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Old Gold Free Press Update For 11-26-2002

4 Days to Louisville Game at Conseco Fieldhouse, Bowl game to be detemined!!!!

Date: 11/26/2002
Author: TexasBoiler

    Good afternoon Boilermaniacs! How sweet it is to have OUR BUCKET back after the one year gifted lease to The Loosiers. Yes, once again we soundly defeated the ones who claim to reside in The Football Capital of Indiana and that now means there are 50 P's on The Bucket and only 25 I's in comparison. A 2:1 advanatage in any rivalry is impressive.

    Moreover, The Boilers are bowl eligible for the 6th consecutive season under Coach Joe Tiller. While this season was very, very disappointing at times, our guys did a nice job of rallying the last 2 weeks so that we will not be idle during the holidays (like The Loosiers have been for 9 straight years now!). Next up is The Music City, Sun, or Alamo Bowl and we will all just have to stay tuned.

    As importantly to me, the men's basketball team got off to a resounding start with a 27 pt beating of Miami of Ohio last Friday Night. The team has really taken The Keadyball theme (scored a 92 out of 100 in the ratings system) to heart and everyone who saw the game came away impressed with their hustle and suffocating defense. We held Miami of Ohio to just 18 first half points on 28% shooting. In addition, their leading scorer was held to 6 pts after averaging 29 per game previously. There is no doubt that Kenneth "Kenny" Lowe is leading the charge for Keadyball and together with Brandon McKnight, they form one heck of a disruptive and devestating defensive duo. It was a very balanced scoring effort and Brett Buscher seemed to really step up on both ends of the floor inside as did Chris Booker. We also had a significant rebounding advantage which was rarely the case last year. This is NOT last year's lackluster Boilermaker team, but we shall get a much better test against top 25 Louisville this weekend at Conseco Fieldhouse.

    Here is the latest TV news on the Louisville Game:

    High Definition DirecTV receivers will get Purdue-Louisville Telecast this Saturday at 3:30pm EST on Channel 199. Kent Atherton at Atherton Communications, the rightsholder, left me a voice mail this morning with that message. He is also talking to DirecTV about converting the High Def signal to another standard broadcast channel (most likely between 780 and 800 on the receiver). He will get back to me on that today or tomorrow. Fortunately, I have a good buddy in town with the High Def receiver so I'll be watching no matter what (thanks Jeremy Wacksman)! Others may want to spring for the High Def receiver (heard they go for $500 and up).

    Without further adieu, here is my Report Card for the Indiana game:

    Barclay's Report Card for Purdue - Indiana

    Offensive Line... (A+) - incredible jobs by backups Matt Turner at Center and Brian Wang at Guard. Ran the ball down IU's throat and kept our QB's clean all day Running Backs... (A+) - Joey Harris gets over 100 yds and 1,000 for the season while Brandon Jones continues to run with a unique blend of power and suprising speed/agility. He had 10 carries for 131 yds and 2 TD's. Wide Receivers/Tight Ends... (A) - Taylor Stubblefield had 10 catches for 103 yds. Standeford hauled in 4 grabs for 72 yds and a key 60 yd TD. Quarterbacks... (A-) Kirsch got us off to a good start with the 60 yd TD pass to Standeford but struggled a little and gave way to a very accurate and efficient Kyle Orton. Orton went 22-28 for 173 yds. Kyle directed us to 24 pts I believe. Defensive Line... (B+) Nice job of shutting down the run and getting some pressure on IU's QB's Linebackers... (A-) LJ led the way with 8 tackles while Odom looked inspired and had a couple nice hits. Niko was solid per usual Safeties... (A) Ralph Turner had 6 tackles and a pick while STU had 4 stops Cornerbacks... (A-) Twig Rogers had 5 tackles. Special Teams... (C+) Berin made 2 FG's and our kick coverage was decent until a very long return setup an easy IU TD Coaches... (A) Excellent job of getting the team fired up and executing well. Fans... (B+) Decent turnout of 60,000 but still 6500 short of a sellout against our major rival

    Finally today, I said I would apologize to Sigma Nu's if I was wrong and it appears that I have been guilty of being too judgemental about the football incident - so this will serve as my formal apology. I'm passing on an email note I got from one of my fraternity brothers, who I believe to be very credible. My source has asked for anonymity and I have to respect that. Again, this is not my story, but I think it is only fair that this side of the story is presented...

