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Old Gold Free Press For 12-13-2002

1 Day to The Duel in The Dome vs IU, 18 Days to Sun Bowl in El Paso, TX!!!

Date: 12/13/2002
Author: TexasBoiler
© TexasBoiler

    Good morning Boilermaniacs! Check yourself for a pulse if your heart is not pumping massive quantities of Gold and Black blood this morning. We are just about 36 hours or so away from The Duel in The Dome and of course a couple of showdowns with The Loosiers (womens game then mens) from Gloomington, IN. I keep telling myself, "settle down's just a game, Focker" and you know what - it's not working! I want to beat IU so badly tomorrow night and my emotions are already Boilering Over at an alarming rate. Perhaps I'm not the only one who is sick and tired of the 4 consecutive losses to Mike Davis and The Peegnecks? I sure as hell hope so!

    Frankly, it's time to get the "head to head" record thing back on our train tracks. Not only have we lost 4 straight, but most of those losses have been humiliating too. We have been the step child in this series lately. Enough is Enough!

    I don't want out kids to come out nervous from the pressure, but at the same time I expect them to absolutely play with some fire and intensity from the opening tip. With that said, I want to encourage you to spread the word about this plan for a simple chant to motivate our kids tomorrow night - it's easy, clean and it even emphasizes the theme of this year's team. How bout we set the tone for Coach and try this chant right before tip off or even in warmups...
    "Kea-dy Ball...Kea-dy Ball....Kea-dy Ball....Kea-dy Ball..."

    Maybe Coach would pump his fist in support of the chant as we all know it stands for "tough as nails defense, supreme hustle, and smart execution".

    My prediction is Purdue 74, Loosiers 70 and smiles on the faces of over 11,000 Boiler diehards as an exodus of 15,000 Peegnecks leave The Dome hanging their collective red faces in shame! We Boilermaniacs are long overdue for such satisfaction. And lookyhere, as if you or our kids did not need further motivation, leave it to IU's star frosh from Texas, Bracey Wright, to fuel the fire...

    Posted by: Funk on a whole new level on December 10, 2002 at 18:05:35 - IP

    Motivated by today's OGFP newsletter, I decided to check out IU's forum site at After stirring up some trouble via my post titled, "Myles Brand Rules," I lingered around to see if I could find anything interesting. As I was about to leave, I hit the refresh button one more time and came away with a winner. Some guy through this on.

    The post was titled, "disappointed in bracey"

    just caught channel 13 news on the iu/purdue game and bracey said about purdue...."have they won a game yet?" I know he might not be following other teams but that will just give purdue motivation for the game....then it had kenny lowe or whomever saying how he shouldnt be saying stuff like that since he is only a freshman and how that was being disrespectful....and eTECHy.....i just hope bracey and the rest of the hoosiers can go out and put it to the lady boilers...i mean boilers...ok now i am being disrespectful......IU #1


    So there you have it folks, if you don't have tickets already, just show up to The Dome as I'm sure there will be tickets being sold outside. We can use all the Boiler fan support possible. Here's a fun fact for you...did you know that IU has 76,000 alums in Indy while Purdue has only 23,000 (see IndyStar article below)? Considering we are outnumbered over 1:3 in the game's primary market, you would have to say that we will be outnumbered on Saturday. However, we were outnumbered in the 1998 Alamo Bowl significantly, but I was there and can promise you that our 12,000 diehards (of all ages) stood most of, if not all of the game, and we were constantly LOUDER and made a difference. This is the kind of spirit we must bring tomorrow night and I'm calling on all of you reading this to spread the word to everyone you know who will be attending - WE MUST BE THE LOUDER, MORE EFFECTIVE FANS TOMORROW NIGHT!

    There is a pregame Pep Rally at the adjacent Convention Center around 3:30pm and all are encouraged to attend and pick up Gold Keadyball t-shirts. Let's try to look united amongst The Red Army of Loosiers and all wear Gold Keadyball shirts. For those looking to meet other Knuckleheads, some of us will be going to Jillians Bar nearby on 141 S. Meridian (south of Circle Center, at Georgia St intersection.) around 4:30 pm or so. Here is a link with more info :

    Enjoy the rest of today's coverage and if you can't make the game tune it to Channel 634 or Fox Sports Florida tomorrow night at 8pm EST. It is time to POTFH (Peegnecks)!!!

