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Old Gold Free Press Update For 12-3-2002

(2-0) Purdue at #16 (2-1) Xavier Tonight at 7:30pm EST on ESPN Plus, Bowl Game to be determined still!!!

Date: 12/03/2002
Author: TexasBoiler
© TexasBoiler

    Good morning Boilermaniacs! First off today is you're chance to sign the online petition created by Boiler01 (aka, Jason Farmer) to voice your displeasure about this year's home Gold uniforms. Here is the link so please sign it if you feel so inclined, it takes a whole 2 minutes of your time:

    If you were able to catch the Louisville basketball game in person or on TV, you saw one heck of a basketball game. Several things are refreshing about this years version of "Keadyball":

    1. We are so much quicker and deeper on the perimeter with McKnight and Lowe playing significant minutes this year
    2. This year's team has some chemistry and plays with outstanding emotion and enthusiasm (led by Lowe). Lowe is the de facto leader.
    3. Kilgore is playing much better defense and provides a great spark off the bench. He's much more enthusiastic this year.
    4. Willie Deane is NOT our only reliable scoring threat
    5. McKnight is an outstanding young point guard whose quickness and savvy makes a world of difference
    6. Buscher is really stepping up his game and hustling with a purpose
    7. We have some quality big men in Booker and Kartelo yet they are still learning the pace of D-1 hoops after playing JUCO and sitting out a year respectively. I like their upside (shameless "Sportsguy" reference)

    Tonight we take on a very solid Xavier team in me a "Doubting Thomas" but I have a bad vibe about this game against X on their very hostile home court. Maybe it's because I just read Mike DeCourcy's column from The Sporting News and he mentioned that were 0-14 against major-conference opponents away from Mackey Arena last year. Yes, I know this is NOT last year's team but then again this team has not been tested on the road against a top 20 team yet.
    I think we will lose a tight ballgame...74-70.

    With that said, I do think we have a 45% chance of pulling off the upset since we have some positive momentum after a 2 game winning streak. I think the Keadyball ratings will tell the tale...if we can score 85 pts or better, we should win. I'd like to see us get some inside scoring early and not get into as much foul trouble. I hope to see Kartelo get off to a better start and also that Willie Deane gets more into the flow of the offense early.

    Here's MDC's pregame take...

    Posted by: MDC on December 02, 2002 at 13:51:50 - IP

    In Reply to: Predictions on the Xavier Game... posted by TexasBoiler on December 02, 2002 at 09:04:10:

    I was looking at the Box Score from last year's game ...

    and it was surprising to me to see that Purdue only shot 3 of 18 from behind the arc while Xavier wasn't much better at 4 of 23. West went for 31 points and 15 rebounds but nobody else had more than 12 points and their other big gun Sato shot 0 for 7 from 3 point land. It is also interesting to note that John Allison had 20 points and 11 rebounds and that Purdue won the boards 41-34.

    I'd say that Purdue is not likely to win this game primarily because the Xavier players all will remember last year's game (the revenge facor is very real), the crowd (the game is a sell-out) will be loud and hostile and it's pretty unlikely that Xavier will shoot the ball as poorly as they did in Mackey. Having said that, I think Purdue can beat them, but they have to stay out of foul trouble, control the backboards and they have to maintain their poise when (not if) Xavier makes a run. I also think Purdue needs to shoot the ball better from the floor than they have in either of their first two games. Purdue missed an awful lot of high percentage shots against Louisville (particularly in the 2nd half) and I don't think they can shoot the ball the same way against Xavier and still win.

    Moving on to football news...the recruits continue to verbal to Purdue as we landed 3 more kids last week in:

    1. Not rated, Paul Long, a 6-1, 175-pound wide receiver/defensive back from Ohio

    2. 2 star (could be 3 stars soon) Grant Walker, a 6-1, 190-pound quarterback/defensive back from Texas. An absolute steal in the mold of Cunningham and Seifrig in my opinion. University of Texas recruiting guru, Geoff Ketchum, is absolutely raving about Grant's abilities, saying he saw in play one of the best HS football games he's ever seen. I'm sure that TAMU (even with Slocum getting fired yesterday) will try to make a push for him if they have any openings but I bet Purdue is much better prepared to ensure that Grant does not pull a Chad "Benedict" Schroeder on us this year.

