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Old Gold Free Press Update For 9-20-2002

1 day to Wake Forest Game at Ross-Ade Stadium!!!

Date: 9/20/2002
Author: TexasBoiler

    Good mooring Boilermaniacs! In the latest print issue of GBI, Defensive Coordinator Brock Spack (after watching his D give up 400 yds of offense) referred to the way WMU disguised their plays well and that made it difficult for Purdue to defend. I did not see the game last week but from listening to McConnell and Quinn, I got the picture that we were telegraphing run or pass based on personnel in the game and formation on too many occasions for their liking. I think Jim Chaney is a very smart coach and I'd expect we'd see some more deception from our offense going forward. If you go back to 1997, when Tiller's spread offense sent shock waves throughout the Big 10, I don't think it was the fact that we were throwing the ball more times per game than we did in the Colletto Era that really scared opposing defensive coordinators. In fact, as I recall from our Homecoming Game dismantling of Wisconsin, it was the element of surprise (i.e., we're not sure what Purdue will do out of this formation) that led to us racking up 40 something points and many yards on the ground and through the air that afternoon. In addition, we were able to rotate two skilled RB's, keeping them fresh and more productive. I guess what I'm hoping to hear (notice I said not see) over the Internet radio broadcast this weekend is "Pete, I did not see that play call coming and neither did Wake Forest...what a great call by Jim Chaney!" or "Joe, I really like the way Purdue is rotating Montrell and Joey on non short yardage situations, we are seeing some fresh legs out there racking up some considerable yardage today!"

    Other things I'd like to hear..."it sure is nice to have Taylor Stubblefield back out here today"..."Orton is really doing a nice job of getting Chambers, Noel, and Davis involved in the passing game today and those guys have made a much better effort to get open"...(in the 4th quarter) "Purdue has not had a single turnover all afternoon"..."Pete Lougheed has been outstanding this afternoon and just pancaked the defender on that play"...and that's just a partial list.

    In any event, my prediction is...Boilers 34 - Wake Forest 13. I have to believe our guys want have a let down for the second straight week. I also believe that despite Wake sitting in a 3-3-5 defense (which is designed to stop the pass), we will get closer to a 50-50 run/pass ratio this weekend. That's all the predictions I'm going to make this time. Now I must get something off my chest about Boiler Football TV coverage thus far...I will be keeping track of every Big 10 team's TV exposure this year and IF I find that any team other than PSU, MICH, or OSU gets more games on the tube than us this year, I hope you will join me in a petition to The Big 10 and ESPN that politely expresses our anger!

    Here is a Big 10 TV scorecard after this weekend, excluding the Big 3 above thus far (the Big 3 are drawing crowds over 100k per home game, they have unbelievable long term fan bases, they are exempted in my book):

    Iowa - 4 of 4 games
    Wisco - 4 of 5 games (don't recall UNLV game)
    ILL - 3 of 4 games
    MSU - 3 of 4 games
    NW - 3 of 4 games
    IND - 1 of 4 games (don't recall Kentucky game)
    Minn - 1 of 4 games
    PUR - 1 of 4 games

    Does anyone smell the c.r.a.p I'm smelling? We've been put in the doldrums category with IND, and Minn and we've had much better records over the last 5 years.

    Far below is this weekend's schedule: will someone explain to me why Northwestern and Iowa's games are considered to be better TV draws than Purdue - Wake Forest? I think NW was on the first week vs Air Force on ABC and that game was a route after ther first quarter. The following week NW's game was on versus TCU. So now NW will have been on TV 3 times after this weekend while we will have been on once (not by ESPN networks mind you) vs ND. NW STINKS this year, give me a break!

    Iowa was on the first weekend vs powerhouse Akron. They were on the following weekend vs Miami (OH). They were on last weekend vs Iowa St (understandable, nice match up). This weekend there game is on vs. Utah St. UTAH ST???? Wake Forest is an ACC team at least. What did Iowa do to deserve 4 straight TV appearances?

    I think it goes without saying that I see the projected attendance of only 50,000 for tomorrow's contest and I'm VERY disappointed. I've got a ton of thoughts about this but for now I'm just going to bite my fingers. In today's edition, we have plenty of pre-game coverage on tomorrow's game and also from the Purdue Basketball world a nice article on Willie Deane, an advance look at Mackey Magic on October 19th, and a feature on the late Tiffany Young.



