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Old Gold Free Press For 11-1-2002

8 Days to OSU game at Ross-Ade, 4 Days to Men's hoops exhibition opener at Mackey!!!!

Date: 11/01/2002
Author: TexasBoiler
© TexasBoiler

    Good morning Boiler Fans. Most of you have probably heard by now that Brandon Kirsch's status as the starter for the OSU game is now seriously in question as you will note in the first story listed below. Next Tuesday we should know much more about how the bone is healing and if Brandon is able to practice from that point on leading up to the watershed game on Nov. 9th at Ross-Ade. As it stands right now, we should have plenty of recruits visiting that weekend including official visits from 4-star WR, Dorien Bryant (4.29/40) from New Jersey, 3-star Safety, Bernard Pollard from Ft. Wayne, IN and 3-star DE Jamison Newby from Texas.

    Also, as you will note below, Ken Thompson gave us folks at a really nice write up in Tuesday's Journal and Courier.

    Not much to report on the basketball front right now, though the men's team opens up the exhibition season against The Harlem Globetrotters next Tuesday.

    I will have much more for you next Tuesday. Take care and try to enjoy the bye weekend! Let's hope OSU gets by Minnesota so we have an undefeated, top 5 team coming into Ross-Ade next weekend.


    Fraternity fracas led to Kirsch injury
    Tiller reserving judgment until all facts are available

    By Tom Kubat, Journal and Courier

    "Purdue coach Joe Tiller said Wednesday that he's not sure whether Brandon Kirsch's cracked right pinkie -- which he injured in a fight at a fraternity party and not during last Saturday's game at Northwestern, as first reported -- would lead to any kind of punishment for the freshman quarterback.

    "I don't know anything," Tiller said after Wednesday afternoon's practice. "I've got to ask some questions. And I haven't done that yet. I need to ask some questions and find out some things, quite frankly."

    Tiller added that he didn't think the incident at the Sigma Nu fraternity house late Saturday night would lead to any kind of a suspension for Kirsch.

    "I don't think so, but I wouldn't commit to that because it might, once I begin my detective work," Tiller said.

    Kirsch, who worked out lightly Wednesday but did not do any throwing, was examined Tuesday afternoon by a specialist in Indianapolis and was told he cracked the fifth metacarpal on the outside of his right hand."

    for the full story click on the link above


    Kirsch unfazed by broken finger

    Purdue QB expects to be ready for Buckeyes

    By Tom Kubat, Journal and Courier

    "Purdue football coach Joe Tiller and Brandon Kirsch were looking forward to this bye week so the true freshman quarterback could learn more of the offense, in preparation for taking on sixth-ranked and undefeated Ohio State a week from Saturday.

    They're still glad the Boilermakers have the extra week, but for a totally different reason.

    Kirsch needs the additional time to recover from a broken finger on his throwing hand, suffered during last Saturday's victory at Northwestern.

    "I have a chipped bone on the outside of my pinkie," said Kirsch, who was examined Tuesday in Indianapolis by a specialist.

    He was not in uniform Tuesday afternoon and did not practice with the Boilermakers, his right hand in a cast.

    "I have to keep this on for a week, so we won't know anything for a week," Kirsch said. "I have to go back down to Indianapolis on Monday to get this off and then get another X-ray."

    for the full story click on the link above

    A few misguided posters can't tarnish Old Gold Free Press site

    By Ken Thompson, Journal and Courier

    "Brad Jewell's favorite topics of conversation include Purdue sports and the Internet.

    That's why the Old Gold Free Press Web site ( is a source of pride to Jewell, who along with Bob Richards and Barclay Garman have maintained this quality page in some form since April, 1995.

    "Any time I get to talk about Purdue sports and the Internet at the same time, I'm in heaven," Jewell said.

    Old Gold Free Press is already a championship contender, starting with the merger in October, 1998 of Jewell's "MrSportsman" site and Richards' "Boiler Basketball Recruiting" site. One year later, "" joined the team, followed by Garman's "Purdue Sports Update" page.

    "This new Old Gold Free Press site is getting closer to what I had in mind when I started, but it's still not there yet," Jewell said. "I don't want to give anything away before it is ready, but we do have a few surprises up our sleeves.

    "We're all doing this site as a hobby, only putting in a few hours a day, and still making positive waves within Purdue Internet community. If we can do all of this in our spare time, imagine what we could do if we did this full time?"

    Thompson is a Journal and Courier sportswriter whose Web column appears weekly.

    for the full story click on the link above


    Purdue Boilermakers

    Next up: Purdue (4-5, 2-3 Big Ten) is off this week before playing host to No. 6 Ohio State on Nov. 9 at noon (WRTV-6, WNDE-1260 AM). The Buckeyes play host to No. 23 Minnesota on Saturday.

    Good time for bye? Tiller said he doesn't know if having a bye at this point in the season is good or bad for the Boilers. "We've had the type of year where we've been extremely healthy," he said. "I'm not sure a bye is an advantage, just as I'm not sure it's a disadvantage to us right now." The Purdue players will practice through Thursday, then take Friday and Saturday off.

    Kirsch out: Purdue officials announced Tuesday that QB Brandon Kirsch hurt his hand in Saturday's 42-13 win at Northwestern. Kirsch missed practice Tuesday and will be sidelined today and Thursday before being re-examined Monday.

