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Old Gold Free Press Update For 11-22-2002

1 Day to Bucket Game at Ross-Ade, Men's hoops season opener vs Miami, OH tonight at 9pm ET!!!

Date: 11/22/2002
Author: TexasBoiler

    Good morning Boilermaniacs and a heartfelt POTFH to each and everyone of you! Well I never did get around to a bonus edition on Thursday but I do have a wealth of commentary for you today. I would like to first point your attention towards the factual statement below from wcboilermaker on the forums...

    "In both football and men's basketball Purdue started out with a win and has built on that margin ever since. Purdue has NEVER had a losing record to Indiana in either Men's basketball or football. Today we have such a huge lead in the won-loss record that is vertually impossible for IU to ever catch us in either sport. They would have to win every game played against us for the next 15 years in basketball and every game for the next 28 years in football just to get even. I think the only sport with a long term history in which they have ever built up a substantial lead on Purdue is in Women's swimming. "


    I believe that this should be point #1 made to every Loosier fan in your debates going forward. They can revert back to their "Banners" argument all they want when it comes to basketball, but the bottom line is that we simply OWN them when it comes to football and basketball in head to head competition. If a Loosier can't understand that this is a very important factoid, then simply write them off as the undereducated, ignorant sports "fan" that he or she claims to be.

    Many of you may be aware that starting OT, Kelly Butler has been charged with attempted battery or something like that because some Sigma Nu pledge is most likely crying wolf in my opinion. I could be wrong and if I am later I will apologize, but my take is that it's long past time that Sigma Nu's take a hiatus from campus for some period of time. In addition to the Kirsch and Butler incidents which appear to be somewhat related...the fine pledges from Sigma Nu have been caught stealing and destroying property all over God's Country. It just seems to me that this fraternity has been involved with too many public transgressions lately and I've seen other frats get booted for less. If I were The University President or their National Fraternity President, I'd be over at Sigma Nu's "cleaning house" by now. My apologies to any Sigma Nu's out there but believe me as a Theta Chi alum who is paying more than his fair share to the new house at 800 David Ross Rd, I would not hesitate to support the voluntarily shut down of operations at our undergraduate chapter after these 2 incidents. In fact, if you're reading this fellow Theta Chi alums on the Alumni Board, I hope you have sat down with our undergraduate leaders, these incidents at Sigma Nu have been discussed, and that significant "risk management" plans are in place to prevent such shenanigans from ever occurring at our house.

    I'll get off the soapbox on that topic. I do support Tiller's decision to let Kelly Butler play this weekend and hold off on punishment until the law takes more definitive action. Looking ahead to tomorrow's contest, I see it this way...Boilers 45, Loosiers 17. I see a very emotional defense forcing lots of turnovers tomorrow and I see our offense with the triple running threat of Kirsch, Jones, and Harris, racking up over 300 yds on the ground and then when IU starts stacking 8-9 in the box...Standeford, Chambers, Stubbs, and Ray Williams will be very open to move the chains or catch some TD passes. The only way our offense gets stopped is if we turn the ball over, just ask Michigan St.

    Not only does IU lack their two major weapons on offense from last year in Randle-El and Levron Williams but they are a team that is very, very low on experienced, scholarship players. New coach Gerry Dinardo has implemented a West Coast passing offense but has been playing the QB carousel with 2 strong armed but immobile QB's. Tommy Jones is expected to start and personally I think he is not as good as Gibran Hamdan. In any event, IU does have a nice RB and a great WR in Courtney Roby. Their o-line is actually a strength. They are capable of putting up 21 pts plus on many teams but they will not be prepared for the anger and focus of our defense tomorrow. I expect Niko, STU, Turner, and even Joe Odom to be really jacked up to force some turnovers tomorrow, fueled by the support of a very emotional and hostile Purdue crowd (knuckleheads!). I think Phillips, Nesfield, and Landon Johnson will have big games also. I believe we will win the turnover battle 4 to 2 tomorrow. One of those turnovers will be the one where STU finally picks off a pass and takes it to the house.