    Just wanted to drop you a note and fill you in on what I know.
    My younger brother is a Sigma Nu at Purdue. He is a great kid (president of his high school student government, great student, great athelete - lettered in 2 sports in high school). He looked very hard for a fraternity seeing how much of an influence it's been on my life and my dad's. He is in the Sigma Nu class that just got initiated. Sigma Nu is on academic probation from their National. They way it works for Sigma Nu is if they don't beat the all-fraternity average they can't have any party's. If they do, but don't beat the all-men's average they can have 2 party's. If they beat the all-men's average they are free and clear.
    This is imposed by National. This year they fell into
    the middle category. So they can only have 2 party's.

    The party that Kirsch was at was in fact my brother's
    I-bash. I actually went down there to be with him.
    Sigma Nu has had a previous bad history with football
    players at their party's (doesn't that sound familar)
    so the pledges working the door were instructed not to
    let any football players in. Well when they showed up
    a brother came down and said they were friends of his
    and to let them in. So of course the pledges did.
    Then, Sigma Nu does the thing were only brothers are
    allowed up stairs in the rooms. Everybody else stays
    down were the band and DJ are. Same thing, a few
    football players try to get upstairs, pledge says,
    "sorry" another brother comes down and says "they are
    with me" Within minutes of being upstairs there is a
    huge fight. (I think this is when Kirsch got hurt.)
    The Sigma Nu's (and Ironically enought Theta Chi's
    because they were in on the party as well) broke up
    and cleared out the fight immediately. They get
    everyone (football players mostly) outside. Fantastic
    job really.

    Now the football players won't leave.
    They are banging on the doors. Throwing stuff at the
    house and STILL fighting. A pledge (one of the sober
    drivers for the evening) was taking some people home
    and one of the football players (I'm guessing now it
    was Kelly Butler) walked up to the pledge and said
    "Are you a Sigman Nu pledge" The kid said yes and
    Kelly punched him and then kicked him. The kid said
    what are you doing. And Kelly said "Trying to bust yo
    knee caps." Around about the time the Sigma Nu
    president decides there is not much more he can do.
    Everything is outside now and he calls the cops. (I
    think, wisely, he didn't have many more options and
    really Sigma Nu was at no fault). I mean these guys are out of line andSigma Nu is the one's taking the fall.

    I'm telling you all this because I care about my brother very much and I respect his opinion and when he tells me the guys at Sigma Nu are great guys and that's the fraternity he wants to join - I believe him. Then I go down there and I get to meet a bunch of them and they are great guys. They were all very genuine and respectful.

    I also feel like they did their best to avoid any of this and yet it still happened. The part the absolute turns my stomach over in knots is what my brother said the next day (by the way my whole family is Boilermakers - dad, me, sister cari, cris is last and all greek) he loves Purdue sports, bleeds black and gold and he said "Chad, I'm going to find it very hard to screem my head off for these guys when I see how little respect they treat us with." And you know I have to agree with him.

    It just sucks (as it always has) that the media
    portrays them as the bad guys and takes the "how could
    the football team do anything wrong." At least Kirsch
    had the decency to admit it was his own fault. But
    that's not what makes the headlines or becomes the
    prevailing story.

    So there you have it, about as first hand and
    objective as it gets.

    P.S. As for the stealing stuff on campus. I'm not even
    going to try and defend that. That was stupid and
    ignorant etc.


