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Old Gold Free Press Update For 9-17-2002

4 days to Wake Forest Game at Ross-Ade Stadium!!!

Date: 9/17/2002
Author: TexasBoiler

    Hello again, everybody. As you all know, we squeaked by a very competitive MAC team on Saturday in Western Michigan. WMU turned out to be much more competitive than most of us expected. Our guys came through in the clutch but it was entirely too close for comfort and we were exposed in a number of areas this past Saturday. My attempt at a Report Card follows, and I say attempt because I had no video footage to fully evaluate things. Also today, all the post game coverage you can handle from around The Net.... and some encouraging comments from Montrell Lowe about Purdue Fans including this one..."The fact that the fans are offering their support is one of the reasons I became a Boilermaker," Lowe said. "They have been outstanding. All week when I have been going through the storm they have been there for me. It's greatly appreciated."

    In addition, we have some recruiting updates on verbals WR/ATH Jake Cunningham, QB Scott Carroll, and some other recruits...some great tidbits on our NFL Boilers paying homage to Purdue (Rosie Colvin and Drew Brees) and a couple of updates on Rod Woodson and Matt Light (will he beat Brees to the Pro Bowl?).

    Finally, some Wake Forest game previews and a look at next year's ticket price situation.

    p.s. a suggestion for those of you looking to buy (or give away like I did last weekend) or sell tickets for this weekend...check out our FREE ticket exchange forum at:

    Hopefully, you will find a way to make it to the game, but if you can't it only helps to have someone take your place.



    Barclay's Report Card for Purdue - WMU

    Offensive Line... (C-)

    Perhaps Orton did not have them aligned correctly with his checkoffs at the line of scrimmage but my gut says that these guys really struggled against WMU. Orton getting sacked 5 times and hit 19 times by a MAC team defense is simply unacceptable in my book. We have got to protect the QB better in pass situation than that, period. Run blocking seemed to be slightly above average and balanced out their grade.

    Running Backs... (C)

    Lowe and Void had decent yards per carry (5.2 and 7.8 respectively) while Harris struggled (3.4). Harris also had a disastrous fumble in the WMU red zone when we might have been going in to tie the game at 14. To his credit, he had a very nice TD run that turned out to be crucial. Void fumbled twice, one of which was luckily recoverd by Rob Turner for a key TD and another that WMU recovered and it was costly. Montrell Lowe deserves more carries than 6 per game. He's had the long gain the last 2 games and has fumbled the least the last 2 weeks. Overall, these guys had 32 carries for 157 yards for a 4.9 ypc average which is solid but the fumbles brought their grade down.

    Wide Receivers/Tight Ends... (C)

    Standeford was the best WR on the field Saturday once again and from what I hear we should've gone deep to him a couple more times as he was abusing his cover guy. Standeford dominated with 7 catches for 143 yards and 2 long TD catches. I'm trying to recall but he may have a couple drops on the day. Still, he made 2 HUGE TD plays and he gets an A -. Charles Davis at TE had 2 nice grabs before going down with an injury. The rest of the guys befuddle they know the offense, are they getting open, what is going on? Chambers and Wilson got a catch each but I expect more. Where is Kevin Noel in this offense? What happened to Drew Rucks after the first game? I know the QB was getting harassed, but if they blitz, someone need to get open quickly and it did not sound like that was happending. 4 of 16 on 3rd down conversions is inept for Purdue's offense and I think this group shares in the blame. Someone needs to step and help JS as soon as possible.

    Quarterbacks... (C)

    I'm (once again) struggling with 16-30 and a slightly better than 50% completion rate. Granted, Kyle may have thrown the ball away correctly at times, he was under too much pressure, and his WR's may share the blame for not getting open as often or as quickly as they should have. However, I still don't have proof that Kyle is seeing the entire field and identifying the best option to throw the ball to. Also, it seems like is missing some check offs to align proper pass protection. The QB has to share in the blame when we only convert 4 of 16 3rd down opportunities against a MAC opponent. Enough of my nitpicking though. Kyle throws one heck of a medium to deep ball. Like many, I'd like to see us give him more chances to throw these balls. We still have to remember that Kyle is relatively young in this system and he is still getting comfortable with his reads. He led us to a game winning drive when many were casting doubts upon the team down the stretch. He passed the test of leading a come from behind victory and should be commended for that.

