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Old Gold Free Press Update For 11-12-2002

4 days to MSU game in East Lansing, 3 days to Men's Exh Game vs Team Nike at Mackey!!

Date: 11/12/2002
Author: TexasBoiler

    Good afternoon Boiler Fans. I have a ton of commentary for you today, mostly fueled by the emotion of another loss and my issues with coaching decisions and fan support at Ross-Ade. Actually, I thought that the fans that showed up (approx 45 k IMO) were awesome but it's the whole issue of 22k plus Bucknut fans making a difference at our house that upsets me. You can read more about that later on down the page. Also today, a short report card, some comments from other football forum posters, the post game coverage, a look ahead to the MSU game, bowl game implications, the latest recruiting news including 2 new verbals in 3-star SS Bernard Pollard from IN and 2-star LB Josh Ferguson from Florida, a parody to Eminem's "Slim Shady" called "The Real Jim Chaney" (warning: some may take offense to the satire, it's too cruel in some areas), and a basketball preview from Andy Gamm at The Final Score. Get yourself a snack and some coffee cause you might be reading for awhile :-)

    Pardon me while I take issue with some coaching decisions:
    Kirsch has not been turning the ball over much this season and had not done it all game. How bout trying some rollouts with high percentage short throws as options or the ability to scramble and get 5 yards. OSU was selling out on the handoff, it was so dang obvious that it made me sick to watch! Heck, the way we have fumbled this year (going back aways) who is to say the we were not risking a fumble, though I'll grant you that Jones has been stellar in that dept. In any event, I agree that the coaches do a phenomenal job of motivating the guys and getting them to play competitively every week. I think they do a poor job of calling the right plays in clutch situations (offense and defense). I have yet to see (and maybe I've missed it) any of the coaches say (a la Bob Stoops) that "we coaches could've done a better job there".

    Sure the players have to make plays but it is the coaches job to give them the best playcall to win games and frankly I see issues that have been denied in that area by our coaching staff.

    It really bothers me because I LOVE what these guys have done at Purdue. I LOVE the recruits they have landed so far. I am so much happier today than I was back in 1994, completely disllusioned with Colletto and Purdue football. I give Tiller and crew all the credit in the world for their accomplishments but I can't sit back and try to rationalize their decisions when the bottom line results are 4-6. 3 times this year (Iowa, ILL, and OSU) we have had the lead and a chance to run out the clock with a couple first downs - 3 times we have gone 3 and out because of predictable ram the ball up the gut playcalling. 3 times our D has had the chance to get the save and 3 times they have choked in the clutch. Now we can place partial blame on some inexperienced players but the best coaches have these guys better positioned to execute. Our coaches are outstanding, but frankly they are failing to execute in certain areas and I'm not sure I've heard much accountability.

    All that said, I fully expect us to come out and get past MSU and then destroy IU on 11-23. Anything less than that is really disappointing to me. It's time to step up like we did at NW and shut up all us knuckleheads. I'd much rather say positive things but the situation today is what is...we are 4-6 right now and that must change this weekend to 5-6.

    How can you not love "Mr. Mean", Niko Koutovides:

    I throughly enjoy watching Niko lace em up and get after folks. He is the quintessential Middle LB! I think he and a fully healthy STU next year will be great leaders for our D next season. I think those 2 will be First Team All Big 10 next year and there could be 1-2 others.

    Do Big Ten Refs really understand holding?

    The missed holding call on Krenzel's scramble with under a minute left at the end of the first half was one of the most obvious BLOWN calls I have seen in a long time. Kudos to MANY Purdue fans for going ballistic as the hold clearly prevented Phillips from sacking or stopping Krenzel for a very short gain at best. Kudos to the crowd for chanting "holding, holding, holding" and making all sorts of holding call motions towards the blind zebras.

    Even Jack Arute stopped by at the beginning of the first half to say the refs blew that call. Kudos to the crowd again for absolutely laying into the zebras when they came back out for the second half. Kudos to Joe Tiller (and I will load this clip onto The Internet later today) for letting the ref have it as he was walking off at the end of the half. Had the hold been called from the spot of the foul - I believe OSU would've been backed up to the 45 yard line facing 2nd and 25 or something like that.

    Now, granted that FG did not matter in the end but I am so sick and tired of the Big 10 refs missing unbelievably obvious holding calls such as that one. It's as if they think OSU's talent is so superior that there is no possibility that they could be holding. Frankly, I need to see the Big 10 ref chairman make a statement about how badly his crew missed that call. We have been cornholed by officials on too many occasions this season (see missed holding call at Iowa, see Standeford's Hail Mary catch at ILL, see many calls at the WF game).