    Burke: Boilers still have shot at Alamo Bowl
    By Tom Kubat, Journal and Courier
    "Purdue athletic director Morgan Burke took part in a conference call Sunday involving Big Ten Conference officials and athletic directors and bowl representatives, and he came away with the thinking that the Boilermakers still have a chance to be invited to either the Alamo Bowl or the Sun Bowl. "We had a very candid discussion between the bowl representatives, the conference and the ADs," Burke said Monday. "The Alamo Bowl, right now, we've made their decision very difficult because of the way we played Saturday (in beating Indiana 34-10). Those people have to weigh that against Wisconsin, which has never been to the Alamo Bowl and didn't go to a bowl game last year." for the full story click on the link above ____________________________ Bowl-ready fans will follow team Purdue is headed to either the Alamo, Sun or Music City Bowls after finishing 6-6. By Michael Pointer
    November 24, 2002
    "WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. -- Morgan Burke isn't in position to advise Purdue fans on their postseason travel plans just yet. But he's advising them to enjoy the moment. "I just know we're going to go out and have a good time," the school's athletic director said Saturday. "I feel a little better about going 6-6 this year than I did last year.''
    Purdue is headed to either the Alamo, Sun or Music City Bowls after beating Indiana 34-10 on Saturday, capping a season in which it overcame a series of close losses to earn its sixth consecutive postseason bid. An announcement may come in the next few days." for the full story click on the link above ____________________________ Teammates vote Standeford MVP By Tom Kubat, Journal and Courier
    "Junior wide receiver John Standeford not only put up big numbers during the just completed regular season, but he put them up when it counted the most. As a result, his teammates voted him the most valuable player of the 2002 Purdue football team. "It's a great honor and I'll always remember this," an obviously touched Standeford said after receiving the award Monday night at the 82nd annual Purdue-Kiwanis Football Banquet." for the full story click on the link above ______________________________ Michael Pointer: Purdue Q&A THE INDIANAPOLIS STAR November 26, 2002
    "Question: I want to say how much I enjoy reading your Q&A. Keep up the great work. Now that Purdue is/has developed a true running threat (which I think is a great addition to the spread offense), does the coaching staff have any plans to incorporate play-action into the game plan? It seems like play-action with the quarterback rolling and throwing to the tight end at the goal is almost unstoppable. (Brad from Indianapolis)
    Answer: Good question. I say that because Joe Tiller once mentioned that one of the reasons Purdue doesn't throw a lot of play-action is that it isn't easy in the spread offense. It's hard to leave a back in to block, and impossible when you have five wideouts. But if you have a running back more often in the backfield -- which just may happen with Purdue's running game so much more improved -- you have a few more options in your pass blocking. My guess is the answer to your question is yes, but I can't say for sure. This will be something to watch next season." for the full story click on the link above _____________________________ Boilers bowl-bound after Bucket battle By Tom Kubat, Journal and Courier
    "Purdue's football team did a little bargain shopping Saturday and ended up with a pretty sweet two-for-one deal. With their 34-10 victory over archrival Indiana, the Boilermakers reclaimed the prized Old Oaken Bucket and became bowl-eligible for the sixth consecutive season under Purdue coach Joe Tiller.
    "I think the whole team had a really good feeling about this game and keeping us going into December," wide receiver Taylor Stubblefield said. "I don't think we can be too choosy. We're definitely grateful for any opportunity we're given to play in a postseason bowl." for the full story click on the link above _____________________________ Boilermakers are amazing, not disappointing, to Tiller November 25, 2002 by Michael Pointer
    "Purdue coach Joe Tiller doesn't call this season a disappointment, even though the Boilermakers have just a 6-6 record. "These guys really are an amazing team," he said. "To be as resilient as they've been and to continue to play the way they have (is incredible)."
    Purdue led the Big Ten in total offense (456.6 yards per game) and tied conference-champ Ohio State for first in total defense (317.2 yards). But the Boilers were minus--11 in turnover margin, and last in the Big Ten in kickoff return average (16.7). They often were battling poor field position and finished third in the conference in scoring (29.2 points) and fifth in points allowed per game (22.0)." for the full story click on the link above ______________________________ Win salvages so-so season By Jeff Washburn, Journal and Courier