    Defensive Line... (A-)

    Holy Craig Terrill! 3 sacks for a DT is outstanding and he should get a game ball along with Punter Brent Slaton and WR John Standeford. Phillips got another sack in limited play, Vedran Dzolovic got his first sack, Grover got a sack, and 3rd stringer Doug Swann had a crucial sack late in the game. It seems like our d-line was doing their job stuffing the run (minus the 59 yarder from Reed which may not have been their fault) and getting pressure on their QB's.

    Linebackers... (C-)

    Niko Koutovides led the LB's again with 6 tackles, 2 for loss, and a sack. Still, it seemed like he and the other LB's were unable to stymie the Broncos passing game, and I wonder what happened to them on Reed's 59 yd TD scamper and other big plays. I think I expect so much from this group that I may be too harsh on them. Odom dropped an easy INT from what I hear. Overall, I just did not hear enough big plays from this group. These guys are the heart of the defense and must do more to keep teams from racking up 400 yards of offense against us.

    Safeties... (C-)

    Despite getting his record breaking 12th INT, STU will be the first to admit that he had a lousy game. He only had 3 stops on the afternoon and as the other QB of the defense (Niko being the other), we need him to make more plays than that. His comrade, Ralph Turner had a solid effort with 7 tackles and a key pass break up to end the game. Deaunte Ferrell got a nice sack of the bench. Net, net this group allowed to many passing yards and has to get better this week as they barely passed and nearly failed last weekend.

    Cornerbacks... (C-)

    Like the safeties, these guys had some positives but mostly they left too many guys open and gave up too many yards. From what I hear WMU dropped several passes or these guys may have been torched even worse. Rogers did have 7 tackles and a pick on the plus side. Net, net this group allowed to many passing yards and has to get better this week as they barely passed and nearly failed last weekend.

    Special Teams... (B)

    Punter Brent Slaton gets a game ball for averaging 41.7 yds per punt on 10 punts! He also had a long of 64 and pinned one or two inside WMU's 20. Kicker Berin Lacevic has been very steady. We gave up one long kick off return and did nothing to speak of on our punt and kickoff returns.

    Coaches... (C-)

    They found a way to coach a victory from the jaws of defeat. We are running the ball better than before but we our getting killed by fumbles. We have to get better in deceiving the opponent on offense. Even Joe McConnell was predicting play calls based on personnel and formation. 347 yards of offense and 4 of 16 on 3rd downs concerns me greatly against a MAC team. I'd like to see us get pass protection nailed down and throw the football more efficiently. We will put up more points when Orton completes 20+ passes per game.

    Defensively, we have to get better with eliminating big plays. I don't think our guys came out with the fire they needed to last weekend.

    Fans... (C-)

    It's hard for me to give a slightly passing grade when paid attendance is only 55,000. We were drawing 58-62k for MAC teams in the past. I know ticket prices went up slightly, we are coming off a down year, and the economy stinks BUT we should be at least at 60k for these games. The reason that the fans passed slightly is because I could hear em making some outstanding noise on some key 3rd downs when WMU had the football. I think WMU even got a motion penalty late because of fan noise. For those contributing, nice work! Still, as Tiller said on his radio show last night, we need more of that type of effort from the fans..."I'd love to see that for a full 60 minutes". To that I say, why the heck not, Boiler Fans?
    Ross-Ade Photo Gallery, Latest Renovation Photos
    Sept. 12, 2002