    My thoughts on fan support:

    I did want to say congrats to the best traveling Big 10 fans I've ever seen from OSU. They really got into the game on the road and helped their struggling team. I'd also like to congratulate the diehard Purdue fans who attended this weekend. The East side of the stadium looked fairly gold on TV and we were very loud and impactful and helped our D get some great results. Like Norm, I'd like to see us get to the day where we have about 10,000 more Boiler fans like that at an OSU game in the future. I spoke to our Director of Promotions/Advertising at length before the game and let me assure you, he is trying very hard and hopefully we will see some changes that draws in more Boiler fans next year.

    I do want to call on some of the top financial supporters of this program, the most loyal season ticket holders, and those who have the ear of our Administration. If we all want to increase fan support at the games, we need you/us folks to shake some things up on the inside (with your votes so to speak) and have the insiders really reach out to our stagnant fan base. Frankly, many of our fans are really disillusioned right now and they feel very mistreated and not listened to.

    I'm challenging our Adminstration from Jischke and Burke down to open up their ears and hear the majority opinion of their shareholders. Do what the Atlanta Falcons did this year and do some extensive market research from your season ticket holders and potential season ticket holders. Spend some money to see what will bring more fans to the game next year. We know that winning is the best cure, but The Falcons did not win much last year yet still managed to sell out their home opener this year against a weak opponent. It came down to LISTENING to their audience, making radical changes in ticket pricing where appropriate, increased exposure to the team's efforts, and a feeling from the fans that Falcons Management really went above and beyond to bring them to the game and make them feel appreciated. I've heard too many Boiler Fans feel way too underappreciated lately and that must change.

    MDC's solution for drawing more fans next year (similar to one I've expressed before):

    Posted by: MDC on November 11, 2002 at 13:31:49 - IP

    The issue with attendance is pricing. In my view, Purdue needs to develop a pricing plan that ties the seat location to the price. To me, there is no reason why seats between the 40's shouldn't be priced at a premium, the seats between the 20 and the 40 at a somewhat lower price and the seats from the 20 to the goal-line at another price. Finally, end zone seats should be the lowest priced at all. I would also sell tickets to students at a huge discount - the idea needs to be to get fannies in the seats. I know they are trying to maximize revenue and are reluctant to make a major change in pricing strategy, but it just seems to me that if Purdue was selling out the stadium for every game, the resulting enthusiasm and excitement would clearly help the team when it comes to winning close games. Perhaps OSU's quarterback would have made the same throw and read at the end of the game if 65,000 fans are on their feet yelling and screaming before the snap, but it sure couldn't have hurt to have a much more hostile environment than existed. I also think that if you get kids going to the games while they are students, they are a lot more likely to be buying tickets and joining the JPC after they graduate.


    destewart's turn to wax poetically:

    Posted by: destewart on November 11, 2002 at 09:32:31 - IP

    In Reply to: Good post, Norm. posted by Tommaker on November 11, 2002 at 08:32:25:

    > I'll give you the benefit of the doubt and concede that such a busy man probably doesn't pay visits to the forums for Michigan, Notre Dame, Ohio State, Tennessee, et al. If you did I think you would quickly conclude that if lively and candid dissent, debate and discussion are detrimental to recruiting then perhaps we should raise our decibel level a little higher. Our forums are tame compared to the O-zone, Wolverine and Notre Dame Nation!

    What we need is neither a bunch of absolutely and totally negative posters, nor a bevy of Pollyanish "Everything is Beautiful" types. This and all forums today are merely a microcosim of the world we live in. When something happpens in national or world events there are immediate spin doctors on both sides of the issue. Some of them are full of babbel and some of them make alot of sense.

    I support all Purdue athletics 100% and not just football. I put my money where my mouth is and I NEVER boo or saything critical about our student-athletes who are just kids. I do state my opinions, mostly positive, but sometimes critical about the decisions and actions of the professionals who run the athletic department and coach the teams. I believe that when you accept the responsibility to be in the public eye and enjoy the benefits of receiving substantial compensation you also accept the fact that you will be questioned.

    Sorry, but people making a quarter of a million dollars or more who depend on the public to buy $20-$50 tickets and spend $10 to park and $3 for a bottle of water are not more immune to criticism than the conductor of a $40 a ticket symphony orchestra that plays uninspired and off-key Mozart!

