 2-1 this year, with all three games on the road. The Boilers won 16-10 at then-No. 20 Wake Forest on Sept. 13, won 26-23 at then-No. 14 Wisconsin on Oct. 18 and lost 31-3 at then-No. 13 Michigan on Oct. 25."

    -- Michael Pointer


    Boilers may go 'outback' this season§ion=sports&storyid=footballcolumn
    "Purdue is going to finish 9-3 or 10-2.

    And the Boilers have an excellent shot at the Big Ten title.

    But don't start buying your plane tickets to Pasadena just yet.

    Florida, the home state of the Capital One Bowl and Outback Bowl, may be a more likely destination.

    Purdue's road to the Rose Bowl holds more roadblocks than Iowa, Ohio State and Indiana — the Boilers remaining opponents.

    It's the roadblock the Boilers already crashed into, Michigan, that has a stronghold on the Big Ten race. And it's going to take more than winning out for Purdue to make its third-ever trip to the Tournament of Roses."


    Koutouvides ready to takle former teammate

    By Tom Kubat, Journal and Courier

    "High school football teammates often meet up later in collegiate competition. But it's not that often that they get to literally go head to head in a game.

    That will be the case Saturday in Ross-Ade Stadium when Iowa's offense is on the field against the Purdue defense. That's when the Hawkeyes' superlative running back, Fred Russell, will be trying to avoid the Boilermakers' outstanding middle linebacker, Niko Koutouvides.

    Koutouvides is from Plainville, Conn., and Russell is from Inkster, Mich., but they ended up being teammates in 1999 at Milford (Conn.) Academy, a postgraduate school.

    "He calls me every week," Koutouvides said Tuesday. "Since we played Bowling Green (in the season opener), we've talked on the phone every week. He's having a heck of a year again. It will be fun to play against him again."


    Boilers narrow vision to Iowa

    By Tom Kubat, Journal and Courier

    "OK, after a one-week respite, the Purdue football team gets back into the meat of its schedule.

    Following a split of their two-game road trip to Wisconsin and Michigan, the Boilermakers returned home Saturday to methodically take care of a mediocre Northwestern team.

    Now, it's time for another severe two-game test. First up is No. 10 Iowa in Ross-Ade Stadium. Followed by seventh-ranked and defending national champion Ohio State in the famed Horseshoe. All with the Big Ten Conference championship, and a New Year's Day bowl game, still very much up for grabs.

    Purdue coach Joe Tiller said after Saturday's 34-14 victory over Northwestern that the Boilermakers would concentrate on taking care of themselves. He talked to the players in the locker room after the game and again during a Sunday meeting about the dangers of scoreboard watching.

    "You have to address it, but I don't think you have to emphasize it," Tiller said Sunday. "Certainly, having the maturity that we have, you depend on those guys to look after certain issues for you. And they've done a good job of that."


    Monday Morning quarterback
    Tiller tells Boilermakers not to worry about logjam

    Offense is steady
    No one had huge numbers, but the Boilers made Northwestern pay for two early turnovers.

    More turnovers
    Purdue is plus-14 in turnovers after Northwestern committed four -- the Boilers had none. Only one other team in the Big Ten (Michigan State at plus-16) is better than plus-2.

    November 3, 2003

    "t's easy to get a headache trying to figure out who will win the Big Ten title -- and all the potential tiebreaking scenarios that go with it.

    Purdue coach Joe Tiller is telling his veteran team to ignore that and just concentrate on the upcoming game.

    "The last four weeks of the season, there are some (top teams) in the Big Ten that have to play each other," Tiller said after Purdue beat Northwestern 34-14 on Saturday. "It's going to get very interesting. What we need to do is not worry about who is playing who, but rather who we're playing."

    Four teams have only one conference loss, including the Boilers (7-2, 4-1), who host Iowa (7-2, 3-2) on Saturday."


    Punt returner shatters Purdue records

    By Allison Bernard
    Staff Writer§ion=sports&storyid=index

    "Te record books are taking a beating from the Boilers this year.

    Yet breaking records is the last thing Anthony Chambers thinks about. As fans rattle their keys and yell from the stands, the senior waits for his turn to make the play.

    "I have to make a play and take it to the house," said Chambers on his pre-kick thoughts.

    In this season alone, Chambers has broken two records and is on his way to breaking a third.

    In the game against Penn State, Chambers gained 149 yards, breaking the previous record for most yards in a single game for punt returns by three yards."


    Hi-tech Ross-Ade experience a first for sports arenas

    By Sophia Voravong, Journal and Courier

    "It's ESPN at your fingertips.

    Up-to-the-minute game statistics, sports scores from around the country and, eventually, instant video highlights and replays -- all from an Internet-enabled cell phone or personal digital assistant for Boilermaker football fans inside Ross-Ade Stadium.

    "It's the first of its kind in any sports arena that we, or anyone, know about," said James Bottum, vice president of information technology at Purdue. "A couple pro sports stadiums have something similar with laptops and PC's, but those only access the Internet. This is possibly the only prototype in the country that uses such applications."

    His notion was confirmed in an article Monday on the Web site for Forbes magazine, which called the wireless communications system -- known as e-Stadium -- a possible model for professional sports franchises, businesses and other colleges.