    Boilers look forward to new challenge in Demon Deacons

    By Jason Tomcsi
    Sports Editor§ion=sports&storyid=index

    "The Purdue Boilermakers will face an opponent from the Atlantic Coast Conference for the first time since 1996 Saturday when they face Wake Forest.

    It is a game head coach Joe Tiller is excited about.

    "I look forward to this game because I think it will be another challenge for our football team, unlike any we have had to date this season and really unlike any since we have been at Purdue," said Tiller.

    The Demon Deacons (1-2, 0-1 ACC) will bring a balanced rushing attack and a defensive scheme like the Boilers (2-1) haven't seen before.

    The Wake Forest running game is averaging 224.7 rushing yards per game this season. Last season the Deacons led the ACC with 221.6 yards per game and were ranked 10th in the nation. Wake Forest has adopted a running back by committee approach, using five different tailbacks."

    for the full story click on the link above


    Weekly Football Teleconference
    Coach and player quotes from Tuesday, September 17

    Sept. 17, 2002


    Joe Tiller, Head Coach

    On the Western Michigan game and previewing Wake Forest...
    "It was certainly nice to win a football game last Saturday. We played against a team that was better than most people gave them credit for. We didn't play as well as we are capable of playing, and yet we won the game. It's nice to have that type of experience, and hopefully we can learn from it as a football team. We play a Wake Forest team this week that is an athletic group. They are very opportunistic. We will try to execute offensively, and be very sharp defensively and create some turnovers."

    Kyle Orton, Jr., QB

    On what he needs to do to get more receivers involved in the offense...
    "Whatever play is called, I don't think, 'I'm throwing the ball to John (Standeford) on this one.' I'm going to go through my progression each time and I'm going to try to get the ball to whomever is open. If John is the guy that is open, I'll throw it to him. If someone else is open, I'll throw the ball his way. We have some great wide receivers and they can all make plays for us. It's early in the year, so we have to give some of the younger guys a few games under their belts. It's big in this game for someone else to have a breakout game to build confidence heading into the Big Ten season."

    for the full story click on the link above


    Boilers seek more options in passing game
    Standeford has 65% of Purdue receiving corps' total yards

    By Tom Kubat, Journal and Courier

    Besides making sure his players do a better job this week of getting their game faces on, Purdue coach Joe Tiller said Tuesday that the goal in practice will be to try to get more receivers involved in the Boilermakers' passing attack.

    Three games into the 2002 season, junior John Standeford has been virtually a one-man show when it comes to catching passes among the wideouts.

    Of the 33 passes caught by wide receivers to date, Standeford has been on the receiving end of 16. Of the 523 passing yards the wideouts have been responsible for, he has 339. He also has four of the five touchdown passes caught by the wide receivers.

    "Whether or not we'll be able to execute it remains to be seen, but our goal this week is to get more receivers involved," Tiller said. "I wouldn't call it a concern so much as I'd call it a goal.

    "That's what we're going to try to do on the practice field and hopefully in the game as well."

    for the full story click on the link above


    Offensive line works to improve blocking
    By Tom Lang
    Staff Writer§ion=sports&storyid=OLinewhathappened

    "After a surprisingly close game against Western Michigan, the offensive line is preparing for a seldom-seen defensive scheme on Saturday.

    "Definitely our preparation needs to be better, all the coaches told us 'these guys are going to come out pissing fire and vinegar and ready to get after us," senior center Gene Mruczkowski said. "It was evident in the game that we took those guys too lightly; we realized we need to go out and practice better this week; I think we did a better job practicing."

    The Western Michigan defense changed things up, giving many different looks to the offensive line.

    "Sometimes when you're playing teams who are doing crazy stuff with their blitz packages the games do get ugly," said Jim Chaney, offensive coordinator and offensive line coach. "So you've got to find a way to get one more point than them and get in that damn locker room, have a good time with the victory knowing that sometimes ugly is ugly but a 'W' is a 'W.'"

    for the full story click on the link above


    Tiller's bunch gets back in the groove


    By Andrew Hershberger
    Assistant Sports Editor§ion=sports&storyid=index

    "Although head football coach Joe Tiller said his team didn't properly prepare for the Western Michigan game, he believes that his team has learned from their mistakes.

    "If you were to ask me to make a judgment call," Tiller said at Tuesday's teleconference, "I'd say that based on Sunday's practice, we learned a lot last week. That was the best Sunday practice we've had all season."