    One good example from this weekend. Everyone who was in Ross-Ade knew that Ohio State fans had come in large numbers. In the last 20 years almost every sellout Purdue has had came as a result of huge visiting fan contingents from Ohio State, Michigan, Penn State and Notre Dame. It certainly wasn't a revelation! I thought it was in extremely bad taste for Joe Tiller to come out and praise Ohio State fans for supporting their team while some 50,000 of his own fans busted their fannies and yelled their lungs out for 60 minutes trying to help pull the team through for an upset!! Not one word of praise for his own fans, but kudos for the visitors. Sorry Norm, but that was just plain dumb on Joe's part and I'd also call it pretty naive since everyone -- especially an Ohio born and bred guy -- knows what great support Ohio State has always enjoyed. I wouls also point out to you Norm that one of the reasons Ohio State enjoys that support is that they will not tolerate mediocrity!

    Ask yourself what Wes Fesler, Early Bruce and John Cooper all have in common?? They are all winning Ohio State football coaches who were asked to leave because they didn't win enough!! And if you'd have visited the Buckeye forums after a 6-6 season in 1999 you'd have known that an 8-4 record min 2000 wasn't going to save Cooper's job! I think Joe forgot that with that great support comes demands that he has never faced at Purdue and probably never will.

    Now most long-time Purdue fans (and I think 55 years qualifies me to fit in that category) know that we are not Ohio State or Michigan or Notre Dame. I think most of us also accept that we really don't want to be Ohio State or Michigan or Notre Dame! At the same time I think that anyone who wants to ascribe what's ahppened to our football team this year to luck or bad karma is simply being an unrealistic cheerleader.

    Lloyd Carr, Jim Tressel and Ty Willingham knew they were accepting high pressure jobs with strict requirements for success. They will never make the mistake of getting into a shouting match (which they can't win) with internet posters.

    If you want to look back over the last 5-6 months I'd say that I'd feel much better about what's happened to this team this fall if I hadn't seen a head coach who was busy criticizing fans for not buying season tickets, complaining about the facilities, changing the uniforms our team had worn for 60 years, praising opposing team's fans for their support, and thinking up monikers for the people who DO buy tickets and support the team and demonstrate their passion for Purdue football by spending an inordinate amount of time talking about it on-line.

    Norm and Joe, the enemy is not the guys who post on these forums!

    An issue I have with Tiller's postgame comments:

    In Reply to: Norm, I'll give you the benefit of the doubt and concede that such a busy . . posted by destewart on November 11, 2002 at 09:32:31:

    wow des...that was beautifully articulated...

    and you raise a point about Tiller postgame that really bothered me also. I am the first one to criticize our fans when I see fit. I am jealous and bothered too that Buckeye fans support their team so well. I give them lots of credit (Bucknut fans that is). However, when Tiller did not to give equal credit to the most loyal of Purdue fans who really inspired our defense all afternoon, I felt downright unappreciated. I'm sure others did as well.

    Look, I don't need to hear thank you's over and over again. I love Purdue Football so much that you don't need to overwhelm me with praise for my support. I'll even take some return criticism for being too critical or causing consternation and headaches when I cross the line of being a good knucklehead.

    Having said all that, I don't mind a compliment every once in awhile. In fact, it feels real good to hear someone say (which many of the knuckleheads do)..."thanks for your dedication and supporting the program". Personally, I try to thank Purdue fans and supporters quite often for their efforts. Just a little thank you from Joe Tiller would go a LONG way for me. I still support him 100% right now but I'll be frank and say that my patience is thinning a bit.

    I guess I don't remember reading his comments about our fans at Iowa and ILL. If so, I'll apologize for being ignorant. In any event, I'd just like to see him balance out his praise for their fans with our fans this past Saturday. I'd also like to see him proactively go to Jischke, Burke, etc and say let's have a fan/program insider summitt in the offseason to talk about working together and implementing radical changes (where needed most) to improve fan support next season. I'd fly in on my own nickel if asked. I'd be thrilled to fill out a survey also.


    Stadium Ready For Throng
    Latest Renovation Photos

    Nov. 7, 2002

    Barclay's Report Card for Purdue - OSU

    Offensive Line... (B)

    Running Backs... (B-)

    Wide Receivers/Tight Ends... (B)

    Quarterbacks... (B-)

    Defensive Line... (B+)

    Linebackers... (A-)

    Safeties... (A-)

    Cornerbacks... (B+)

    Special Teams... (C-)

    Coaches... (C-)

    Fans... (B+)



    Recruiting Update: Purdue gets verbal from Florida linebacker


    Date: 11/09/2002
    Author: Bob_Richards

    Linebacker latest commitment
    Josh Ferguson, an outside linebacker / strong safety for 6A Lake Brantley HS in Altamonte Springs (FL) has committed to Purdue. He's 6'3 and 215 lbs, rated as the 4th best linebacker prospect in central Florida by the Orlando Sentinel who states "He can run and has a big upside."