    Watch for the Boilers to get an early lead and then show absolutely no mercy. Every player and coach has vivid memories of how IU stole the bucket last year in pathetic game day conditions and even worse, the image of their players storming our bench and pillaging The Bucket when tradition is that the losers hand it over to the winners, well that should be an emotional boost to our kids. IU's one year gift, i.e., lease on OUR BUCKET is over tomorrow and once again, we will make it very clear to Loosiers that Gloomington is not The Football Capital of Indiana! Hopefully, OSU will take care of business against Meechigan and Wisco will beat Minny at home. From what I hear, this scenario puts us back in San Antonio for the best pre-game bowl party on the planet - The Riverwalk. Those of you have been there know what I'm talking about but first let's just POTFH tomorrow!

    If any of you would like to meet some of the message board knuckleheads, here is the link with all the info:

    I've covered The Bucket Game but there is also an important season opening basketball game at Mackey Arena tonight. Miami of Ohio comes in as a very solid MAC team with very quick guards and they will not be a cupcake opener by any means. I hear that the game was moved back to 9pm EST time and I'm hoping that some of you Bucket Game travelers will consider adding this contest to your weekend plans if not already included. I have no idea how many tickets are left but the official AD website says a limited number are available. Though the game is not televised, will have the audio and a gametracker to follow with some stats. I hope to hear The Gene Pool and the rest of the Boilermaniacs really getting behind Keadyball tonight. Speaking of Keadyball, my partners at Old Gold Free Press have come up with a post game ranking system and all the details are featured at the end of today's report.

    Go Boilers and POTFH (PG version is Pounce On The Freakin Hoosiers for those knew to the term)!!!


    Indiana at Purdue - Game Time: 3:30pm EST / TV: ESPN

    "The rivalry week theme continues when the crimson and cream head to West Lafayette to take on the gold and black in the 105th battle for the Old Oaken Bucket. Purdue has owned this series of late (4-1 over the past five years with an average margin of victory of 32 points). However, one year ago, Indiana stole back the bucket it had routinely owned in late 80s to mid 90s and isn't in a hurry to relinquish it now. The Hoosiers are short on talent and personnel, but Coach DiNardo is slowly instilling some football sense into this basketball school. IU has been competitive in several games -- though not so much of late -- and you can bet they'll be fired up to take on the Boilermakers. Purdue, meanwhile, pulled off a late miracle last week and keep its bowl hopes flickering. A strong finish here means Purdue could move into a better bowl berth.

    The key in this game will be the Purdue ground, yes GROUND, attack versus the Indiana rush defense. The Hoosiers have been softer than a wet piece of bread the last few weeks and if Larry Johnson put up 327 himself, what will a Purdue team that ran collectively for 300-plus yards in East Lansing do to them? The Hoosiers have pride and bragging rights on the line, Purdue all that plus payback and a bowl bid. Keep this in mind too - Purdue has lost six games by a combined 26 points. That's less than five points a contest folks. On the other hand, Indiana's average margin in a loss is 23 points per game, including three of the last four by at least 30. Hoosier pride keeps it close for a half, then Purdue locks up its sixth bowl in as many years. PURDUE 42 - INDIANA 17.

    edvedder says... Purdue is at home for this final regular season game of the year playing with bowl hopes on the line against a poor Indiana team. Tiller is too good of a coach to allow his team to lose this one. Is there a better six-loss team in the country than Purdue? Six losses by a combined 26 points is tough to swallow. Factor in that they basically gave away wins over the Big Ten's top two teams and you really have to feel for them. Purdue 37-13."

    for ALL the Big 10 Previews click on the link above



    "The opponent: The Boilers (5-6, 3-4 in Big Ten) play host to Indiana (3-8, 1-6) in the Old Oaken Bucket game Saturday at 3:30 p.m. (ESPN, WNDE-1260 AM). If Purdue wins, it will clinch a sixth consecutive bowl appearance and post back-to-back victories for the first time since opening 2001 with four consecutive wins.

