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Old Gold Free Press Update For 10-29-02

11 Days to OSU game at Ross-Ade, 7 days to Men's Exhibition Opener at Mackey Arena!!!

Date: 10/29/2002
Author: TexasBoiler
© TexasBoiler

    Good morning BoilerManiacs! How sweet is to win a football game convincingly once again? Then again, NW is arguably the least talented and experienced team in the Big 10, so we need to keep that in mind. With that said, I'm already looking ahead to The Ohio St game in a couple weeks, and I'll be voraciously glued to the OSU/Minny game this weekend looking for some angles for a Purdue victory. My initial thought is that we need OSU to win by a margin of 10 pts or less. I've thought this through many different scenarios and what I would prefer is an OSU team that still has major doubts on offense when they come to Ross-Ade on November 9th. I hope Clarrett plays some but aggravates that stinger on his shoulder. Should Clarett still have a bum shoulder, I think Niko "Bobby Boucher" Koutovides can rattle him early with a couple clean shots to the injured area. Without Clarett, tOSU's offense is not nearly as balanced and it will increase our chances for the upset.
    We can beat tOSU if we stay even on turnovers, have no major special team gaffes, and we have a balanced (not too predictable) offensive plan. Gamble will cover Standeford like a cheap suit so we will need to find ways to get Stubbs and Rhinehart the ball over the middle and the Jones/Harris running attack going for at least 150 yards between em. Kirsch will have to use his feet to get 50+ yds on the ground yet know when to pull up and hit the open man because too many OSU guys are spying on him.

    This is a majored issue for me - I cannot believe why any diehard Boiler football fan would even consider unloading his tickets to anyone but another diehard Boiler Fan. Let's keep the Bucknut fans to a minimum and bring the best home field advantage possible for our Boilers. This season is far from over right now! A shock the nation upset over top 5 OSU will do wonders for our program's future and as diehard fans we need to do our part in assisting the team with our incredibly consistent vocal support all game long!

    The game will be on ABC Regional at 12pm EST and Brent "Brees...Moraleeeeees...Touchdown....HOLY TOLEDO" Musburger and former Boiler QB, Gary "(choked up as he says, "the single most clutch pass I've seen in 10 years of covering College Football", Danielson will be back to bring us a little karma. Yes, 3:30pm EST would have been better but don't make that an excuse. Get off your ACE and start recruiting some LOUD Boiler Fans to gobble up any open tickets!

    Final note today, check out the article on Darmetreis Kilgore below, he is saying the right things this season and we could see some great things from his this year.



    Barclay's Report Card for Purdue - Northwestern

    Offensive Line... (A+)

    Could they have played any better? Granted the competition was weak but we ran for a Tiller Era record of over 400 yards on the ground!

    Running Backs... (A+)

    Brandon Jones was a monster with 160 yds on the ground, a rushing TD, and a backbreaking 40 plus yd TD catch where he dragged some poor NW sole 5 yds into the end zone. He is our most powerful back since Edwin Watson. He even showed some nice speed with a 50 yd scamper. Best of all (touching wood in hopes of not putting on the jinx) he has yet to fumble all season. Joey Harris was also solid with over 130 yds on the ground, including a couple of nice TD scampers. Void and Lowe also looked good, especially Void in the red zone.

    Wide Receivers/Tight Ends... (B+)

    Really did not need to do a whole lot catching passes but they must have been blocking really well. Standeford, despite getting punched in the groin literally (the photo is out there somewhere), had another big TD catch off a beautiful play action setup. Stubblefield had a couple nice chain moving 3rd down receptions. We will need much more out of these guys against OSU.

    Quarterbacks... (A-)

    Except for 2 lost fumbles, Kirsch was extremely effective in running our game plan. When called upon, he moved the chains on 8-10 passing and 2 big play TD's. He threw absolutely perfect balls to Standeford and Jones. Most impressive about the throw to Jones was how he bought time and made a play after the initial notion of a play broke down. That play, along with another one where he deeked two defenders yet stayed in the pocket to find Stubblefield for a 3rd down completion are precisely the reasons that many of us see the potential for Kirsch to be mentioned in the same breath as Drew Brees. He also ran for over 50 yds.