    Lake Brantley's (6-4) season came to an end on Friday with a loss to conference co-champ Lake Mary (9-1), 23-8. If Lake Brantley could have pulled off the upset, they would have been in good position to receive a wild-card berth in the playoffs.

    Ohio State game visitors

    Purdue is hoping to impress wayward Michigan State commit Garret Bushong this weekend, who is again taking visits after this week's firing of MSU head coach Bobby Williams. Bushong, a 6'5, 230-pound tight end, is rated by analyst Tom Lemming as the 13th-best tight end prospect in the nation. Bushong plans to consider Purdue and Illinois, but has stated in the past Purdue was his second choice behind Michigan State. Update - Bushong had a scheduling conflict and may unofficially visit with our coaches at the MSU game this weekend and then come down for the Bucket game on Nov. 23rd.

    Purdue is also high on the list of Fort Wayne South Side safety Bernard Pollard, who is also scheduled to visit campus this weekend. Pollard had 103 tackles and five interceptions as a junior, and is considered the best defensive back in Indiana. Pollard is also on the track team, where he qualified for the state finals in 2000 in the 100 meters and the 4 x 100 relay. Michigan and Indiana have offered along with Purdue. Update, Pollard has committed to Purdue

    Additional visitors for the Ohio State matchup: Dorien Bryant, 4-star WR from NJ; Jamison Newby, 3-star DE from TX; Bill Foran, 3-star ATH from TX, and 3-3-star LB Stanford Keglar from IN among others. Update - Keglar seems to be leaning towards Purdue and he has qualified for D-1 eligibility next season

    Coaches on the road

    Sources are saying Purdue visited Massillon Perry (OH) high school last week to check out offensive lineman Kirk Barton. At 6'6 and 265-pounds, Barton also boasts a sub-5.0 40-yard time.


    Boilers lose heartbreaker

    Buckeyes remain unbeaten with 37-yard TD pass on fourth down in final minutes

    By Tom Kubat, Journal and Courier

    "Yogi Berra would have loved Saturday's Ohio State-Purdue game.

    Talk about your deja vu all over again."

    for the full story click on the link above


    Passing game racks up yards but not points

    By Tom Kubat, Journal and Courier

    "In Purdue's last game, a 42-13 victory over Northwestern, the game plan was to run, run again and run some more.

    In Saturday's game against No. 3 Ohio State, the Boilermakers switched to a more familiar pattern. Against the Buckeyes, it was pass, pass some more and then keep passing."

    for the full story click on the link above


    Gutsy call keeps title hopes alive for Ohio State

    By Mike Carmin, Journal and Courier

    "Remember when Drew Brees hooked up with Seth Morales two years ago to give Purdue a thrilling victory over Ohio State at Ross-Ade Stadium?

    That win propelled the Boilermakers to a share of the Big Ten Conference title and a berth in the Rose Bowl for the first time in more than three decades."

    for the full story click on the link above


    Lacevic denied rare moment of glory

    By Brendan Murphy, Journal and Courier

    "For 58 minutes and 24 seconds, Purdue kicker Berin Lacevic was poised to emerge the hero against No. 3 Ohio State Saturday afternoon at Ross-Ade Stadium.

    With two Lacevic field goals on the scoreboard and the Boilermakers clinging to a 6-3 lead late in the fourth quarter, the oft-maligned junior college transfer was ready to leave the hecklers and naysayers behind."

    for the full story click on the link above


    Purdue defense shines despite loss

    Boilers shut down Buckeyes until big play late in game

    By Jeff Washburn, Journal and Courier

    "It can't get any stranger," Schweigert said of the Purdue defense's season. "The way we've been playing this year -- and the way the outcomes have been -- it's unbelievable from a player's standpoint.

    "Week in and week out, we've been playing our butts off. I know stats don't win games, but look at the stat sheets. It's just strange to see us with losses. We shut their offense down ... they couldn't do anything against us. Then, they threw a long pass when it counted."

    for the full story click on the link above


    Fourth down play hands Boilers fourth tough loss

    By Tom Kubat, Journal and Courier

    "By now, the script has become oh-so-familiar. The snakebit Purdue football team plays a nationally ranked team, has victory seemingly within sight and then sees it slip away at the very end.

    I just commented to the team, I've had about all the moral victories that I can stomach," Purdue coach Joe Tiller said Saturday after a heartbreaking 10-6 loss to third-ranked Ohio State in Ross-Ade Stadium."

    for the full story click on the link above


    Monday Morning quarterback

    Tough losses haven't dampened Purdue's bowl spirits

    November 11, 2002

    "Purdue's Joe Tiller said this is far from his most frustrating season as a coach.