    Mark Cuban, owner of the NBA's Dallas Mavericks and an Indiana University alumnus, has talked of a similar system for years, but no one has been able to launch it, according to the article. Industry officials said the technology and applications are "unparalleled."


    Getting back to Rose Bowl no easy chore for Boilermakers

    By Tom Kubat, Journal and Courier

    "I've been putting off writing this column for fear of jinxing the Purdue football team.

    But with only three regular season games remaining and the Boilermakers still in the hunt for the Big Ten title -- and with an outside chance of going to the Rose Bowl for the second time in four years -- it's time.

    I can't put it off any longer.

    It's time to review the Big Ten Conference's procedure to determine its Rose Bowl representative in case of a tie.

    This little ditty comes with a word of warning.

    Read this only if you're wide awake, your head is clear and you're on top of your game, so to speak"


    Back on track

    Boilers rebound from Michigan loss, cash in Northwestern miscues

    By Tom Kubat, Journal and Courier

    "It didn't take long for the Purdue football team to demonstrate that there would be no post-Michigan blues. The Boilermakers snapped back from last week's embarrassing 31-3 loss to the Wolverines faster than a broken rubber band.

    The defense recovered a fumble on each of Northwestern's first two possessions and the offense turned them into touchdowns Saturday to set the stage for a 34-14 route of the Wildcats in front of a disappointing turnout of 51,110 in Ross-Ade Stadium.

    "The way we started was very critical, the fact that we had great field position early and was able to capitalize on it. That set the tone for the entire game," Purdue coach Joe Tiller said."


    Tiller's number game motivates Bushong

    By Brendan Murphy and Jeff Washburn, Journal and Courier

    Just a few weeks ago Garret Bushong was questioning his ability after enduring several games with numerous dropped passes.

    The only thing the true freshman tight end was questioning Saturday after Purdue steamrolled Northwestern 34-14 at Ross-Ade Stadium was the number on the front and back of his jersey.

    Instead of the customary No. 3 Bushong has worn for the first eight games, coach Joe Tiller had a surprise for him.

    "I don't have any room to say anything about my number so I just took what he gave me," Bushong said."


    Bigger Gene Pool drives ticket sales

    By Jeff Washburn, Journal and Courier

    Thanks to a student body that is embracing the Gene Pool seating concept, Purdue men's basketball season ticket sales are up 1,172 from a year ago.

    According to athletic ticket manager George Ade, public/staff/student season ticket sales are at 10,627 for this season's 16-game home schedule in 14,123-seat Mackey Arena.

    While public/staff sales are off 74 season tickets from the 2002-03 season, student sales have increased 1,246.

    The Gene Pool, named in honor of 24th-year head coach Gene Keady, is the designated student seating section. The largest increase is in freshmen student ticket sales.

    In 2002-03, freshmen purchased 1,122 season tickets. This year, freshmen have purchased 1,921 season tickets.

    "I'm really pleased with the Gene Pool this year," Ade said. "It has increased almost 60 percent from last year ... almost 1,250 season tickets. It should be an exciting section to watch this year.


    Boiler big men center of attention

    By Jeff Washburn, Journal and Courier

    "Terrific one night. Ordinary the next.

    Throughout the Purdue men's basketball team's 2002-03 season, Boilermaker centers and power forwards were as consistent as the Dow-Jones index.

    When Chris Booker, Ivan Kartelo, Brett Buscher and Matt Kiefer, were good, Purdue won. When they struggled, Purdue lost.

    As coach Gene Keady prepares for tonight's exhibition opener against Global Sports -- a collection of former Division I college players -- the focus centers on more consistent interior play.

    "Coach harps that we're going to go only as far as the big men go," Kiefer, a 6-foot-10 sophomore, said after Thursday's practice. "We have to bring it every day. If we don't, our opponents will be able to put defensive pressure on our guards."


    Men's Basketball Tips Off Exhibition Season

    Boilermakers face Global Sports Friday at 6 p.m.

    Nov. 6, 2003

    Purdue-Global Sports Game Notes in PDF Format
    Download Free Acrobat Reader

    Global Sports at Purdue

    "Time: 6 p.m. EST
    Date: November 7
    Arena: Mackey Arena (14,123)
    Location: West Lafayette, Ind.
    Television: None

    Radio: The Boilermaker Sports Network. Larry "The Cliz" Clisby (play-by-play) and Steve Reid (color commentary) call the action. Brett Schetzsle handles the pregame show, and Wes "Smooth as Silk" Scott engineers.

    Internet:All games can be heard on Simply click on the live coverage link.

    Tickets: Limited amount remaining.
    Records: Purdue 0-0 Global Sports 1-2
    Rankings: Purdue is receiving votes in the ESPN/USAToday poll. The AP Poll is not yet out.

    Series: This is the first meeting between the two teams. More information on the series can be found on pages 2, 3 and 4 of the notes.

    Coaches: Purdue - Gene Keady (Kansas State '58) is 488-235 in his 24th year at Purdue and 526-254 in his 26th season overall.
    Global Sports - Maury Hanks


    Liddell will redshirt

    November 6, 2003

    "Purdue freshman swingman Adam Liddell will sit out the 2003-04 basketball season on a redshirt, the school announced.

    The 6-7, 205-pound Liddell led DeKalb High School to a 26-2 record and the Class 4A state title game in his senior season."

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