    Injury update: Purdue likely will be without starting tight end Mike Rhinehart, who missed last Saturday's game at Michigan State after suffering his second concussion of the season. Rhinehart is expected to return for a possible bowl game.

    Don't look for black: It will disappoint some Purdue fans, but Tiller said there are no plans to wear black jerseys on Saturday. He added, however, that Purdue and uniform-supplier Nike plan to tweak the new gold jerseys next season. The white numerals likely will be replaced by black ones to make them easier to read."

    -- Michael Pointer

    for the full story click on the link above



    It's all about the Bucket

    Boilermakers haven't forgotten IU's 'grab' after last year's win

    By Michael Pointer

    November 20, 2002

    "WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. -- Fans might think the most powerful motivational force for the Purdue football team this weekend is earning a sixth consecutive trip to a bowl game.

    They would be wrong.

    "The only thing we talk about is we want the Bucket back," linebacker Joe Odom said. "They ran across the field and took it last year."

    for the full story click on the link above


    Tiller sympathizes with IU player shortage
    By Jason Tomcsi
    Sports Editor§ion=sports&storyid=index

    "Indiana head coach Gerry DiNardo has had trouble filling his roster this season.

    Purdue head coach Joe Tiller said he understands what DiNardo has had to deal with.

    DiNardo lost two some of his most experienced defensive players before Big Ten play even started, including his key running back.

    Tiller said he remembers a time when he coached at Wyoming and only traveled with 17 defensive players."

    for the full story click on the link above


    Weekly Football Teleconference

    Selected coach and player quotes from Tuesday, Nov. 19

    Nov. 20, 2002

    Joe Tiller

    On the Boilermaker senior class...
    "I really like this senior group because I believe them all to be quality people. I couldn't name one senior, maybe for the first time since this staff has been here, that will not finish his degree. We have 13 seniors, and I believe five will graduate in December and the rest are on track to graduate in May. They are serious enough students that I believe they will do that. Last year we had 17 seniors, and 16 were in position to get their degree. However, we had a couple that disappeared after the 1st of the year and didn't finish. I don't see this year's group being that way. They are all quality guys and will be successful in life beyond football. They are a quiet group; they are like foot soldiers. They may not be the guy flying the F-14, but they would be they guys carrying the M-16's, leading the way on the ground."

    Joe Odom

    On verbalizing the need to win the Indiana game...
    "I don't think anything needs to be said. The only thing that has been talked about is our wanting the Bucket back. Nobody on this team wants to part of a team that snaps the bowl streak. That's definitely on our minds, and hopefully everyone in our locker room realizes that."

    Brandon Jones, RB, Redshirt Freshman

    On the excitement surrounding the Purdue-Indiana game...
    "Growing up, I've always watched the Purdue-Indiana game. I know the significance of this game, so I'm very excited. I'm ready to get it on with those guys. I really couldn't sleep on Monday night because I'm so ready for the week."

    for the full story click on the link above


    Texas or Tennessee?

    Bowl officials disagree over Boilers' destination if they beat IU

    By Tom Kubat, Journal and Courier

    "San Antonio, Texas. El Paso, Texas. Nashville, Tenn. Those are the most likely destinations for the Purdue football team if it defeats Indiana on Saturday to win back the Old Oaken Bucket and become bowl eligible.

    It looks very likely that the Boilermakers would either make their third trip in six years to San Antonio to play in the Alamo Bowl, make a second consecutive trip to El Paso to play in the Sun Bowl or venture down I-65 South to play in the inaugural Music City Bowl in Nashville. "

    for the full story click on the link above


    Purdue may be headed to Texas

    Alamo Bowl Music City Bowl Sun Bowl Fans remember Alamo fondly, but Sun Bowl is a possibility if team beats Indiana.