    "Oh, no," said Tiller, whose team's six losses have been by a combined 26 points after losing 10-6 to Ohio State on Saturday. "It's real frustrating when you get your butt pounded and you've got no opportunity to be successful.

    "We've got a chance every time we take the field. We always have since we came to Purdue and we always will."

    Tiller said Sunday he will emphasize to his team that it still controls it own destiny. By winning their final two games -- at Michigan State and against Indiana -- the Boilers (4-6) will become bowl-eligible and likely play in their sixth consecutive bowl game.

    "Our guys have continued to fight the good fight," Tiller said. "There are times that we've put ourselves in a hole. But the positive thing about this team is that they've always come back and put themselves in a position to win. That's all you can ask."

    for the full story click on the link above


    Tiller envies Ohio State support

    By Brendan Murphy and Mike Carmin, Journal and Courier

    "I want to congratulate Ohio State's fans because Ohio State's fans support their football team the way it deserves to be supported," Tiller said. "They showed up in numbers and my hat's off to someone like that."

    Tiller has said he would like to see Ross-Ade Stadium sold out because fans want to watch his team play and not the opposition. But that hasn't been the case in Purdue's two largest home crowds this season."


    Another golden opportunity slips away

    By Jeff Washburn, Journal and Courier

    "Purdue's life lines have been exhausted now, and its spirit has been put through an excruciating grind of a football season that boggles the mind like no other in this "Baby Boomer's" lifetime.

    Third-ranked Ohio State walked into Ross-Ade Stadium on Saturday with a perfect 10-0 slate, linemen who look like buildings with feet and enough scarlet-clad fans to rename West Lafayette "West Columbus."

    for the full story click on the link above


    Schweigert virtually certain he'll return next year

    Safety has 'unfinished business'

    By Tom Kubat, Journal and Courier

    "As far as my future, I have unfinished business at Purdue to attend to," Schweigert said Saturday. "I haven't been able to do what I wanted to do this year. I'm definitely going to come back for my senior year.

    "I'm in no rush to get out of college. I have a lot of friends here. College is fun for me."

    for the full story click on the link above


    Fort Wayne safety commits to Purdue

    By Tom Kubat, Journal and Courier

    "I pretty much had my mind made up that Purdue was the place for me," Pollard said Sunday evening. "I like their academic field and their athletic program."

    He ended the year with 127 tackles, three interceptions, an incredible 24 forced fumbles and four fumble recoveries. He returned two of the interceptions, 65 and 70 yards, for touchdowns."

    for the full story click on the link above


    Purdue gets key football recruit

    Defensive back from Fort Wayne S. makes oral commitment.

    By Michael Pointer

    November 11, 2002

    "The Purdue football team landed one of its top recruiting priorities when it got an oral commitment from Fort Wayne South strong safety Bernard Pollard this weekend.

    "The reason I picked Purdue, first of all, is that it's close to home," Pollard said. "And second of all, they have a great coaching staff, a great academic program and a great football team. They have a lot to offer me."

    The Purdue coaches believe the 6-2, 206-pound Pollard combines good speed with size and physical play seldom seen from a high school safety. Ralph Turner, Purdue's current starting strong safety, is graduating after this season.

    "I've never seen a defensive back control a game like he can," South coach Matt Land said. "He can change the momentum of a game with the way he hits."

    for the full story click on the link above


    Purdue's defender will hear all about it
    By Pete DiPirmio
    of The News-Sentinel


    WEST LAFAYETTE -- Short-term memory, Antwaan Rogers says, is a wonderful thing.

    "As soon as I leave the locker room, I forget about the bad plays that happen on the field," Purdue's sophomore cornerback says.

    But it's hard to forget walking alone among 65,000 people, trudging with helmet in right hand out of Ross-Ade Stadium to a thunderous roar from 20,000 Ohio State fans, passing youths reaching for sweat bands and shouting for hand slaps. How do you forget acknowledging with an eyes-closed nod the back pat from Boilermaker defensive backs coach Ken Greene while looking as if you want to launch your helmet to the top of Mackey Arena.

    And later, after leaving the locker room, you flicker a smile while talking about the competitive trash talk you're certain to face from Buckeye receiver Michael Jenkins.

    "You've got to take it like a man for a year until you get to play him again," Rogers says. "I'll be ready for it. I'll take."