    Terrill in a cast: Defensive tackle Craig Terrill, who suffered a knee injury against Northwestern, has his leg in a cast. "Some guys, you tell them to rest it, and then you can't get them off their back," Tiller said. "But Craig is a high-motor guy. We've casted him for his own protection, more than anything else." Terrill's status for the Ohio State game is uncertain.

    Backing off on streak: Purdue officials have publicized the fact the school is one of only 13 to play in a bowl game the past five seasons. Tiller remains proud of that, but wonders if he allowed too much emphasis on it. "I heard a statement a long time ago that success is a journey, not a destination," Tiller said. "I wonder if we made that five bowls in five years a destination."

    Offense up: There have been plenty of complaints about how Purdue has gone conservative, but the Boilers are 10th in the nation in total offense with an average of 463.9 yards per game. They were 105th last season after finishing in the top 10 three times during Tiller's first four years at the school.

    -- Michael Pointer


    Michael Pointer: Purdue Q&A


    October 29, 2002

    "Question: How do you like the Boilers' chances against Ohio State? I think the Boilers are better than most people would think. They have played three top 10 teams this year. They were in a position to win against Notre Dame and Iowa, and all they needed was one out of two field goals to beat Michigan. I hope they can play the role of Spoilermakers once again! (Alex from New York)

    Answer: Alex, I don't want to sound like a homer, but I totally agree with you. Purdue has been in every game. It dominated most of the game against Iowa, which might be the best team in the Big Ten. In my opinion, the Boilers are playing Ohio State at a good time. They're coming off a confidence-boosting performance against Northwestern. They have a bye week, where the players can get healthy and the coaches can make some adjustments. And they're playing at home.

    The key is going to be special teams. Ohio State has a good kicking game and is obviously talented in all other areas. Purdue simply can't have the breakdowns in the kicking game it has had this season. Do that, and I think you might have a doozy."

    for the full story click on the link above


    Weekly Football Teleconference

    Selected quotes from Tuesday, October 29

    Oct. 29, 2002


    Joe Tiller, Head Coach

    On the game plan for the bye week...
    "First of all, you want to take advantage of the bye week to recover physically. As a result of that, we did not practice on Sunday like we normally do. On Tuesday and Wednesday, we will have a short practice with a period of conditioning. By Thursday, we hope to quite a bit of our plan for the Ohio State game in place, so our emphasis will turn to our opponent. Friday and Saturday will be off, and we will get back to normal on Sunday. The biggest difference will be on Sunday. Usually on Sunday we have a light practice. This week, we'll probably go in full gear and do some light scrimmaging."

    On how the season has transpired and the number of close games...
    "I thought our win-loss record would be better than it is. The only thing I can say is we have been in a position to win a lot of the games. I've been in coaching long enough to know that you will go through this from time to time, and what goes around comes around. The thing that has got me through this mentally is it is nothing new to the sport of football. We are playing close games. We haven't gotten over the hump in a few of them, but as long as we are competitive and are in the game, that is all you can ask of your team as a coach. Being the percentage guy that I am I realize that if you are close late in a game, you will win your share."

    On Ohio State...
    "Defensively, they are certainly the most talented team in the conference. Ofeensively, they are the most physical in the league. That being said, it becomes easy for us, as we look at tape, to understand why they are 9-0. They do put themselves in position for their defense to win the game. They don't take crazy risks on offense and are very comfortable playing in close games. They don't seem to be disappointed if they don't put 50 points on the board. They'll take their 28 as long as you only get eight. They will be the best team we will face all year, period."

    for the full story click on the link above


    Tiller uses time off to recruit, cut grass

    By Jason Tomcsi
    Sports Editor§ion=sports

    "While the football season has been progressing, the state of head coach Joe Tiller's front yard has taken a turn for the worse.

    But this weekend he will get chance to fix that.

    Purdue (4-5, 2-3 Big Ten) doesn’t play until Nov. 9 when No. 4 Ohio State visits Ross-Ade Stadium. Tiller said he is looking forward to taking a break from his busy schedule and using the weekend to catch up on his yard work — weather permitting.

    "I've been working pretty good," said Tiller. "I suppose I'll wrap my yard up and get it ready for the winter. I have neglected it so long. I hope the weather is good enough to get outside and clean up around the place. Otherwise I'll watch football."

    Tiller and the rest of his staff will not be taking much time off.

    Tiller is sending seven assistant coaches on recruiting trips while he stays home and watches film of possible future Boilermakers, along with tapes of Ohio State.

    "There are quite a few high school games on Saturday, particularly if you get into the public leagues," Tiller said. "That will be our last live look at recruits until December."

    for the full story, click on the link above


    BCS confusion makes for odd season finale§ion=sports&storyid=bcs
    "Eight undefeated teams, one messed-up formula.
    Going into this past weekend's college football games, there were eight teams that were undefeated. All of those teams emerged unscathed. Not since the 1970s have that many teams been undefeated at the end of October.

    So now the debate will begin. Five of the eight can finish the season without a loss, which means three teams will accomplish one of the hardest things in college football: finish the perfect season.

    Nobody likes the fact that an undefeated team will not get the chance to play for it all, but we are now slaves to the BCS, and that is the way it has to be.

    The BCS formula uses the AP media and coaches' polls, computer polls, strengths of schedule, win-loss record and a bonus point system for quality wins.

    If the Fiesta Bowl was played today, it would star the Oklahoma Sooners and the Miami Hurricanes. But there is still the entire month of November to play, and anything can happen."

    for the full story click on the link above

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