    "The Bucket has been returned, and a bowl is on the table. All just in time for Thanksgiving. If you're a Purdue football fan, it's reason to give thanks in a season loaded with riveting plots -- some satisfying, some gut-wrenching and some downright ugly. The Boilermakers' 34-10 victory against Indiana in Ross-Ade Stadium caps a solid 3-1 finish to a "what-might-have been" sixth year in the Joe Tiller era." for the full story click on the link above ___________________________ Boilermaker rushers combine speed, power Harris, Jones credit line for success By Brendan Murphy, Journal and Courier
    "Think Purdue football and the first thing that pops into the minds of most people is the "Cradle of Quarterbacks." However, during the past two seasons, the Boilermakers haven't lived up to that reputation. Saturday against rival Indiana, and for the third time in four games, the ground game outgained the pass." for the full story click on the link above ___________________________ Purdue reflects, regrets a little by C. Jemal Horton
    November 24, 2002
    "WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. -- They have every right to feel good about dominating a really bad Indiana team Saturday evening. They should feel good about bringing the Old Oaken Bucket back to Tippecanoe County, where it rightfully belongs in this series. They should feel good about qualifying for their sixth bowl appearance in their past six seasons. But there is no way in the world the Purdue Boilermakers should feel totally fulfilled. Not after this season." for the full story click on the link above ____________________________ . Orton's outing gives Tiller second thoughts Season of highs and lows on upswing for QB By Tom Kubat, Journal and Courier
    "If the Purdue football team has had an up and down season, Kyle Orton must feel like he's been riding an out-of-control roller coaster. After beginning the season as the starting quarterback, he was replaced by true freshman Brandon Kirsch at midseason. But then he came off the bench, after Kirsch had the wind knocked out of him, to throw a miracle 40-yard touchdown pass to John Standeford that beat Michigan State last week and kept Purdue's bowl hopes alive." for the full story click on the link above _____________________________ Purdue defense takes pride in stuffing the run By Jeff Washburn, Journal and Courier
    "Certainly, the Purdue defense did not meet expectations in fourth quarter collapses against Iowa, Illinois and Ohio State. But beginning with an October victory at Northwestern -- and through Saturday's 34-10 triumph against Indiana -- coordinator Brock Spack's players were at their best when they had to be. The Boilermaker defense limited the Hoosiers to 223 total yards, including only 29 on the ground." for the full story click on the link above ______________________________ Hoosiers credit Boilers for making game's pivotal plays By Kyle Wright, Journal and Courier
    "The same patterns that plagued Indiana throughout the 2002 football season showed up again Saturday during the Old Oaken Bucket game. An early deficit. A shaky start in the second half. Ineffective run defense. Those season-long Hoosier problems popped up during Purdue's 34-10 victory at Ross-Ade Stadium. "They executed. We were unable to execute at times. Those were the big things," said senior tight end Stephen Anthony, who scored IU's only TD. "I give them credit. They came out and played well. They had a good game plan, executed. Did some things that we should have done." for the full story click on the link above ___________________________ Skill, confidence from win to aid Purdue in bowl game By Andrew Hershberger Assistant Sports Editor§ion=sports&storyid=index

    "With the 34-10 win over Indiana Saturday, Purdue regained the Old Oaken Bucket and will go to its sixth consecutive bowl game.

    But there's more than that to be happy about.

    For instance, how about that Purdue defense that went through a tough stretch during the middle of the season, giving up last second touchdowns to Iowa, Illinois and Ohio State? Now the defensive unit is ranked among the best in the conference in total yards and is riding a wave of confidence into the postseason.