    3. 2 star, Eugene Bright, a 6-4, 212-pound strong safety from Pennsylvania

    The big news is that Coach Tiller and Coach Spack and possibly even Coach Olson were in 4-star TE, Garret Bushong's house last night for an in home visit. Bushong had committed to MSU's Bobby Williams but has been leaning towards Purdue since BW was dismissed. I'm waiting on some breaking news but there is none yet. Bushong would be a HUGE committment for us for a few reasons: 1) word on the street is that TE Mike Rhinehart's second concussion this season may end his football career which leaves a major opening at TE next season and perhaps instant playing time for young Garret (you have to think that Tim Stratton's success as a frosh at Purdue will be explained to Garret) and 2) Bushong is buds with 4-star DE, Doug Van Dyke, from Michigan also. They visited Purdue together and talked about playing together as teammates for The Old Gold and Black. Both called their visits during the IU game "awesome".

    Certainly, we still need to lock in some big uglies like Chris Norwell from Ohio, Pat Sharrow from Michigan, and Eddie Montoya from OK, before this class is complete. However, you have to be impressed with the results we are getting early on. The new press box and the insertion of Greg Olson as our recruiting coordinator is making a difference this year. I don't think it's our new Gold uniforms or the prospect of Black Helmets next year that are the big draw :-)

    As for bowl game looks like the Sun Bowl is probable if Iowa retains a BCS spot and The Music City Bowl is probable if Iowa slips out of a BCS bowl. Frankly, if ND gets in ahead of Iowa, the BCS is the biggest joke in the history of sports. ND was absolutely exposed at USC this past weekend. ND could not stay within 2 TD's of Iowa on a neutral field! Even the ND players were saying after the USC game..."we don't deserve a BCS game". With apologies to any FSU fans out there, the notion of a 4-loss FSU team (who lost to ND at The Doak) getting in The BCS as the ACC rep is a farce also. No way should they be rated ahead of Iowa who lost only once and went undefeated in The Big 10!

    Enjoy all the postgame coverage of the Louisville contest and if I may point out, check out the Times article and the impact of Cuonzo Martin on Brett Buscher's 2nd half performance (a complete turnaround!). I'm an unabashed Cuonzo Martin fan and I'll say this without reservation...when Keady retires, the next coach would really do himself a favor by doing WHATEVER it takes to keep Coach Martin at Purdue! There is no question that Buscher was a different player in the second half. As a recent, former, and VERY successful player...Zo can get in someone's grill and say 'I've been in your shoes, Brett' - this is what you must do to be a force in the 2nd half. I'm fairly certain that Zo would have me motivated beyond belief after a speech like that. Nice job Brett and thanks for inspiring him, Coach Martin!


    Louisville vs Purdue Game Recap


    Purdue 86 Louisville 84

    Date: 11/30/2002
    Author: Waggs06
    © Waggs06

    Wow, what a game today. Purdue played hard all 40 minutes and finally came up with a victory in a close game. I'm still trying to regain my voice after yelling at the game. Kilgore had a great shooting night 6-9 fgs, his injury to his shooting hand last week makes this even more amazing. He made some plays and was not at fault on the technical foul, but stuff like that happens sometimes. It won't happen to him again that I am sure of. Purdue had 6 players in double figures and played tough defense most of the game. McKnight had only 3 turnovers against the full court press which is not bad, most of those were early in the game as in the 2nd half he seemed to have figured out how to break the press whenever he got the ball. The 84 points scored makes it seems as though Purdue did not play good defense however Louisville shot under 39% from the field, but the refs called 30 fouls on Purdue and 29 on Louisville, plenty of them were touch fouls on both sides. Each team made 28 fts, which is much higher than usual. Overrall the team played well, but not as good as the first game, however the Keady Ball score is still in the mid-80's, Purdue should win most games in which they score 85 or more points in Keady Ball.
    Attendance: 18,345