    Tiller had noted after the Western Michigan game that the preceding week in practice had been a major disappointment. Quarterback Kyle Orton seconded that notion, saying that offensive coordinator Jim Chaney had told him that Thursday's practice was the worst he had seen.

    "Last year we had practice on Thanksgiving," Orton said. "So maybe then we had an excuse to not practice well. But there was no excuse for the poor practice last Thursday."

    for the full story click on the link above


    Purdue's 'other' safety an impact player
    Turner finds niche as physical tackler, thriving in Schweigert's shadow

    By Tom Kubat, Journal and Courier

    He may have had to switch from quarterback to strong safety because of Drew Brees. He may be overshadowed because of that other safety, Stuart Schweigert.

    But Ralph Turner has managed to carve out an impressive career with the Purdue football team.

    Turner, after making the switch from quarterback to the defensive backfield during the spring of his freshman year, has gone on to become a four-year starter in the Boilermaker secondary.

    "Like I told him, I thought last fall Ralph was playing as well as any safety around," Purdue secondary coach Ken Greene said. "He was really doing a good job. He was playing physical and he was playing the pass real well."

    for the full story click on the link above


    Wake Forest coach makes tough programs out of weak teams
    By Andrew Hershberger
    Assistant Sports Editor§ion=sports&storyid=wakeforestcoach

    "Wake Forest head coach Jim Grobe might not be someone everyone's heard of, but Purdue coach Joe Tiller thinks the world of him.

    "Jim has a good reputation as a professional, and always has," Tiller said at his weekly press conference. "He's not wet behind the ears. They'll have a good game plan week in and week out; that's why they were successful last year."

    Last year was Grobe's first at Wake Forest. He inherited a team that went 2-9 the season before and took it to a 6-5 record and a bowl berth.

    The five losses were all against bowl-bound teams - Maryland, Florida State, NC State, Clemson and Virginia Tech - and in three of those games, the Deacons were in position to either tie or go ahead late in the game."

    for the full story click on the link above


    In the Huddle

    Purdue Boilermakers

    by Michael Pointer

    "The opponent: The Boilermakers (2-1) play host to Wake Forest (1-2) Saturday at 1 p.m. at Ross-Ade Stadium (WNDE 1260-AM). A crowd of about 50,000 is expected. The Demon Deacons rely extensively on the option. On defense, they run an unusual three-stack alignment, rushing three down linemen on almost every play. "If (they) only rush three, you should be successful running the ball," Purdue quarterback Kyle Orton said. "But the problem is you've got to really be accurate with your throws."

    Injury update: Defensive end Shaun Phillips (concussion) has been cleared to play after missing the second half of last week's 28-24 victory over Western Michigan. Linebacker Landon Johnson (dislocated shoulder) has missed the past two games, but is expected to play. Wide receiver Taylor Stubblefield (fractured skull), who hasn't played this season, undergoes more testing on Thursday. It was originally thought Stubblefield was definitely out for Saturday, but Tiller said there's a chance he will play if given medical clearance. "He is smart, he is experienced and he has been practicing in non-live, non-contact situations," Tiller said. "It's not like if we called a particular pass route, Taylor would stand in the huddle and go, 'Duh?'"

    for the full story click on the above link


    Wake Forest (1-2) at Purdue (2-1)§ion=sports&storyid=editorspicks

    Hershberger's Hope: A 3-3 defense? I admit it's weird, but it's smartly geared toward stopping the pass. Purdue will have to calibrate its running attack against an under-populated defensive frontline in order for the offense to have success. This could be a game where a small, dart-like guy such as Montrell Lowe shines, catching passes out of the backfield and making defenders miss. Or Joey Harris could have a good day bowling through holes off guard. We'll just have to see what works. Either way, once both sides of the Boilermaker offense get rolling, they'll be tough to stop. Purdue gears up for Homecoming with a quality win, 33-17.

    Tomcsi's Testimony: Well, at least Wake Forest is in the ACC. This is the last team Purdue faces before getting into the Big Ten season, which is good timing for the Boilers to play a team from a quality conference. Wake Forest can run the ball effectively, which means the Boilermaker defense has got to do better than last week's performance. The Deacons are riding a two-game winning streak against the Big Ten. Both wins are against Northwestern before they sucked and were actually ranked. So now they are 2-8 against Big Ten teams, which is pretty weak. The Boilers will take some time to adjust to the linebacker and safety-ridden defense, but the offense will get it together. Boilers rebound from last week 36-21."

    for the full story click on the link above


    Spartan4Ever says:

    The Daily Word - Weekend Preview
    By Andy Gamm

    Editor's Note: Joining me this week, after going 9-2 in week four is Michigan State fan Spartan4Ever. Your host (me) is 27-7 so far this year. Play along this week, and every week, on the message board. Picks are due in by 11am EDT Saturday.