    Most impressive stat might be 8-12 on 3rd down conversions or then again, the 42 pts he led us to while under center

    Defensive Line... (A-)

    Kevin Nesfield was an animal with 7 stops, including a sack and 2 tackles for a loss. Brandon Villareal and Brent Grover were very active at DT. Phillips reaked some havoc also.

    Linebackers... (A-)

    Most complete effort from the group of the season. Niko led the way with 6 tackles, Gardner had 5.5, Johnson had 4.5, and Odom had 2.5 with a tackle for a 6 yd loss. "G-Train", Jon Goldsberry, also had 2.5 stops.

    Safeties... (A-)

    Ralph Turner had a nice game with 5.5 tackles and STU got a solid early pick which led to 7 more points after our first score. STU also made some TD saving tackles in my opinion. Ferrell had 2 stops off the bench

    Cornerbacks... (A-)

    Jacques Reeves is gaining some confidence and getting in position to make the pick on the deep ball better than ever before. He had a key interception early. Rogers seemed to have a solid game also.

    Special Teams... (B+)

    We gave ups more yardage on some kick returns (via the reverse) than I had hoped for BUT we did not give them points! A couple of the squib kicks were UGLY but we did not give them any points. Slaton punted well and Berin was perfect on extra points. Hey, we blocked a FG for the second week in a row. Progress, I guess.

    Coaches... (A)

    Ok, so Chaney is not perfect, and I did not like the fullback dive call on 4th and goal at the 1. I would've preferred to see more than 10 passes from the standpoint of giving Kirsch more reps (inevitably we will need to throw more against stout OSU). I thought the big pass plays would've been there for more quick strike TD's. Yet, the downside of the quick strike is a tired defense so if you can run for 400 yds and 30+ pts then you should do it.

    Chaney did a masterful job exploiting the opponent's HUGE weakness and rotating our running backs to keep em fresh. I thought Downing had our RB's well prepared to excel as did Chaney with our o-line. I also loved the play action pass TD to Standeford! Now, I'm not going to go overboard and say that he should be OC of the year in the Big 10 because he has much more to prove against OSU in my opinion. Iowa exposed UM by keeping them off balance (will they run or pass?) while Chaney was too predictable (and could not get our RB's going) against a talented D like UM.

    All that said, I give the coaches a lot of credit for a smart game plan and a team that came really motivated to play.

    Fans... (A-)

    It seemed to me like we had about 10,000 fans in the house on a gloomy day. Not too shabby for a road game when you're team is only 3-5.


    Boilers take out frustration

    Purdue rushes for 407 yards in win over Wildcats

    By Tom Kubat, Journal and Courier

    "EVANSTON, Ill. -- Five days before Halloween, it was trick or treat time for the Purdue football team.

    The Boilermakers' spread offense, which usually features the pass, tricked Northwestern by running the ball an incredible 69 times for 407 yards.

    As a result, they treated themselves to a rare victory this season, literally running away from the Wildcats 42-13 Saturday at Ryan Field.

    "Our plan was to run early and run often," Purdue coach Joe Tiller said. "We wanted to move the ball on the ground. We felt like if we could win some of the battles up front at the line of scrimmage that we'd have success. That's what we were able to do."

    The result was two Purdue backs ran for more than 100 yards in the same game for the first time in Tiller's six seasons with the Boilermakers.

    Brandon Jones rushed for a career-high 165 yards on 20 attempts (8.2 average) and Joey Harris carried 27 times for 132 yards, including touchdown runs of 13 and 2 yards."

    for the full story click on the link above


    Rushing numbers only surprise in expected romp

    By Jeff Washburn, Journal and Courier

    "EVANSTON, Ill. -- The view from the Ryan Field press box of Lake Michigan and this suburban city's fall colors were a thing of beauty Saturday afternoon.

    But for the collection of frustrated Purdue football players who released a month's worth of anger on poor Northwestern, the numbers on the scoreboard were a lovely sight.

    As Kyle Orton and Montrell Lowe -- remember those guys? -- exhausted the final seconds of the Boilermakers' 42-13 victory, a sigh of relief was visible all along the east sideline.

    Using an offensive scheme that appeared to be designed by Woody Hayes or Amos Alonzo Stagg, Purdue ran the ball down a helpless defense's throats.