    Keady Ball Total Points: 86

    1. Opponent shooting percentage 38.8% - 16 points
    2. Opponent points 84 - 7 points
    3. Rebounds 44-43 (1) - 16 points
    4. Shooting percentage 44.3% - 12 points
    5. Free throws attempted 40 - 16 points
    6. Turnovers 12 - 16 points

    Support point (SUP)
    Stopper point (STP)
    Elimination point (ELI)

    Link to Keady Ball points system: Keady Ball

    Purdue - Louisville

    Posted by: MDC on November 30, 2002 at 20:16:54 - IP

    In a game very much reminiscent of a heavyweight slugfest, Purdue held on at the end with Kenneth Lowe, Willie Deane, Darmetreis Kilgore and Chris Booker all on the bench with 5 fouls and beat Louisville 86-84. It’s only November and it’s only one game, but come March when the NCAA Selection Committee gets together to pick the field of 65, Purdue’s win today can’t do anything but help their case. Louisville is a deep, quick, aggressive, experienced team with a Hall of Fame coach and they should have a very good season this year – this was an excellent win for a Purdue team that needs a dose of confidence more than anything else. There were 59 personal fouls called in this game and it would be charitable to say the game was poorly officiated. As so often happens when the officials are inconsistent, the players have a hard time adjusting to what is a foul and what isn’t and the result is almost chaotic. Still, I don’t think the officiating favored either team and it was just frustrating to watch because the game did not seem to have much rhythm.

    Player comments:

    Willie Deane - I thought Willie had a bad game today. It looks to me like Willie is having a hard time adjusting to the improved talent level and still wants to go 1-1 instead of letting his shots come with-in the offense. He fouled out today largely because he picked up a couple of needless offensive fouls when he got out of control on drives to the basket

    Darmetreis Kilgore – Until the last minute, I thought Darmetreis played one of the best games he’s played since he’s been at Purdue. His defense has improved dramatically from a year ago and he’s at least trying to take his shots with-in the framework of the offense rather than simple hunting shots when he gets the ball. He did take a couple of ill-advised 3-pointers, but I thought his basket late in the game on an incredible move across the lane was the dagger in Louisville’s throat. That is, it would have been, had Darmetreis not let a Louisville player bait him on a rebound with about a minute left. His foul and subsequent technical for complaining about the call, were about the only negatives in his performance today. Thank goodness it didn’t cost Purdue the win.

    Brett Buscher – Brett played an outstanding game today. He was Purdue’s leading rebounder with 10 (5 offensive) and he was a man underneath. He also had 13 points and an assist with no turnovers in perhaps his best game in a Purdue uniform. I really like the toughness Brett brings to the table and it looks like he is poised for a breakout year.

    Chris Booker – Chris came off the bench today, but he ended up playing 29 minutes with 12 points and 6 boards in an impressive performance. Chris is still trying to adjust to the faster pace of Division I basketball, but he showed today that he will be an invaluable piece of the puzzle this year and I expect to see him become even more effective as he gains experience.

    Ivan Kartelo – Ivan got in early foul trouble and played 14 minutes. He did have one nice basket in the second half to go with 3 rebounds and he’s another player that just needs some time to adjust after sitting out a year.

    Kenneth Lowe – What can you say about Kenneth Lowe except he’s the heart and soul of this year’s team. Today he had 18 points in 22 minutes and added 3 rebounds and only 1 turnover all while guarding Louisville’s star player (Gaines is an excellent player) and largely keeping him under control. He was perfect at the line (8 of 8) and it’s great to have a guy in the line-up that plays with such enthusiasm and energy. About the only negative was his picking up 5 fouls and he has to find a way to stay in the game because his free throw shooting will be very important in close games.