    "I think we've been playing great team defense," junior safety Stu Schweigert said. "I see a difference in that I'm not making as many tackles as I have in the past. People are gaining confidence each week and it has pretty much snowballed. We have that confidence that we can stop the run." for the full story click on the link above _____________________________ Fans help soothe Lowe's hurt feelings By Brendan Murphy, Journal and Courier
    "Montrell Lowe has spent his senior season on the sidelines, wondering why he has fallen to fourth-string running back for the Purdue football team.
    "As far as Purdue, and the fans, students and people who make up Purdue, they have been great," Lowe said. "I would never want my mixed emotions to damper how I feel about them. Those e-mails and letters they sent me help me get through every week." for the full story click on the link above _____________________________ purdue 73, miami (Ohio) 46 Purdue's urgency pleases Keady Strong rebounding, defensive effort seen in season-opening win over Miami (Ohio). By Michael Pointer November 23, 2002
    WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. -- Purdue basketball coach Gene Keady on Friday marked off nearly every item on this season's to-do list. Do a better job on the boards? Check.
    Play with more intensity from game's beginning to end? Check. Play the stellar defense the Boilermakers seldom shown last season? Check again. With all that, opening night proved to be about as good as Keady and his team could expect. Purdue beat Miami of Ohio 73-46, outrebounding the RedHawks 40-23 and holding them to 34 percent shooting (17-for-50) from the field." for the full story click on the link above _____________________________ Purdue's balanced attack subdues Miami, 73-46 By Jeff Washburn, Journal and Courier
    ""Having lost one of its primary offensive weapons to injury Friday morning, the Purdue men's basketball team assumed a defensive position. The result was an inspired 73-46 season-opening victory against Miami (Ohio), which rarely got an open look at the basket Friday night in Mackey Arena. Not to worry. At least for one night, when offense was at a premium and defense was the driving force in front of an announced crowd of 10,562." for the full story click on the link above _____________________________ Boilermakers' balance pleases Keady By Jeff Washburn, Journal and Courier
    "No one scored more than 12 points. No one grabbed more than six rebounds. And no one handed out more than two assists. But when the Purdue men's basketball team's regular season opener ended Friday night, the Boilermakers walked off Keady Court with a lopsided 73-46 victory against Miami (Ohio). Purdue took this strength-in-numbers thing to the limit against the Redhawks. "I think we have some depth, but until we play some Big Ten teams or Louisville or Xavier, we really won't know," coach Gene Keady said." for the full story click on the link above ______________________________ Boilers' enthusiastic play leads to win over Miami By Doug Elish Staff Writer§ion=sports&storyid=mballmiamigamer

    "If Friday night's game was any indication of what the return of Keady ball is going to mean for the men's basketball team then fans should start making plans to be at the NCAA tournament in March.

    The Boilermakers (1-0) used their revitalized defensive approach to overwhelm the Mid-American Conference's Miami of Ohio RedHawks (0-1) Friday night in Mackey Arena 73-46.

    "I was really happy with the urgency that we played with; the intensity on defense was more like our trademark used to be," said head coach, Gene Keady. "Everybody is working together, playing together and having fun together." for the full story click on the link above ___________________________ Purdue Mens Basketball

    2002 "Keady Ball" Ratings
    Presented by Old Gold Free Press

    The staff at Old Gold Free Press proudly presents the first analytical measurement of what Purdue head coach Gene Keady expects from his players. Termed "Keady Ball", the rating measures the success of the team in reaching certain key goals the coach has set for the players. The rating will be released following each game, giving fans a way to track the progress of the team from game to game. For an explanation of just what goes into the "Keady Ball" score, reference the key at the bottom of the page.

    Let's play Gene Keady basketball!




    MIAMIOH 92 16,16,16,15,9,16 FLO,LEA,STP,SUR


    Gene Keady has challenged his player to meet certain goals. These goals, if successfully executed, will win you games 99-percent of the time under Keady's system. The six main goals for the team are as follows...