    Boiler UP!



    With No Gene Pool at the game on Saturday the rest of us...

    will have to take over the heckling duties and distract Bracey Wright and perhaps Tom Drunkendale. So we need to get a consensus on what we will chant when these 2 punks have the ball...

    For Bracey Wright...will it be something simple like, "booooooo" or "bra-ceeee, bra-ceeeee" or something a tad more acerbic like "Kenny's bitch...Kenny's bitch" - pardon my french for those offended, but this is war baby!

    For Drunkendale..."last call...last call" or "point O-8, point 0-8" the legeal limit for alcohol consumpution.

    C'mon folks we need some ideas and better yet we need to get Purdue fans on board and help our team by distracting the opponent.


    Posted by: Purdave on December 11, 2002 at 18:18:58 - IP

    [we might as well inspire our guy while we harass theirs!]

    We need to also break out into spontaneous chants of "Hoosier Losiers! Hoosier Losiers!"

    We need to make sure we're ALL in gold. There should be a lot of nappy old red polyester sweaters in the audience.


    Posted by: 4Purdue on December 11, 2002 at 15:32:41 - IP

    Well I think the easy name for TC is "Gaptooooooooooth" I mean my god is he the stereotype or what??!!

    But as for Wrighta$$, a little trip to the B10 website revealed in his Bio that his one of his favorite things is Harry Potter!! Awwwww isn't that cute. So I say we go for "Harrrrry Potttttter".

    Bottom line is you can't chant their real names because their own fans do that. I want to hurl everytime I hear them chanting aj mo-yeah. I fail to understand their fascination w/ him since that guy has a permanent expression of constipation on his face! Maybe we should yell "constipated?" for him!

    More importantly we need ALL Purdue people singing our version of their least the last lines of it any way...

    "indiana, oh indiana, oh indiana..
    TO H-E-L-L WITH YOU!!!

    Posted by: Boiler01 on December 11, 2002 at 15:45:12 - IP

    Since there are children in the crowd, I say we stay away from the swearing in our chants (let's take the high road and show that Purdue is the high class institution). I prefer the long drawn out names or just the booing. Gaptooth is hilarious, but that might inspire him more than just plain boos. So I say we boo Tom Gaptooth Coverdale and we yell "braaaaaaacceeeeeeee" for their ignorant freshman. Nobody else on their team really matters. vbg Barclay, can you send the plan out in a mass e-mail so we can get a lot of fans all around the stadium doing it? Me, boilerz, and Bremen Boiler are all sitting near each other and boilrfan is in our section, too. So section 118 should be nice and loud. Since TexasBoiler is in the middle of the JPC stiffs, he has the toughest task. :-) Everyone needs to be loud and overshadow the trailerpark frenzy on the other side of the dome. At the end of the game when we've won, instead of chanting "Over-rated" perhaps we should simply chant "WE ARE BACK" or just "WE ARE...PUR-DUE!" That's assuming a Boiler victory, of course. If we lose (I did not just type that, lol) we should just put our coats on and get out as quickly as possible. lol


    White Trash (Peegneck) Christmas trailer

    this video clip link is so fitting as we prepare for the Peegneck invasion this weekend...

    What an IU Grad sings at Christmas:


    The mini season ticket packages seen in The JC
    here's the breakdown, all packages cost $76 ($19/game) and include a FREE Keadyball t-shirt:

    Weekend Package:

    Indiana - 12/14 at The RCA Dome
    Valpo - 12/28
    Montana - 1/4
    Northwestern - 1/11

    Black Package:

    Indiana - 12/14 at The RCA Dome
    Colorado St. - 12/30
    Northwestern - 1/11
    Ohio St. - 1/29

    Gold Package:

    Valpo - 12/28
    Montana - 1/4
    Michigan - 2/19
    Penn St. - 2/26

    Boilermaker Package:

    Belmont - 12/18
    Colorado St. - 12/30
    Michigan St. - 1/14
    Penn St. - 2/26


    Freshman yet to understand Indiana-Purdue rivalry

    By Stan Sutton,
    Herald-Times Sports Editor
    Bracey Wright obviously doesn't understand the Indiana-Purdue rivalry. Sometime Saturday night he probably will come to a new realization.