    Austin Parkinson – Austin played 3 minutes at the end of the first half with a line-up that included Teague, Buckley, Kilgore and Booker and he wasn’t very effective. He did manage to get to the line once, but missed both free throws and he simply has to hit free throws if he’s going to earn any playing time this year. There are teams on Purdue’s schedule this year that will have players that Austin can play effectively against, but Louisville isn’t one of them.

    Brandon McKnight – Brandon played 29 minutes and scored 11 points, passed out 4 assists and added a rebound and a steal to go with 3 turnovers in what I felt was an excellent over-all performance. His speed and quickness are a major plus for Purdue and these assets are particularly noticeable on the defensive end. Louisville’s press is pretty darn good and I thought Brandon handled the pressure very well.

    Melvin Buckley – Melvin only played 7 minutes today, but he made his presence felt as he tipped one of Parkinson’s missed free throws to a teammate who then laid the ball in. I think this was a good baptism for Melvin and he’s another player that can only get better as the season progresses and he gains confidence.

    Matt Kiefer – Another freshman who didn’t play a lot (11 minutes), but made a nice contribution while he was in there with 4 points and 3 rebounds. I really like the way Matt plays and once again it’s only a matter of time before he starts making significant contributions.

    David Teague – David played 16 minutes and had 2 points, 3 rebounds, a block and a steal with zero turnovers in what was a very good performance. About the only negative was his ill advised 3-pointer with less than a minute to play with Purdue clinging to a 3 point lead. It wasn’t that it was a bad shot as much as it was a bad decision because the shot came way too early in the 35-second clock. Still, I love the way this kid has the confidence to take big shots and I fully expect he will make some of them before the year is out.

    One last thing – Louisville is an excellent rebounding team and I think it was extremely significant that Purdue matched them on the boards today. Both teams had 14 offensive rebounds and Purdue actually ended up with 1 more rebound for the game (44-43) than Louisville did. On top of that, Purdue only had 12 turnovers against Louisville’s pressure and if they can continue to rebound and take care of the ball like they did today, this team has a chance to be pretty good. It was also an exciting game to watch and it’s great to see the kids taking so much pride in their defense again.


    P.S. - The crowd today was pretty good for both teams. Louisville brings a lot of enthusiastic fans and the atmosphere today was about as close to a neutral court atmosphere as you are going to find. I was there for the first game as well and the atmosphere was very close to an NCAA tournament atmosphere. I think Purdue can only benefit from these kinds of experiences and I hope they continue to participate when they can.

    Purdue holds off Louisville, 86-84

    By Jeff Washburn, Journal and Courier

    "INDIANAPOLIS -- This all-for-one, spread-the-wealth thing seems to have made a lasting impression on the revitalized Purdue men's basketball team.

    The Boilermakers opened some eyes -- including their own -- Saturday afternoon, hanging on for an 86-84 John Wooden Tradition victory against Louisville in sold-out Conseco Fieldhouse.

    "It was a statement game," Purdue forward Darmetreis Kilgore said. "Before the game, the Louisville fans were saying a lot of things to us, saying, 'Where is Purdue located?' "

    for the full story click on the link above


    purdue 86, louisville 84

    Purdue toughs out win

    Boilermakers find way to stave off Cardinals, overcoming major foul troubles.

    By Michael Pointer

    December 01, 2002

    "Gene Keady thought he was seeing signs in practice his basketball team was a tough bunch. But after the worst season of his career last year, the Purdue coach wondered if that toughness would carry over to a game.

    Before a roaring sellout crowd Saturday at Conseco Fieldhouse, Keady got an answer. This doesn't look like last season's Boilermakers, as they showed in an 86-84 victory over Louisville in the Wooden Tradition.

    "We found a way to win," Keady said. "The last couple of years, we've found a way to lose in these situations."

    for the full story click on the link above


    Boilers find a way


    Times Sports Writer


    Purdue 86, Louisville 84

    * Kenny Lowe scored a team-high 18 points and Brett Buscher recorded his first career double-double with 13 points and 10 rebounds for the Boilers.

    INDIANAPOLIS -- When Purdue forward Brett Buscher arrived in the locker room at halftime, assistant coach Cuonzo Martin was waiting for him.