    Life on an island is not for the faint of heart. It comes with the position and the one-on-one duels with receivers, when you face times for glory and times for infamy, times when the man who beat you, a competitor from your youth football days in Middletown, Ohio, will let you know it. "

    for the full story click on the link above


    Big Ten bowl picture favorable to Purdue

    By Tom Kubat, Journal and Courier

    "If they beat Michigan State and Indiana in the final two games, they can finish at .500. Just one more loss, and a losing season is assured and a five-game bowl streak is snapped.

    "We find ourselves in a very enviable position," Tiller said Sunday, looking for the silver lining. "We certainly now control our own destiny. We are down to two games to qualify for postseason play.

    Remaining games for bowl hopefuls

    Wisconsin -- at Michigan, Minnesota

    Illinois -- Ohio State, at Northwestern

    Michigan State -- Purdue, at Penn State

    Purdue -- at Michigan State, Indiana"

    for the full story click on the link above


    Purdue-Indiana Football Game To Kick Off At 3:30 P.M.
    ESPN will televise

    Nov. 11, 2002

    WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. - The Big Ten Conference announced this morning that the Purdue-Indiana football game on Nov. 23 at Ross-Ade Stadium will kick off at 3:30 p.m. EST.

    The game will be televised by ESPN.


    Football Game Notes

    Purdue-Michigan State: Nov. 16, 2002

    Game Notes in PDF Format
    Download Free Acrobat Reader

    Nov. 11, 2002

    Purdue Boilermakers (4-6, 2-4 Big Ten)
    at Michigan State Spartans (4-6, 2-4 Big Ten)
    Spartan Stadium (72,027) - East Lansing, Michigan
    November 16, 2002 - 12:10 p.m. EST

    ALL-TIME RECORD: 526-453-48 (.536) - 115th season
    BIG TEN RECORD: 282-316-32 (.473) - 107th season

    PROJECTED ATTENDANCE: 72,027 (sellout)

    RADIO: Boilermaker Sports Network (Flagship - WAZY, 96.5 FM, West Lafayette) - Joe McConnell (play-by-play), Pete Quinn (color commentary), Brett Schetzsle (sideline), Tim Newton (pregame/halftime/postgame)

    TELEVISION: ESPN Regional - Wayne Larrivee (play-by-play), Randy Wright (color commentary), Jim Barbar (sidelines)

    A LOOK AT THE BOILERMAKERS: The Purdue football team, under sixth-year head coach Joe Tiller, plays Michigan State on Saturday, Nov. 16, at Spartan Stadium in East Lansing, Mich. The Boilermakers and Spartans have identical overall (4-6) and Big Ten Conference (2-4) records. The Boilermakers need to wins in their final two games to become bowl eligible for the sixth straight season. Purdue is one of merely two schools in the Big Ten and one of only 13 nationally to play in a bowl game each of the last five seasons.

    * They will remain in contention to become bowl eligible for the sixth straight season.
    * They will win their second straight Big Ten road game. The last time Purdue won consecutive conference games away from home was Oct. 14 and 21, 2000, at Northwestern (41-28) and at Wisconsin (30-24 in overtime).

    for the full story click on the link above


    Boilers brim with bad luck, good stats
    By Jason Tomcsi
    Sports Editor§ion=sports&storyid=index

    "Despite losing six games by a combined 26 points, head coach Joe Tiller thinks things could be worse.

    "It's real frustrating when you just get your butt pounded and you've got no opportunity to be successful," said Tiller. "We've got a chance to win every time we take the field; that's the way it's been since I've come to Purdue and we always will."

    Tiller said that sometimes in the game of football it comes down to luck.

    "Sometimes we're a little luckier than we have been," said Tiller. "We've had our share of luck in the past and we don't seem to have any of it this year. If you ignore that aspect of the game, you haven't been around collegiate athletics very long because that is a part of the game, and it's something you can't plan on."

    Junior free safety Stu Schweigert has also been baffled by this year's outcomes.

    "The way we've been playing this year and the way the outcome has been, it's just really unbelievable as far as a player standpoint," said Schweigert. "Week in and week out we're just playing our butts off and I know stats don't win games, but if you look at the stat sheets it's just strange to see all the losses."

    for the full story click on the link above


    Michael Pointer: Purdue Q&A


    November 7, 2002

    Question: With five teams in the Big 10 with six or more wins and Penn State with five, which bowl game do you see the Boilers going to if they get six wins?