    1. Opponent shooting percentage less than 39 percent
    2. Opponent held under 65 points
    3. Outrebound the opponent
    4. Shoot 52 percent from the field
    5. Shoot 26 free throws
    6. Commit 15 or fewer turnovers

    Each of the six main goals listed above will each be scored a maximum of 16 points. The remaining four points will come from successfully achieving the Keady points. The best Keady game would score 100 in our rating system, even though a perfect execution could achieve a score of 105 points in this rating system.

    1. Opponent shooting percentage less than 39 percent...One rating point is subtracted for every two percent over 39 percent.

    2. Opponent held under 65 points...Loss of one rating point for every two points over 65 an opponent scores.

    3. Outrebound the opponent...Loss of one rating point for every one rebound a opponent outrebounds Purdue by.

    4. Shoot 52 percent from the field...Loss of one rating point for every two percent under 52 percent.

    5. Shoot 26 free throws...Loss of one rating point for every free throw under 26.

    6. Commit 15 or fewer turnovers...Loss of one rating point for every turnover over 15.

    On top of Keady's six key factors of success, we have identified eight intangibles that can work as bonus points. In looking over the history of Gene Keady basketball, several traits of the Keady system have risen from the successful execution of Keady Ball. They are as follows...

    * Support point (SUP)...Purdue has had a strong history of selling out Mackey when his teams are playing Keady Ball, and his teams have been very successful on the road. If Mackey Arena is sold out at home, the team is awarded one point. If the game is on the road, one point is awarded for a road win.

    * Leadership point (LEA)...Keady has often mentioned a goal of a 3-to-1 assist-to-turnover ratio for his point guards. If a Keady point guard has a 3-to-1 assist-to-turnover ratio for the a game, the team is awarded one point.

    * Floorburn point (FLO)...Hustle, hustle, hustle. Keady teams work hard. Simply, if someone dives on the floor during the game after a ball, the team is awarded one point.

    * Stopper point (STP)...A Keady team is defined by its defense, and a key to successfully taking an opposing team out of its gameplan is to shut down the opposing team's best scorer. If the opposing team's best scorer is held under his season average, the team is awarded one point.

    * Survivor point (SUR)...Keady players play tough, but they also play smart. A large number of fouls are caused by a player trying to cover the defensive breakdown of another player. If no Purdue player fouls out of a game, the team is awarded one point.

    * Elimination point (ELI)...Keady Ball takes it hard to the opponent. If Purdue fouls out an opposing player, the team is awarded one point.

    * Gymrat point (GYM)...A team that shoots 80% from the line is in a good position to win games, and especially able to close out games without fear of losing it at the line. If the team shoots 80% or better from the free throw line in a game, the team is awarded one point.

    * Hardship point (HAR)...Simply, Purdue wins most games it leads at the half. If Purdue wins game after trailing at the half, the team is awarded one point.

    * Pressure point (PRE)...Some games require a little extra focus to be successful. Big game and hostile crowds are always an 'x' factor. If Purdue wins against arch-rival Indiana, wins against a team ranked in the top 10, wins a Big Ten Championship clinching game, wins a Big Ten tournament game or wins an NCAA tournament game, the team is awarded one point ________________________________ Kilgore may play against Louisville By Jeff Washburn, Journal and Courier
    Four days after breaking a bone in his right hand in practice, Purdue forward Darmetreis Kilgore has learned he may play in Saturday's John Wooden Tradition game against Louisville. Originally, medical personnel told the 6-foot-5 wing player that he likely would be sidelined three weeks, returning for the Dec. 14 game against Indiana in the RCA Dome. But Kilgore, who averaged 9.9 points last season, practiced Monday wearing a padded device on the damaged area. "I will be back on Saturday," Kilgore said. "It's no two- or three-week thing. The doctor has told me, 'You will be fine by Saturday.' This will make me work even harder." for the full story click on the link above ____________________________ Men's Basketball Holds First Teleconference
    Selected quotes from Coach Keady on Monday, Nov. 25