    By Michael Pointer

    November 21, 2002

    "The Purdue football team's frustrating season still may provide a big payoff for players and fans.

    With a victory Saturday over Indiana, the Boilers might be headed back to the Alamo Bowl, where Purdue played in 1997 and '98.

    Purdue fans and administration still rave about the trips. Alamo Bowl executive director Derrick Fox said bowl officials remember them warmly, too.

    "They traveled well on both occasions," Fox said. "The whole administration did a great job of rallying the fans to support the bowl."

    for the full story click on the link above


    Boilers won't miss Randle El

    By Tom Kubat, Journal and Courier

    "Even with so much riding on Saturday's game against rival Indiana -- the prized Old Oaken Bucket and a bowl bid for Purdue -- it was easy to get the Boilermakers to smile this week.

    All you had to do was ask them how relieved they are to prepare for an Indiana team that won't have Antwaan Randle El at quarterback.

    The question was greeted with a chuckle by Purdue junior free safety Stuart Schweigert."

    for the full story click on the link above


    Purdue duo near milestones

    By Tom Kubat, Journal and Courier

    "A couple of Boilermakers could reach some milestones when Purdue plays Indiana in the Old Oaken Bucket battle Saturday.

    Junior wide receiver John Standeford could set a couple of single season records and continue to move up the school's receiving charts.

    Standeford, who has caught 61 passes for 1,130 yards and 11 touchdowns, needs 107 yards against the Hoosiers to break Chris Daniels' record of 1,236 yards set in 1999. With three TD catches, he would break Vinny Sutherland's mark of 13 touchdown receptions set in 2000."

    for the full story click on the link above


    Rushing game proves important to offense
    By Andrew Hershberger
    Assistant Sports Editor§ion=sports&storyid=index

    "Who'd have thought a one-back, spread offense could generate 194.7 yards a game and more than 300 yards in a game twice this season?

    With 307 yards rushing and a win Saturday, Purdue is 4-1 in games in which it rushes for more than 150 yards. Last season, Purdue was last in the Big Ten in rushing with 98 yards per game. Purdue had only five games in which it ran for more than 100 yards.

    Indeed, the Boilermaker offense has been known more for its air superiority than grinding yards out on the ground.

    "When you think about Purdue University, you don't think about 307 yards rushing," said freshman quarterback Brandon Kirsch, who led all rushers with 125 yards Saturday. "But we have the backs and the line to be able to do it, so why not? What would you rather do, throw the ball downfield a bunch of times or hand the ball of and watch them go?"

    for the full story click on the link above


    Michael Pointer: Purdue Q&A


    November 21, 2002

    Question: First of all, thank you for all the excellent information on the Boilers. Second, you responded to a quote by Beano Cook where he said the Boilers could be scary good next year. One topic I think should have been brought up was Purdue's schedule. It is very, very tough next year. Except for Northwestern, IU and possibly Arizona, I don't see a game where Purdue will go in expecting to win. They could have the most talent of all of Joe Tiller's teams and yet still finish just over .500. What do you think? (Scott from Manahawkin, N.J.)

    Answer: I agree with part of what you said. Purdue will have to play Michigan and Ohio State on the road next year, and that's no bargain. Plus, it won't play Minnesota, which it has dominated in recent years. But it does get Notre Dame and Penn State at home. And I don't necessarily agree that Northwestern and Arizona are the only games Purdue should be clearly better than the other team.

    The same should hold true with Indiana, Wake Forest and Bowling Green. (Yes, I know Bowling Green has had a good year, but a good Big Ten team should beat a good MAC team at home every time.) But some team likely will emerge that's much better than expected, like Iowa did this year.