    Wright, the freshman who scored 31 points Monday in IU's victory over Vanderbilt, is a soft-spoken non-abrasive young man. However, most Purdue fans won't see him in that light.

    They're more likely to remember his televised remark Tuesday asking if the Boilermakers had won any games yet.

    Purdue is 4-1 going into Saturday night's game against the Hoosiers in the RCA Dome in Indianapolis.

    "I only saw them play the Xavier game this year and they lost," Wright explained Thursday. "I didn't know how many games they'd played."

    As to his image in West Lafayette, Wright said, "They can take it anyway they want. It's not a big thing to me."

    If Tuesday's remark was an innocent one, then another made after Wednesday's practice probably falls into the same category.

    Asked if the RCA Dome would seem like a home court, Wright replied, "I think anywhere in Indiana is a home game for us."


    "It isn't a home game in Mackey Arena," he was reminded.

    Told about Bracey's remark, Indiana coach Mike Davis didn't know whether to chuckle or grimace.

    "Who said that? Bracey?" Davis asked. "Bracey's from Texas. "I don't think our guys understand and realize how tough it's going to be. I think (Tom) Coverdale, (Jeff) Newton and (Kyle) Hornsby understand but our young guys don't understand. Sometimes it may be good that they don't understand.

    WRIGHT AILING: Indiana's freshman sensation had his right (shooting) wrist wrapped up during Wednesday's practice, which was largely devoted to conditioning. Wright said he injured it before practice but had no idea how.

    "There's always a concern when Bracey's not full strength. He really couldn't shoot the ball today," Davis said.

    "I hurt it in practice just shooting around. I'm good but I'm taking it easy until Saturday so I don't aggravate it again," Wright said


    Taking a look at Indiana...
    Posted by: boilrfan on December 11, 2002 at 15:37:09 - IP

    The starters:

    Bracey Wright (6'2'')- In 35 minutes a game, shoots 43% from the field and 41% from the arc and averages 19 points a game (the leading scorer). He also avg. 5 rebounds a game.

    Tom Coverdale (6'3'')- In 33 minutes a game, shoots 35% from the field and 36% from the 3 and averages 15 points game. Averages only 2.4 TOs a game.

    Jeff Newton (6'9'')- Averages 34 minutes a game and gets 15 points from 44% shooting. He also shoots the 3 for 33% (shoots 1 or 2 a game). Averages 10.6 rebounds and has the most fouls on the team.

    Kyle Hornsby (6'5'')- Getting 27 minutes a game and averages 8 points a game. Shooting 32% from the field and 31% from the 3. Only has 5 turnovers on the year.

    George Leach (6'11'')- Gets 26 minutes a game and shoots 56% from the field (0 3s) but averages 6 points a game. He gets10.2 rebounds a game and has 25 blocks for an average of 3.6 a game.

    Others receiving significant minutes in all 7 games....

    Marshall Strickland (6'2'')- 19 minutes a game and shoots 50% from the arc and field for 6.9 points a game.

    Sean Kline (6'8'')- 12 minutes a game and shoots 39% from the floor for 4 points. Only 12-25 on his free throws.

    A.J. Moye (6'3'')- Plays 12 minutes a game and shoots 41% from the field and 15% from the arc for 3.4 points a game.

    Overall, IU is holding their opponents to 22% 3 point shooting. IU is shooting 41% fromt he field and 35% from the 3. They outrebound their opponents by 2 and have almost 30 less fouls than their opponents. Only average 12 TOs a game (their opponents the same).