    On the Purdue-Indiana game in the RCA Dome who cares if IU has 30k of the 40k in attendance? Purdue will still split half the gate, right? After all, Purdue is doing the same thing in football this year by raising ticket prices to the high-profile games. What is the point of putting some cupcake game at home and only have 9-10k in attendance? (Bill from Indianapolis)

    Answer: Talk of the Boilers' bowl prospects has been a popular e-mail topic. The guess now is the Music City Bowl in Nashville, no matter if they finish 7-5 or 6-6. If they finish 6-6 (the most likely scenario), they likely would finish sixth in the Big Ten at 4-4, and the Music City Bowl is supposed to get the No. 6 team from the Big Ten.

    If they upset Ohio State and win the rest of their games, they would be 7-5 and 5-3 in the Big Ten. But if they finish fifth, my guess is Purdue officials would push to go to the Music City Bowl instead of the Sun Bowl, which they played in last year. The Sun Bowl has a slightly larger payout, but costs would be lower to attend the Music City Bowl and it obviously would be much more accessible than the Sun Bowl in El Paso, Texas. Of course, if Purdue doesn't win at least two of its last three, this conversation means nothing.

    As for your comments on basketball: I agree, playing IU in the Dome on a one-time basis should be fun for the fans. But I understand Gene Keady's point. If he could play a home-and-home against a national power, it would be preferable. I would suggest if Kentucky came to Mackey Arena, for instance, the place would be packed."

    for the full story click on the link above


    Jake Cunningham (update)

    Posted by: Honk on November 10, 2002 at 22:01:34 - IP

    Jake and the Pontiac made the final 8 in class 5A Saturday afternoon over Dunlap Il 20-7. Jake lead the team with 102 yards rushing and had a TD reception as well. Jake has been playing with a left knee brace, the last three games, he has been wearing the brace for an ACL sprain and a slight tear in his MCL. He won two of the last three games with TD runs in overtime. The Dunlap Coach said prior to the game on a radio interview "I watched tape on Jake Cunningham from last weeks game which was won in overtime, his will to win was unstoppable in the fourth quarter, he carried the team on his shoulders".

    I am posting about Jake's knee here because it was in yesterday's Chicago-Suntimes. Also in the article Pontiac's Coach Young said "Jake is still better than most at 85%. I personally don't think he is 85%, maybe 70%. I did not want Jake to play the last three games, but was over ruled by many (parents, coaches, etc.)

    Jake has continued to be successful inspite of his injury. Here are his stats thus far. 1311 yards rushing with 20 TDs, 29 receptions for 310 yards and 4 TDs. Pontiac plays Metamora Il (a well known powerhouse) Saturday at 1pm 11-16-02. Pontiac beat Metamora in overtime the last game of regular season 22-19. Jake and his Purdue verbal has received alot of publicity, hope this helps recruiting. If Pontiac wins their next two games they will be heading to Champaign Il to play in a state championship. Go Boilers


    For you Weird Al fans out there

    Posted by: boiler_92 on November 11, 2002 at 15:10:54 - IP

    To be rapped to the tune of "The real slim shady" by eminem:

    May I have your attention please?
    May I have your attention please?
    Will the real Jim Chaney please stand up?
    I repeat, will the real Jim Chaney please stand up?
    We're gonna have a problem here..

    By now you all know who I am
    I'm the fat dude in the press box, lacking a tan
    I coach the line, I'm in charge of recruiting
    And after I eat chili I'll do a little pooting
    I inherited a revolutionary offense
    But trying to live up to that rep has made me pretty tense
    A guy named Brees made me look good for 3 years
    But coming true are my fears and through my tears I'm not hearing any cheers
    I send in the plays, give my eyebrows a raise
    And when they get stuffed I look like I'm in a daze
    When we've got a lead I run it up the middle
    No matter how much the other team has solved my riddle
    They know what's coming so it goes nowhere
    It's not fair, so why should I care that you dare
    to question me, 'cause

    I'm Jim Chaney, yes I'm the real Chaney
    All you other Jim Chaneys are just innovating
    So won't the real Jim Chaney please stand up,
    please stand up, please stand up?

    So all you knuckleheads are Sunday morning QBs
    But Tiller is the only one I have to please
    He tells me to run it
    And even though Orton can really gun it
    We're going to keep it on the ground
    Cause that plan's sound and the ball isn't round
    And I know a bunch of you think you can be me
    You might weigh 400 lbs like me have a eFOUL bowl haircut like me
    Dress like me call run after run after run like me
    and just might be the next out of work O.C. but you're not quite me!

    I'm Jim Chaney, yes I'm the real Chaney
    All you other Jim Chaneys are just innovating
    So won't the real Jim Chaney please stand up,
    please stand up, please stand up?