    Sixty-nine rushes for 407 yards. Ten passes, eight completions, for 144 yards. Are you kidding me?

    Certainly, this game was no joking matter.

    The Boilermakers (4-5) absolutely, positively had to win this game, and they did. Easily. As was expected."

    for the full story click on the link above


    Purdue gets back on track with win
    Boilermakers rack up 407 yards rushing
    By Steve Warden
    The Journal Gazette

    " EVANSTON, Ill. - So much for the tale of two quarterbacks at Purdue. Even though starter Brandon Kirsch threw for two touchdown passes in the Boilermakers' 42-13 pounding of Northwestern, his role was mostly relegated to being a delivery boy between the center in front of him and those who lined up behind him. And after Saturday's rushing explosion in which the Boilermakers eschewed their formidable passing game to run for 407 yards, Purdue now has a tale of two tailbacks.

    "I would love to keep on playing," said junior tailback Joey Harris, who ran for 132 yards and two touchdowns. "I think it's good to have a bye. It's good for the team to have a time to get back, to get some extra sleep, to get some extra rest. That way we could be more prepared for Ohio State. But honestly, I would like to play next week."

    And my, how it was fun.

    "Me and Joey were on the sideline playing 'paper-rock-scissors' to see who'd go in," Jones said. "I wanted to go in and he wanted to go in."

    At first, the experienced Harris denied the game of "paper-rock-scissors." But then he admitted they played it "just once. And the other time it was a flip of the coin.

    "There were a couple times where I'd run out there really quick, and he'll run out there at the same time, and coach was like, 'OK Joey, you're in,' " Harris said. "And (Jones) would look at me like, 'Aw you beat me there.'

    "It's a good thing we've got going here. It's always good to have a friendly competition with someone who's going to motivate you and push you to be better."

    for the full story click on the link above


    Passing attack takes back seat to ground game

    By Tom Kubat, Journal and Courier

    "EVANSTON, Ill. -- So, what was more surprising to Purdue offensive coordinator Jim Chaney, the NCAA record 83 passes the Boilermakers threw at Wisconsin in 1998 or the measly 10 passes he called Saturday during a 42-13 victory over Northwestern?

    "Without any question, the most shocking one was the Wisconsin game, throwing as often as we did. That wasn't by design," Chaney said. "We came into this game wanting to run the football a considerable amount, thinking we could gain an advantage.

    "That was the plan going in and we stayed with it all the way to the end."

    Purdue coach Joe Tiller is fond of saying, "We're going to pass until we get hot, and then we're going to pass some more."

    That's usually the case in his spread offense.

    But against the Wildcats, the Boilermakers ran, and ran, and ran."

    for the full story click on the link above


    Sack source of inspiration for Nesfield

    By Mike Carmin, Journal and Courier

    "EVANSTON, Ill. -- Not playing against Minnesota and Iowa tore Kevin Nesfield up inside.

    The Purdue junior defensive end took out some of that frustration Saturday afternoon, collecting seven tackles and one sack as the Boilermakers pounded Northwestern 42-13 at Ryan Field.

    Nesfield missed those two Big Ten Conference games because of a knee strain. The 6-foot-3, 225-pound Nesfield returned to action against Illinois and Michigan but wasn't a factor.

    That wasn't the case against the Wildcats.

    "Kevin being healthy has really helped us," Purdue defensive coordinator Brock Spack said. "He has a real good motor in that he plays real hard and he's tough. He's not the greatest athlete in the world, but he plays so hard that you never notice it."

    Nesfield earned his sack in the first quarter, taking down quarterback Tony Stauss for an 8-yard loss on Northwestern's second possession. One play later, Stauss was intercepted by Stuart Schweigert, setting up Purdue's second touchdown.

    "As soon as we got the first sack, I started to feel the momentum building," said Nesfield, who now has 30 tackles and 3 1/2 sacks. "It seemed like as each play kept going on, I could feel myself being closer to them. It kept building."

    for the full story click on the link above


    Opinions vary on bye timing

    By Tom Kubat, Journal and Courier

    "Finally, some momentum for the Purdue football team, and what do they get?

    Instead of trying to build on their 42-13 thrashing Saturday of lowly Northwestern, which broke a three-game losing streak, the Boilermakers get to sit in front of their televisions and watch other teams play this Saturday.