    My analysis: IU is not a very deep team. I think the easiest way to be competitive with them (and this sounds a lot easier said than done) but to be physical and get fouls on your side. I don't think Purdue stands a chance if we aren't getting fouls. They do not go deep at all with big guys, but they've stayed out of foul trouble for the most part (IU has not been in a foul calling game yet). As for the perimeter, the 3 main threats are Coverdale, Hornsby, and Wright. Wright and Coverdale are the 2 main scorers, but I still worry about Hornsby cause he can get hot too. I think at least one of these guys needs to be shut down offensively, or at least limited. I think Coverdale needs to be contained well too. Hopefully the guys will use their speed to their advantage. Right now I'd say Brandon McKnight and Kenny Lowe both need to stay healthy (sounds like Brandon's pretty much 100%) and stay out of foul trouble. They are our 2 best guard defenders and I don't think we can afford giving them rests because of fouls when they don't actually need a rest.

    Overall, Purdue needs to contain the outside or inside. There's no way we'll be competitive if IU can get their points from wherever they want. And I think we'll not necessarily need the refs on our side, but we'll need them to call a closer game. Chances are it's going to be very physical, but it's a matter of whether they let it go or call it. If IU does not get into any foul trouble, which they really haven't faced all year, I don't really give us much of a chance. They play their starters for a vast majority of the game, and if they're all out there for their normal minutes, I don't think that'll be good!


    Did some checking ...

    Posted by: MDC on December 12, 2002 at 15:15:55 - IP

    I went back and looked at the stats for each of Indiana’s 7 wins so far this year. In their 7 wins, Indiana has won 4 games by 10 or more points and 3 by margins of 7,6 and 1. What’s really interesting about Indiana’s success is that they are just flat blowing people away from outside. The closest anyone has come to them from 3-point land was Virginia who made 6 of 15 while Indiana was making 8 of 25 in a game Indiana won by 7. Only two teams have made more than 4 three-pointers against Indiana (Virginia (6/15) and Gonzaga (7/19)) and neither of them was exactly "sizzling" from outside. Looking at the statistics, one could easily conclude that one of the reasons for Indiana's early season success is that they have been fortunate that nobody has shot the ball well from the outside against them. For example, Vandy was 1 of 15, Illinois (Chic) was 1 of 14 and U Mass was 2 of 18. When the other team (in this case Indiana) is outscoring you by as many as 20 points or more from the outside, it's almost impossible to make it up inside because :

    (1) Indiana has some pretty good shot blockers in Leach and Newton.
    (2) It takes a lot more possessions at 2 points a possession to make up the deficit.

    Early on, I thought Purdue could only beat Indiana if they pounded the ball inside and tried to get Leach and Newton in foul trouble. After thinking about it some more, I now think that for Purdue to win Saturday night, they must hit a decent percentage of their 3-point shots and they have to be aggressive in looking for the 3-point shot (It goes without saying that they have to do an inspired job of defending the outside shot). If all Purdue does is pound it inside, Leach and Newton might get into foul trouble, but they also might set a new record for blocked shots. Purdue has some excellent 3-point shooters in Deane, Lowe, Kilgore, Teague and Buckley and I believe that they must take advantage of the 3-point opportunities that they can create with the speed and quickness advantage they have over guys like Coverdale and Hornsby if they are going to win Saturday night.


    Indiana and Purdue

    by Michael Ermitage

    Purdue has been playing Indiana since the Theodore Roosevelt administration. I'm fairly certain that the first games in this series still had a peach basket involved. And it was Purdue who was hitting nothing but the bottom of the basket early in the series, dominating the first 35 years of the rivalry. Since the introduction of the NCAA tournament, the much more heralded Hoosiers have a slight advantage.

    These two teams have been showing the nation why Indiana hoops is considered among the best long before any Gene Hackman movies. They have a combined 2960 wins and 65% winning percentage. They are the top two teams in the Big Ten in both overall wins and conference championships.