    Nov. 25, 2002


    Gene Keady, Head Coach

    On being a part of the John Wooden Tradition....
    "If you're a Purdue person, it's always been an honor to be a part of something with Jon Wooden's name attached to it. The biggest thing about those games is they're like NCAA Tournament games, since they are played on a neutral court. I don't see any reason why we wouldn't be a part of this for years to come. If I had my way, however, the event would be played at Mackey Arena because the Purdue campus is where John Wooden initially made his name in college basketball."

    On Louisville...
    "They are a very athletic team, and they run their usual full-court pressure. Reece Gaines is a very prominent scorer in the nation. Miles is perhaps the best rebounder in the nation right now. They just have good athletes and they play 11 people. They keep pressuring the ball and getting after you, and that's the way we like to play. We don't extend our defense necessarily as much as they do, but it should be good for us to have to break a press."


    +/- : A new stat
    Posted by: dave t on November 25, 2002 at 20:32:44 - IP
    Out of sheer boredom, I re-listened to the Purdue/Miami game and did a points +/-, similar to what is done in hockey. If points are scored while a player is on the floor he is given that amount. If they are scored against, then that amount is deducted. Here was the outcome (please remember that this is while listening to Clisby, who doesn't give substitutions too often, but I'm very confident I got it right.
    McKnight +22
    Buscher +22
    Lowe +22
    Teague +18
    Booker +18
    Deane +10
    Kiefer +10
    Buckley + 9
    Kartelo + 4
    Parkinson + 2
    Garrity - 2
    At halftime, Buscher was the leader with +14. Dividing by minutes played, the results are as follows:
    Teague .900
    Buckley .818
    Buscher .815
    McKnight .786
    Kiefer .769
    Lowe .733
    Booker .720
    Deane .435
    Kartelo .333
    Parkinson .222
    Garrity -1.000
    I think this would be a good stat to have on a regular basis. As a non-scoring basketball player, I always felt that good things happened on the floor even though I wasn't scoring. I would like to keep this stat on a regular basis, but am scared that Clisby's lack of reporting substitutions won't allow it. I will attempt it again next weekend, but if anyone knows of a game flow printout that lists substitutions please let me know. Let me know what you think. _______________________________ Purdue women home for the holidays By Mike Carmin, Journal and Courier
    Coaching and playing basketball around the Thanksgiving holiday is nothing new for Purdue's Kristy Curry. .
    This year, it's no different. In fact, No. 6 Purdue will play Savannah State on Thanksgiving night in the opening round of the WBCA/Basketball Travelers Classic at Mackey Arena. Holy Cross and Texas Christian meet in the opener. The tournament continues Friday night with the consolation and championship games.
    "I apologize to everybody to be playing on Thanksgiving," Curry said Monday during her weekly teleconference. "It's been 11 years since I've spent Thanksgiving with my family because that's the way basketball is at this level. " for the full story click on the link above __________________________ Boilermakers wash away Pacific Jones' shooting triggers another fast start during 91-57 triumph By Mike Carmin, Journal and Courier
    "Beth Jones walked into the postgame news conference following Purdue's 91-57 victory over Pacific with a huge ice pack wrapped on her shooting hand. Jones, a junior shooting guard for the Boilermakers, compared the large wrap to a club. With the help of Jones, a clubbing is exactly what the Tigers received from No. 7 Purdue on Sunday afternoon in front of 7,906 fans at Mackey Arena.
    Jones spearheaded the Boilermakers' second straight victory, totaling a game-high 18 points and five rebounds to lead four players in double figures. The ice on Jones' right hand was applied to her thumb, which will undergo an MRI this morning.
    Jones had problems with her thumb toward the end of last year and aggravated the injury earlier this season." for the full story click on the link above ____________________________

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