    "Coach Martin got in my face a little bit, because I wasn't taking the ball up strong and they (the referees) weren't calling the tick-tack fouls in the first half,'' Buscher said. "I was missing some layups and looking pretty bad. He just told me to take it up strong and quit playing like a wuss out there.

    for the full story click on the link above


    Keady's kids playing with heart, intensity

    By Tom Kubat, Journal and Courier

    "INDIANAPOLIS -- Welcome back Keadyball.

    It's only two games into the 2002-03 season but, so far, there's no comparison between this year's Purdue men's basketball team and last year's Boilermakers.

    This year's version seems to have embraced Keadyball.

    In both the season-opening victory over Miami (Ohio) and Saturday's thrilling 86-84 win over Louisville in the Wooden Tradition, the new and improved Boilermakers have played with intensity and heart."

    for the full story click on the link above



    Kilgore has fast return to action

    By Michael Pointer

    December 01, 2002

    "At first, Darmetreis Kilgore thought he was going to miss three weeks. Then, Purdue basketball coach Gene Keady told him not to expect to play much against Louisville in the Wooden Tradition on Saturday.

    The senior guard not only played 25 minutes, but the Boilermakers likely wouldn't have pulled out an 86-84 victory without him. Kilgore scored 14 points after missing the season opener against Miami of Ohio on Nov. 22 because of a broken bone in his shooting hand.

    "It felt real good out there," said Kilgore, who didn't have to wear a soft cast. "I wasn't surprised at all. I'm blessed."

    for the full story click on the link above


    Win allows Kilgore to avoid Keady doghouse

    By Jeff Washburn, Journal and Courier

    "INDIANAPOLIS -- Had it cost Purdue a victory, Darmetreis Kilgore's technical foul with 1:03 remaining Saturday would have landed the senior forward in coach Gene Keady's doghouse.

    But considering Kilgore hit big shot after big shot while playing with a broken bone in his shooting hand during the Boilermakers' 86-84 victory against Louisville in Conseco Fieldhouse, all is forgiven.

    Purdue led 86-79 when Brett Buscher missed the second of two free throws 63 seconds from the final horn. Kilgore was whistled for pushing Louisville's Luke Whitehead, then drew a technical foul."

    for the full story click on the link above


    Xavier Notes...

    Posted by: X Factor on December 01, 2002 at 17:48:23 - IP

    #15 Xavier (2-1) has two of the best players in the country. David West (pre-season first team all-american) and Romain Sato combine to form one of the best, if not the best, inside-outside combos in America. Dickie V rates them the #3 inside-outside combo in the country. Both of them are Wooden Award candidates. West is rated by many experts to be the #1 big man in America and The Sporting News listed Sato as the #3 SG in America.

    Both of them are going to be 1st round draft picks. Sato is only a junior. has them both in the first round of the 2003 NBA draft.

    Point guard, Lionel Chalmers, has really improved and is lightning quick. listed him as the #19 PG in America.

    They are a lot deeper than they were last year. West has more freedom to roam around and step out on the perimeter this year. He won't have to be concerned with getting into foul trouble like he did last year. Besides West, Xavier will use 6'9 240lb. sophmore Will Caudle and 6'9 245lb. Anthony Myles, who was a juco transfer.

    Dedrick Finn is an excellent freshman point guard, who has been pretty impressive in his limited minutes thus far.

    6'5 sophmore Keith Jackson will be the 6th man. He is an amazing athlete with off the chart leaping ability, just like Sato.

    Probable starting line-ups: (starters from last game)

    PG - Dedrick Finn, 6'1 Fr. 3.3 pts. 3.7 reb 4.0 ast.
    SG - Lionel Chalmers, 6'0 Sr. 15.0 pts. 1.3 reb 4.7 ast.
    SF - Romain Sato, 6'4 Jr. 18.0 pts. 10.3 reb 2.0 ast.
    PF - David West, 6'9 Sr. 19.7 pts. 8.7 reb 2.0 ast.
    C - Will Caudle, 6'9 So. 5.7 pts. 2.3 reb

    If we use our regular starting lineup, expect to see Chalmers at the point, Sato at shooting guard, and 6'5 David Young at SF.