    They are meeting this early in the season for a non-conference game, because the evil Big Ten corporate juggernaut instituted a rotating schedule that did not guarantee two games against rivals. Thank you, Penn State. Tipoff is at 8 p.m. EST at the RCA Dome (yes, the game is being held in a Dome, the same Dome that often hosts the Final Four, I told you Indiana hoops was a big deal). While Purdue is technically located in the state of Indiana, it could not be entering a more unfriendly place than the capital city of Indianapolis. If IU makes the Final Four this year, there is no doubt that Mike Davis will be appointed Mayor and anyone caught not wearing red in Indy will be deported to Lubbock, Texas - the place Hoosiers go to die.

    In addition to playing a virtual road game, the Boilermakers will be facing one of the hottest teams in the nation. The Hoosiers enter the game 7-0 with wins against Maryland, Virginia and Gonzaga. The flaming-haired guard Tom Coverdale has been spectacular, dropping 30 points on the defending champion Terrapins. He has slightly overshadowed freshman phenom Bracey Wright, who is averaging 19.1 points per game, and was named the Maui Invitational MVP.

    Purdue eeked out a win against up-and-coming Louisville, but was handled at Xavier. The Boilermakers enter the contest at 4-1, with a personal four-game losing streak to the Hoosiers. Their hopes rest with guards Kenneth Lowe and Willie Deane, a bench that goes 11 deep, and a fiery Gene Keady.

    The stakes are high in this matchup for Purdue. The Boilermakers have virtually fallen completely off the national radar since its Elite Eight loss in 2000. The Hoosiers, meanwhile, have launched to the top of the national consciousness with its NCAA Final appearance last season and its subsequent fast start. Furthermore, Purdue has lost four straight in this series, and is flirting with the possibility of IU fans pointing to Kentucky as their most competitive and important rival.

    Beyond this season, these two large public schools are playing for top honors in the state. Purdue is scraping for any media attention it can get, as it is badly jealous of the trail of cameras and scribes relentlessly following around Mike Davis' crew. Indiana needs the game to further distance itself from the Bob Knight fiasco by cementing its claim as the best hoops program in Indiana.


    Boilers know wins will rev up rivalry

    Knight-less Hoosiers have won last three

    By Jeff Washburn, Journal and Courier

    "For 20 seasons, Purdue and Indiana men's basketball fans worked themselves into a frenzy twice each winter.

    In this hoops-crazy territory, Gene Keady vs. Bob Knight was better drama than any heavyweight title fight. They met 41 times, with Keady enjoying a 21-20 advantage.

    But IU's "General" has moved his army to Lubbock, Texas, and a new, likable sheriff -- Mike Davis -- is in his third season on patrol in Bloomington, already with a trip to the NCAA tournament title game."

    for the full story click on the link above


    McKnight showing improvement

    By Jeff Washburn, Journal and Courier

    "Brandon McKnight, the sophomore point guard who started Purdue's first three games, returned to practice Tuesday after missing two contests with a pulled right hamstring.

    "I'm at about 95 percent," McKnight said after Tuesday practice. "I'm still a little swollen. I've got to keep icing it until the swelling goes down. Other than that, I'm not as tight as I was.

    "I've been stretching and getting treatment. Like (trainer) Larry Leverenz said, I'm the tightest person he has ever seen. I've always been like that. I will be all right."

    for the full story click on the link above


    Lowe feels weight of pals' deaths

    Mom helped Purdue guard get going after passing of 2 former Gary West players.

    By Michael Pointer

    December 13, 2002

    WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. -- Even though he's had two surgeries, Kenneth Lowe still feels occasional pain in his right shoulder. It's something he'll always have to deal with.

    But that doesn't come close to the misery the Purdue junior guard felt earlier this year. Lowe, who has been the Boilers' best player heading into the nonconference showdown with Indiana University Saturday at the RCA Dome, continues to deal with the loss of two friends last summer.

    "Hopefully, they're just in a better place," Lowe said. "They don't have to be down here struggling and in pain."

    for the full story click on the link above


    Once not enough for IU vs. Purdue

    Schools bring rivalry to the dome when Big Ten schedules them to play only 1 game this season.

    By Terry Hutchens

    December 12, 2002

    "Marge Moore attended her first Indiana-Purdue basketball game more than 50 years ago, but she said the excitement for the rivalry never wanes.