    No question it's a challenging schedule. But it's not one that should preclude Purdue from having a good, and perhaps great, season."

    for the full story click on the link above


    Striving to get it right

    Pre-, postgame study is part of the process

    By Mark Alesia

    November 21, 2002

    "BLOOMINGTON, Ind. -- It wasn't a big deal, really. Just an overtime game, with national championship implications, on television, with the college football world focused on Big Ten officials.

    And if the conference wasn't concerned about the public image of those officials, a reporter probably wouldn't have been standing next to David Parry, the Big Ten supervisor of officials, as he watched the end of the Ohio State-Illinois game on television last Saturday.

    Here was potential for another round of criticism, the kind the league wanted to counter by allowing The Star to follow the Penn State-Indiana officiating crew behind the scenes last weekend."

    for the full story click on the link above


    Deep roster gives Keady options, hope

    Purdue expects to bounce back from 13-18 year

    By Jeff Washburn, Journal and Courier

    "Throughout a January, February and March it would like to forget, the Purdue men's basketball team wallowed in mediocrity.

    Sometimes, it was worse than that.

    If Willie Deane's shots weren't falling, the Boilermakers usually went down for the count at the first sign of an opponent's surge.

    "The biggest enemy always is self-doubt," Gene Keady said after a recent practice. "We've gotten after them hard these past 10 days. They've reacted in a positive way."

    for the full story click ont he link above


    Time for Boilers to prove they've learned coach's lessons

    By Jeff Washburn, Journal and Courier

    "What are we to make of Gene Keady's 23rd Purdue men's basketball team?

    It's a question I'm asked several times a day as the Boilermakers prepare for Friday's opener against Miami (Ohio) in Mackey Arena.

    And it's a good question, albeit one that may not be answered until mid-January, when the Big Ten Conference schedule heats up.

    No one has to be reminded that the natives are restless. Two seasons in which Purdue compiled a 30-33 record -- often playing without passion -- will do that to any fan base."

    for the full story click on the link above


    Keady-themed basketball may give fans hope
    Andrew Hershberger§ion=sports&storyid=keadyballcolumn
    "I was watching TV a few weeks ago and I saw a commercial for the impending men's basketball season, featuring head coach Gene Keady.
    It was just Keady in a chair talking about his philosophy on basketball. If a team attains a number of goals during a given game, he said, that team can win nearly all its games. The Purdue ad wizards have dubbed his philosophy Keady Ball and are using it to sell tickets this season.

    The six goals for winning in Keady Ball are as follows: make opponents shoot less than 39 percent, hold opponents to fewer than 65 points, out-rebound the opponent, shoot 52 percent or better from the field, shoot 26 free throws and commit 15 or fewer turnovers.

    Last season, the Boilermakers almost never out-rebounded their opponents. They invariably failed to shoot anywhere near 52 percent shooting, primarily because most possessions ended up in jacked-up 3-pointers. Turnovers were almost always an issue, although Purdue did accomplish Keady's goal in 18 of 31 games.

    Now that Purdue has played two exhibition games this season, we sports analyst types can begin to see where the Boilers are still lacking in regards to Keady Ball. On, there is a tally of the various statistical components of Keady Ball and an ingenious points system that keeps track of victories in each category. A perfect execution of Keady Ball will result in a score of 100 and, most likely, a win."

    for the full story click on the link above


    Posted by: Richards on November 19, 2002 at 23:41:07 - IP

    In Reply to: Re: in the news again... posted by gkboiler on November 19, 2002 at 17:40:03:

    I think the Nike Select game illustrates the usefulness of the Keady Ball rating. While the game was a very good game for Purdue, the total rating suggests it was just an above average game. And once you look at the numbers, you can see where Keady's plan braoke throw attempts and field goal percentage. We are taking a ton of shots and hitting a lower percentage than desired, and we did not get to the line hardly at all. Not getting to the line suggests the players may be playing more of a finesse game than a physical game. Not taking it to the player and forcing the contact.