    If you want to talk about the game with some Muskie fans, just go here and click on chatboard:


    Men's Basketball To Face Nationally Ranked Xavier

    Game notes for Tuesday's game, which tips at 7:30 p.m. EST

    Dec. 2, 2002

    "Purdue at Xavier

    Time: 7:30 p.m. EST
    Date: Dec. 3
    Arena: Cintas Center (10,250)
    Location: Cincinnati, Ohio
    Television: ESPN-Local Mike Gleason (play-by play) and Bob Ford (color commentary) call the action.
    Radio: The Boilermaker Sports Network. Larry Clisby (play-by-play) and Steve Reid (color commentary) call the action. Brett Schetzsle handles the pregame show and Wes "Smooth as Silk" Scott engineers.
    Internet: All games can be heard on Simply click on the live coverage link.
    Tickets: Sold Out
    Records: Purdue 2-0 Xavier 2-1
    Rankings: Xavier is ranked 16th in the (11/18/02) AP poll and 15th in the (11/18/02) ESPN/USAT oday poll. Purdue is receiving votes in the coaches poll.
    Series: This is the 11th meeting between the two teams. More information on the series can be found on page 2 of the notes. Purdue leads the series 9-1.
    Coaches: Purdue - Gene Keady (Kansas State '58) is 471-224 in his 23rd year at Purdue and 509-243 in his 25th season overall.
    Xavier - Thad Matta (Butler '90) is 28-7 in his second season at Xavier and 52-15 in his 3rd season overall.
    Officials: Announced on game day.

    Tonight's Matchup
    Purdue visits Xavier in its lone road game of the non-conference season on Tuesday, Dec. 3, in the Cintas Center in Cincinnati, Ohio, at 7:30 p.m. EST. The Boilermakers are coming off an 86-84 victory over Louisville on Nov. 30, in the third-annual John Wooden Tradition in Indianapolis, Ind. Xavier is coming off a 93-64 win over Florida A&M on Nov. 24, in Cincinnati. Purdue is 9-1 all time against Xavier and looks to begin the season 3-0 for the first time since the 1998-99 season. Xavier's lone loss was a 63-62 defeat at Stanford in the Owens Corning Preseason NIT on Nov. 20. Purdue defeated the Musketeers 70-66 last season in Mackey Arena.

    A Purdue Win Would ...
    >Give Purdue a 3-0 start for the first time since the 1998-99 season and the ninth time under head coach Gene Keady.
    >Improve Purdue's record against the Musketeers to 10-1 all time.
    >Improve Purdue's all-time record to 1,460-815.
    >Make head coach Gene Keady's record 472-224 at Purdue and 510-243 overall.
    >Give the Boilermakers their first road victory since Nov. 16, 2001, when they defeated Valparaiso 73-69 and their second-straight win away from Mackey Arena.
    >Give the Boilermakers a win over a ranked team for the first time since they defeated No. 9 Illinois, 84-75, on Jan. 9, 2002.
    >Mark the first time Purdue defeated a ranked team on the road since a 73-67 win over No. 17 Wisconsin on Jan. 10, 2001."

    for the full story click on the link


    Sun Bowl warming up to Purdue

    Return trip to El Paso likely

    By Jim D. Stafford, Journal and Courier

    "Forget about the Alamo. Tune out Music City. If the Sun Bowl gets what it wants, Purdue will be returning to El Paso, Texas, for the second consecutive year.

    Following Monday night's meeting of the Sun Bowl's 11-member executive committee, football chairman John Folmer said his group "is leaning toward selecting Purdue" for the Dec. 31 game.

    "We talked about a lot of scenarios," Folmer said Tuesday. "Somebody asked, 'Why are we taking Minnesota?' Purdue is fifth in the conference, they beat Minnesota head-to-head, they've been here before, they are our friends. Why would we do that?"

    for the full story click on the link above


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