    "Wake Forest at Purdue - Game Time: 2:00pm EDT / TV: No coverage
    During the summer, many Purdue fans looked at this as a potential test before the Big Ten slate. Fast forward to mid-September and the answer is "maybe." Wake Forest has some talent, especially on offense, but the Demon Deacons only win is over an East Carolina team who helped snap hapless Duke's 23-game losing streak. Meanwhile, Purdue is still struggling to hit on all cylinders offensively. The ground game has taken a big step forward, but the passing game is still inconsistent. The defense has been a stabilizing force, yet Tiller's crew nearly lost to MAC upstart Western Michigan. Purdue is right where I had them pegged to be at this point, all be they a little less fearsome with the ball than I expected. This one may be close for a half, as Wake has a solid ground game, but when push comes to shove, this will be the breakout game for the Boilers. PURDUE 34 - WAKE FOREST 17. "


    Purdue's surprise substitutions caught on tape

    By Tom Kubat, Journal and Courier

    "Who is that masked man?

    The Purdue coaching staff got a surprise Sunday afternoon when they were reviewing tapes of Saturday's victory over Western Michigan.

    Most coaches wrestle with the decision of whether or not to use starters on special teams.

    Boilermaker coach Joe Tiller is rethinking that issue after what he saw on that tape.

    "We're doing a little bit of free substituting in those (special teams) situations," Tiller said. "We've got some guys that don't say anything to the kicking coach, they just find their buddy on the sideline and say, 'why don't you go in for me on this one?' It's not rampant, but we can't do that.

    "There's a couple starters that, on Sunday afternoon (on tape), we see a different guy is out there. That's when we find out about it, it's not like we're consciously making that substitution."

    for the full story click on the link above


    Michael Pointer: Purdue Q&A


    September 16, 2002

    "Question: What has happened to Purdue's wide receivers? We heard all spring and summer about the vast improvements and the exciting new additions. Obviously, Taylor Stubblefield is sorely missed, and John Standeford has been incredible. However, we have not heard much from Ray Williams, Anthony Chambers, etc. Why has there been such small offensive contributions from the wide receivers, excluding Standeford? (Ryan from Louisville, Ky.)

    Answer: Ryan, this is one time to exercise a little patience. It's still early and these guys never played Division I football before this season. I expect to see some good things from Chambers, in particular. As fast as Williams is, I expect to see his playing time increase as well.

    But it also should be pointed out that without Stubblefield, the learning curve is shortened considerably. If he doesn't return this season, this group is going to have to pick it up in a hurry. Somebody has got to take some attention away from Standeford. If I were playing Purdue right now, I would double-team him almost every play.

    You're right, we did hear a lot about these receivers. And if they aren't playing well later in the season, it's fair to ask, "What was the big deal?" But at the moment, it's a little too early."

    for the full story click on the link above


    Man on a mission
    Boilermakers receiver is bigger, faster and determined to prove his doubters wrong.
    By Pete DiPrimio
    of The News-Sentinel

    "WEST LAFAYETTE -- It is his fuel and his fire, this negativity that produced the mountain-sized chip on John Standeford's shoulders.

    The Purdue junior receiver still burns from doubters' pessimism. He remains driven by the need to show that he can thrive at a Big Ten football level, that he can beat elite defensive backs, that he is not some small-town bumpkin who should have stuck with basketball.

    "I'm sure there are a lot of doubters out there," he said. "They didn't think I should play football. They thought I was coming to play basketball. I didn't let that affect me. I came here to prove them wrong."