    Purdue Mens Basketball

    2002 "Keady Ball" Ratings
    Presented by Old Gold Free Press

    The staff at Old Gold Free Press proudly presents the first analytical measurement of what Purdue head coach Gene Keady expects from his players. Termed "Keady Ball", the rating measures the success of the team in reaching certain key goals the coach has set for the players. The rating will be released following each game, giving fans a way to track the progress of the team from game to game. For an explanation of just what goes into the "Keady Ball" score, reference the key at the bottom of the page.

    Let's play Gene Keady basketball!


    GLOBETROT 56 9 7 16 8 9 6 SUR

    NIKE 81 14 16 16 10 6 16 SUR,ELI,LEA













    Gene Keady has challenged his player to meet certain goals. These goals, if successfully executed, will win you games 99-percent of the time under Keady's system. The six main goals for the team are as follows...

    1. Opponent shooting percentage less than 39 percent
    2. Opponent held under 65 points
    3. Outrebound the opponent
    4. Shoot 52 percent from the field
    5. Shoot 26 free throws
    6. Commit 15 or fewer turnovers

    Each of the six main goals listed above will each be scored a maximum of 16 points. The remaining four points will come from successfully achieving the Keady points. The best Keady game would score 100 in our rating system, even though a perfect execution could achieve a score of 104 points in this rating system.

    1. Opponent shooting percentage less than 39 percent...One rating point is subtracted for every two percent over 39 percent.

    2. Opponent held under 65 points...Loss of one rating point for every two points over 65 an opponent scores.

    3. Outrebound the opponent...Loss of one rating point for every one rebound a opponent outrebounds Purdue by.

    4. Shoot 52 percent from the field...Loss of one rating point for every two percent under 52 percent.

    5. Shoot 26 free throws...Loss of one rating point for every free throw under 26.

    6. Commit 15 or fewer turnovers...Loss of one rating point for every turnover over 15.

    On top of Keady's six key factors of success, we have identified eight intangibles that can work as bonus points. In looking over the history of Gene Keady basketball, several traits of the Keady system have risen from the successful execution of Keady Ball. They are as follows...

    * Support point (SUP)...Purdue has had a strong history of selling out Mackey when his teams are playing Keady Ball, and his teams have been very successful on the road. If Mackey Arena is sold out at home, the team is awarded one point. If the game is on the road, one point is awarded for a road win.

    * Leadership point (LEA)...Keady has often mentioned a goal of a 3-to-1 assist-to-turnover ratio for his point guards. If a Keady point guard has a 3-to-1 assist-to-turnover ratio for the a game, the team is awarded one point.

    * Floorburn point (FLO)...Hustle, hustle, hustle. Keady teams work hard. Simply, if someone dives on the floor during the game after a ball, the team is awarded one point.

    * Stopper point (STP)...A Keady team is defined by its defense, and a key to successfully taking an opposing team out of its gameplan is to shut down the opposing team's best scorer. If the opposing team's best scorer is held under his season average, the team is awarded one point.

    * Survivor point (SUR)...Keady players play tough, but they also play smart. A large number of fouls are caused by a player trying to cover the defensive breakdown of another player. If no Purdue player fouls out of a game, the team is awarded one point.

    * Elimination point (ELI)...Keady Ball takes it hard to the opponent. If Purdue fouls out an opposing player, the team is awarded one point.

    * Gymrat point (GYM)...A team that shoots 80% from the line is in a good position to win games, and especially able to close out games without fear of losing it at the line. If the team shoots 80% or better from the free throw line in a game, the team is awarded one point.

    * Hardship point (HAR)...Simply, Purdue wins most games it leads at the half. If Purdue wins game after trailing at the half, the team is awarded one point.

    * Pressure point (PRE)...Some games require a little extra focus to be successful. Big game and hostile crowds are always an 'x' factor. If Purdue wins against arch-rival Indiana, wins against a team ranked in the top 10, wins a Big Ten Championship clinching game, wins a Big Ten tournament game or wins an NCAA tournament game, the team is awarded one point.

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