    Whether they would rather have the bye week or keep on playing depends on whom you ask.

    "I think the bye is real good for us, coming off the win, for us to settle down and not get too emotional," Purdue quarterback Brandon Kirsch said. "Because Ohio State is a much better team than Northwestern, so it gives us more time to prepare for them."

    The sixth-ranked and undefeated Buckeyes (9-0) are next up for the Boilermakers, when they visit Ross-Ade Stadium on Nov. 9.

    Truth be known, Tiller probably doesn't mind having the extra week to get ready for Ohio State and allow a few of his players to heal -- namely defensive tackle Craig Terrill (knee) and wide receiver John Standeford (pulled stomach muscle), both injured at Northwestern; and free safety Stuart Schweigert (calf), defensive end Kevin Nesfield (knee) and offensive guard Nick Hardwick (ankle)."

    for the full story click on the link above


    Kilgore learning value of defense
    Washington graduate seeing things Keady's way


    Tribune Staff Writer

    WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. -- It was a common scene last season for Purdue basketball fans. Darmetreis Kilgore would set up about four or five feet behind the 3-point arc, and let loose a shot that wasn't expected by the other Purdue players on the court.

    Then, Kilgore would compound the mistake by playing a "glance at them as they go by" style of defense that set as well with Purdue coach Gene Keady as a root canal minus the novocaine.

    Kilgore had to learn Keady's system last season under difficult circumstances after transferring from Tyler Junior College. More importantly, he had to learn to accept Keady's personality.

    "You know how I express myself," Keady said. "It's like, I'm going to kill you if you ask that question again. You could see by his face I was not the normal reaction he's ever gotten in coaching. I think he would have understood me better if we had red-shirted him."

    Kilgore said that he's matured a lot since last season and appreciates Keady more. If there are dreams about the NBA, they are unspoken this season. There is an effort on defense, a vow to take shots within the system.

    "He's been fun to coach since (last May)," Keady said. "He understands. Last year, I'd take him out, and he'd asked me why I took him out. I said, 'I beg your pardon? You don't ask me why I took you out. I took you out because you weren't worth a damn, you weren't doing your job, or you weren't guarding your guy, or you weren't scoring. Don't ask me during a game why I took you out. I'll explain it to you when we go over the film.'

    for the full story click on the link above


    Boilermaker men seek respect given women annually

    Spartans picked by coaches, media

    By Jeff Washburn, Journal and Courier

    CHICAGO -- This is the position from which the Purdue men's basketball team has been its most dangerous.

    When the Big Ten Conference staged its annual media day Sunday morning at the O'Hare Marriott, the Boilermakers -- neither individually nor collectively -- were anywhere to be found among the preseason honors handed down by sportswriters, broadcasters and coaches.

    But as Gene Keady and his players acknowledged, their recent track record -- a combined 30-33 the past two seasons -- doesn't warrant accolades.

    Michigan State, Indiana, Minnesota and Illinois -- according to coaches and the media -- will comprise the Big Ten's first four places.

    And despite the fact Purdue senior guard Willie Deane led the conference in scoring for all games last season, he isn't a preseason All-Big Ten pick."

    for the full story click on the link above


    Keady to Notre Dame: Not so fast

    Demand to open series at South Bend yields quick 'no'

    By Jeff Washburn, Journal and Courier

    "CHICAGO -- IU, Notre Dame and Bob Knight are subjects that immediately grasp the attention of any Purdue men's basketball fan.

    Those topics also have Gene Keady's attention, although he doesn't share the same eagerness to schedule the Fighting Irish or Knight's Texas Tech team as some Boilermaker fans.

    The anticipation of facing IU in a Dec. 14 non-conference game in the RCA Dome is greater among fans than it is for Keady.

    Now in his 23rd season at Purdue, Keady discussed the scheduling buzz Sunday during Big Ten's Basketball Media Day at the O'Hare Marriott.

    •The Boilermakers have not played Notre Dame since Jan. 4, 1966, when Purdue won 109-92 in South Bend.

    At a recent roast for Dick Vitale at Notre Dame, Fighting Irish coach Mike Brey told the gathering it appears the series is about to be renewed."

    for the full story click on the link above

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