    Proof comes from a one-handed catch against Notre Dame and the winning touchdown reception against Western Michigan. The proof is in his 21.2-yard receiving average and his run at the Boilermakers' career reception, receiving yards and touchdown records. "

    for the full story click on the link above


    Wake Forest: Scouting Report


    Date: 09/19/2002
    Author: jefflytle

    Wake Forest 2002 scores:
    Wake Forest 41 Northern Illinois 42
    Wake Forest 27 East Carolina 22
    Wake Forest 13 North Carolina State 32

    Head Coach Jim Grobe is in his second season at Wake Forest with a record of 7-7. Prior to coaching WF Grobe was the Head Coach at Ohio University (MAC) and compiled a 33-33-1 record over six season. Coach Grobe is 1-4 against the Big Ten, defeating Minnesota 23-17 September 9, 2000 at Minneapolis. Coach Grobe was Linebacker Coach at Air Force (WAC) when Coach Tiller was Head Coach at Wyoming (WAC). They met four times, 1991-94, Wyoming won three games and Air Force won once. Wyoming outscored Air Force by 145 to 104 in the four games. Wake Forest Defensive Line Coach Ray McCartney's coaching experience includes 5 seasons, 1989-94, at Ball State. Purdue defeated Ball State in 1994 41-29.

    Offensively, WF has totaled 674 yards rushing and 475 yards passing for the first three games of 2002. They uses a no-huddle offense with one, two, or three backs. No WF back has rushed for 100 yards in a game this season. Wide Receiver Fabian Davis was the leading rusher in North Carolina State game with 55 yards on three carries. Davis also returns kickoffs and punts. He is currently 24th in the nation for All-Purpose Running: 159 yards rushing; 139 yards receiving; 129 yards punt returns; 39 yards kickoff returns; averaging 155.33 yards per game; averaging 15.03 yards per play. Short yardage back Ovie Mughelli weighs 248 pounds (body fat percentage unknown) and has 5 touchdowns this season. Senior QB James MacPherson has appeared in 22 games and has 14 career starts. MacPherson's career passing are: 258-477 (54 percent); 3,306 yards; 10 touchdowns; 17 interceptions.

    Wake Forest usually uses a 3-3-5 defensive scheme. All of the linemen weigh around 270 pounds. Senior DE Calvin Pace is the most experienced with 24 career starts. For his career Pace has 22 sacks and 37.5 tackles for loss for a total of 321 yards. Of the nine players listed on the depth chart as linebacker, only three weigh more than 218 pounds. Linebacker Dion Williams was the leading tackler against North Carolina State with 7 solos, 1 assist, and 1 tackle for loss.


    Deane is ready to lead Purdue by example
    Boilermakers need him to be consistent in the backcourt.
    By Pete DiPrimio
    of The News-Sentinel

    "WEST LAFAYETTE -- Perception isn't reality, Willie Deane insisted. Yes, his hair is bigger. No, his physique is not.

    "Everybody says that I look bigger, but I think it's the hair," the Purdue senior guard said about his conversion from cornrow style to a fuller look. "The word on the street is that it looks like I've lifted. And I have worked hard in the weight room, but I haven't noticed a change."

    For two years, Deane drew notice with his game -- a blend of quickness and creativity that made him the Boilermakers' premier offensive threat and last season's Big Ten scoring champ.

    And if bigger hair makes people think the 6-1, 196-pounder has a bigger body and added strength, well, Deane isn't complaining. Neither, it seems, is coach Gene Keady.

    "It's just a new look I have going," Deane said. "As far as whether I keep it, we'll see what happens. Coach is lenient. As long as I keep it neat, he doesn't care."

    for the full story click on the link above


    Got the scoop on Mackey Magic - Sat Oct 19th

    ...they are waiting on a time for the football game vs Michigan on October 19th to be announced, but the event will be after the football game.

    "Our plans are to host an event immediately following the FB game. We're
    guessing that our game will get either an 11:10 or 2:30 k/o. My best guess
    is Wisc./OSU will get 2:30 and we'll get the 11:10.

    Regardless -- the basketball event will follow the game and will include
    both the women's and men's teams. Coach Keady is all for this as he will
    have several recruits in that day.

    Change of subject -- I'm currently working on a revision of the Gene Pool.
    There's no way we can have empty court-side seats in the student section
    this year."


    Tiffany Young Center nears reality

    Groundbreaking scheduled for Sept. 28

    By Mike Carmin, Journal and Courier

    "Billy Ray Young had to stop the car as he drove up to the Elks Country Club entrance Wednesday morning.

    Signs sitting on the side the road welcomed patrons to the third annual Tiffany Young Memorial Golf Outing.

    "When we drove up to the club and looked at the welcome signs in her honor ... it was indescribable," Billy Ray said. "We just stopped on the road and looked."

    Tiffany Young, a three-year member of the Purdue women's basketball program, died July 31, 1999 in a car crash after being hit by a drunk driver. Young played a reserve role during the 1998-99 NCAA national championship season."

    for the full story click on the link above

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