    That's why the 83-year-old Brownsburg resident doesn't care if the Hoosiers and Boilermakers are bucking tradition to play in a non-conference game Saturday in the RCA Dome.

    To Moore, the most important thing is that it's IU and Purdue.

    "I must admit I didn't understand why they couldn't play twice in the conference like they always have, but at least they found a way to play each other another time," said Moore, who holds degrees from both institutions. "I'm a huge IU basketball fan, and I just think this will be great."

    "There's nothing like an IU-Purdue basketball game."

    for the full story click on the link above


    For all the Sun Bowl Coverage you can handle from The Exponent click here

    Bowl tickets still available through Purdue
    By Jenny Jones
    Features Editor

    Tickets are still available for this year's Sun Bowl in El Paso, Texas.

    Thus far, the Purdue Athletic Ticket Office has sold 2,500 of the 8,000 tickets available for the bowl and is hoping to sell at least as many tickets as it did for last year's bowl.

    "Last year, the Purdue constituent at El Paso was around 5,000," said George Ade, athletic ticket manager for the ticket office. "So, we're hoping to at least hit that mark again."

    Tickets, which are $35 and $45, went on sale as soon as the bowl was announced last week, said Cathy Cobb, secretary for tourism and special events for the Alumni Association, and will be available until the bowl game on Dec. 31.

    Fans may purchase tickets by ordering online at, or over the phone from the Purdue Athletic Ticket Office at 494-3194 or 800-49SPORT. Tickets can also be ordered by stopping in the ticket office during its regular business hours — 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. Tickets are also available through the Alumni Association at and from the Sun Bowl ticket office in El Paso at or 915-533-4416 or 800-915-BOWL. You can donate tickets to some El Paso youth by calling the number above.

    The priority deadline for seat allocation of tickets purchased through the ticket office is Monday, Ade said. The office will then begin filling orders, using two-day overnight mail, on Wednesday.

    I'll feature more of these articles individually next week but for now let's focus on beating the hell out of The Loosiers this weekend!


    Knucklehonk's report on Jake Cunningham's official visit

    Jake had a good official visit in WL last weekend, as did MR. and Mrs C. Jake's knee was checked out by the Purdue staff and they were happy that he should be 100% soon, so he can start training heavier in a few weeks.

    John Standeford seems to want to help Jake out and take him under his wing. I think that is great. Jake met all the players and really liked them all. He went out with Mike Otto to meet with some of the players Stu, Niko, etc.

    I am glad Jake ended his high school career at the big game in Champaign. It is kind of funny Jake had a big defensive game for a change and alot of purdue fans think he is a taylor made CB, but they did not get to see him at his best in the open field. Although I know he would make a great CB. Providence focused their whole defense to stop him and no one else stepped up for Pontiac. Jake lead the defense in tackles, and put on a speed seminar running players down from behind. The announcers were saying things like "I can't believe Cunningham caught that player from behind and he did it with a torn MCL, unbelievable".


    Scott Carroll News

    Posted by: LSLBoiler on December 12, 2002 at 09:56:39 - IP

    Scott was named first team Class 6 (largest schools) QB.

    Recruit Shaun Richardson named first team Class 4 at LB.

    One to watch...dual-threat QB Darrell Jackson of Webster Groves (STL area). Named first-team in Class 5 as a junior. Led Webster to the state championship. Listed at 6'3" and 200...more like 6'4" and 220. His performance in the last 4-5 games leading up to the championship has opened a lot of eyes. Hope we get on him.


    Posted by: DaKnuckleheadTexasBoiler on December 12, 2002 at 08:29:19 - IP
    3-star DE Julian Riley from Florida could not stop talking about Purdue on Tuesday with fellow teammate, 3-star QB Patrick Carter. Both visited Purdue this past weekend. I'm trying not to get too excited because 5-star Florida DB Devin Hester raved about his visit last year then opted for Florida St.

    Florida, Georgia, Pitt and us are the 4 schools that both Riley and Carter have offers from and they would like to attend the same University. Sounds like Kenny Greene has done a nice job with them all along and that the recruiting team led by Coach Olson impressed yet another group of kids on their visit.


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