    This offense was built on the pass
    But now I want to run the ball, so you can kiss my a$$
    We've lost some games and you all have fussed
    But we are going back to 3 yards and a cloud of dust
    Maybe my new style isn't any fun
    And that commercial says the greatest risk is in not taking one
    And if that's true, then I am that greatest risk
    I think I have a slipped disc, outside it's feeling pretty brisk
    And our special teams aren't my fault, just so you know
    So one more time, loud as you can, how does it go?

    I'm Jim Chaney, yes I'm the real Chaney
    All you other Jim Chaneys are just innovating
    So wont the real Jim Chaney please stand up
    Please stand up, please stand up

    I'm Jim Chaney, yes I'm the real Chaney
    All you other Jim Chaneys are just innovating
    So wont the real Jim Chaney please stand up
    Please stand up, please stand up


    The Daily Word - Basketball Preview
    By Andy Gamm


    No. Starters Pos. Ht. Wt. Yr.
    31 Chris Booker F 6-10 240 Jr.
    5 Ivan Kartelo C 6-11 245 Jr.
    0 Willie Deane G 6-1 195 Sr.
    332 Darmetreis Kilgore G 6-5 200 Sr.
    11 Austin Parkinson G 6-0 185 Jr.
    No. Key Reserves Pos. Ht. Wt. Yr.
    32 Matt Carroll F 6-8 220 So.
    3 Brett Buscher F 6-8 239 So.
    20 Kenneth Lowe G 6-3 200 Jr.
    10 Brandon McKnight G 6-2 170 So.
    24 Melvin Buckley G/F 6-7 190 Fr.
    2 David Teague G 6-5 175 Fr.

    Coach: Gene Keady - 23rd season. Keady is the elder statesman in a league full of up and coming young coaches. Don't expect him to retire however until the Boilers play one more, great year of vintage Purdue basketball.

    Strength: Purdue has a ton of front court depth and should be far stronger on the glass and defensively.

    Weakness: Point guard is still a question mark. Austin Parkinson is ample but is not the driving force Gene Keady teams need on both ends of the court.

    Key Games: 11/29 - Louisville, 12/2 - at Xavier, 12/14 - at Indiana, 1/14 - Michigan State, 1/25 - Indiana, 2/5 Wisconsin, 2/15 - Illinois, 2/22 at Ohio State, 3/1 at Michigan State

    Last Season: 13-18 (Overall) / 5-11 (Big 10) - Tied for 8th Place

    Prediction*: 14-13 (Overall) / 7-9 (Big 10) - Tie for 7th Place

    This might be the year Purdue finally gets back to the upper echelon of the Big Ten. The depth and talent is there and Purdue also boasts the best pure scorer in the conference (Willie Deane). The question is, will Purdue return to the brand of Gene Keady basketball the Big Ten teams have grown to hate? That fire and intensity was certainly missing last season when the Boilermakers were a defensive nightmare nearly every night. Look for that to change this year.

    Part of the reason things will change is the new faces. Juco transfer Chris Booker brings an inside-outside threat to the paint. Transfer (from Notre Dame) Ivan Kartelo brings muscle to the paint. Freshmen like Melvin Buckley, Matt Kiefer and David Teague bring speed, ball handling and more athleticism to the floor. Mesh these newbies with Willie Deane, Bret Buscher, Darmetreis Kilgore and the others and you have a deep and talented team.

    If Purdue is to have a true turnaround season, the team -- the WHOLE team -- will need to buy into Coach Keady's style. The defense, rebounding and shot selection must improve. Purdue needs to have someone other than Deane, who will draw the toughest opposing defender all season long, to step up and take the money shots. The Boilers also need any of the big men to step up and be a force in the post. No more of this soft big man stuff. If Purdue is to contend, they will have to play the ball the black and gold did back in the mid 90s. Tough, determined, gritty, in your face basketball. If the soft style emerges once again, it will be a long season in West Lafayette.

    The out of conference schedule offers Purdue some stiff competition yet also provides a chance to build confidence. Early games with Louisville, Xavier and a rare out of conference meeting with archrival Indiana loom large. If Purdue can get through the OOC relatively unscathed, watch them march into contention. I think 7-3 is a good watermark heading into Big Ten play. The team will improve over last season in conference tilts, but maybe not enough to go dancing. Still, watch for a 7-9 league finish with some agonizing losses (a la their football brethren) along the way. An early ouster from the Big Ten tourney will mean 14-13 and a berth in the NIT. At least an improvement over last year and a stepping stone for 2003-04...

    *Note: Predictions do not include postseason play outside of the Big Ten tourney.

    What do you think? Give your take on the Daily Word at The Final Score Message Board.

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