    Purdue - Western Michigan by the numbers

    click on the link for ALL the stats

    purdue 28, w. Michigan 24
    Standeford's TD protects Purdue from humiliation
    By Michael Pointer
    September 15, 2002
    "WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. -- The glowing reports that surrounded John Standeford in preseason camp are turning out to be true.
    Good thing for the Purdue football team. Without him, the Boilermakers would have been handed a highly embarrassing loss on Saturday.
    The junior wide receiver caught a go-ahead, 30-yard touchdown pass from quarterback Kyle Orton with 5:26 left, and the Purdue defense thwarted Western Michigan the rest of the way to preserve a 28-24 victory.
    "I get pretty excited when they come out there and guard me one-on-one," said Standeford, who finished with seven catches for 143 yards and two touchdowns. "Any receiver would like that."
    "I think we've got some other guys that can make plays," Purdue coach Joe Tiller said. "I just don't think they really understand the offense yet and I don't think our quarterback (Kyle Orton) has the greatest confidence in them. If I was him, I would look to No. 82."
    for the full story click on the above link

    Purdue avoids embarrassing setback
    By Jeff Washburn, Journal and Courier
    "The Purdue football team got away with one Saturday in Ross-Ade Stadium.
    Outgained -- and outplayed for the most part -- by Western Michigan, the Boilermakers' collective sigh of relief after this 28-24 victory could be heard as far away as Kalamazoo.
    This one had all the makings of a season-ruining trainwreck -- a 1-2 start including a loss at home to a Mid-American Conference school -- until the cavalry arrived in the form of Kyle Orton's game-winning touchdown pass to John Standeford with 5:26 remaining.
    You may have read in this space last week that Joe Tiller-coached Purdue teams are a collective 0-9 at Notre Dame, at Michigan, at Ohio State and at Penn State.
    But to its credit -- and this is the biggest difference in Boilermaker football pre-Tiller vs. the Tiller era -- Purdue is 21-1 against unranked foes in Ross-Ade for its current head coach."
    for the full story click on the link above
    Boilermakers post career highs against Broncos
    By Andrew Hershberger
    Assistant Sports Editor§ion=sports&storyid=wmusidebar

    "With last year's top receiver out due to injury, Purdue quarterback Kyle Orton has had to find another go-to receiver.

    He may have found one in junior John Standeford, who caught seven passes for a career-high 143 yards in Purdue's 28-24 win over Western Michigan Saturday.

    He caught two touchdown passes from Orton - a 35-yard strike in the first quarter and a 30-yard completion in the fourth to put the game away - and continued to show his growth as a receiver, fighting to get open on nearly every play.

    "I see John making progress as he's getting physically bigger," head coach Joe Tiller said. "He really hasn't done anything different than he has in the past, except he is a little stronger and a half-step faster. He has a little more endurance and we are able to get him in the game at the right times."

    Of the seven catches Standeford had Saturday, five were for a first down. A 45-yard catch in the fourth quarter - his career-long reception - led to the game-winning touchdown."
    for the full story click on the link above
    Boilermakers survive scare
    Tiller blames lack of focus for near upset
    By Tom Kubat, Journal and Courier
    "The most popular word being bandied about after Purdue escaped with a 28-24 victory Saturday over Western Michigan?
    This was definitely an Alka Seltzer game for the Boilermakers and their fans.
    "They did not prepare themselves well this week," Purdue coach Joe Tiller said. "The way we practiced this week, we should not have won this game."
    The Boilermakers didn't earn many style points. They certainly won't receive many power rating points.
    But they did get the win."
    for the full story click on the above link
    Monday Morning quarterback
    Michael Pointer
    "Saturday was a big day for former Lebanon High School star Craig Terrill, who recorded a career-best three sacks, one short of the school record.
    "We knew this team was going to throw the ball," Terrill said. "That was the backbone of their offense. We needed push from our tackles. I kind of took it personal to pick up my pass rush."
    Tiller said Sunday that defensive end Shaun Phillips, who suffered a concussion, has been cleared to participate in non-contact drills."
    for the full story click on the link above

    Excess hits diminish Orton's play
    Tiller backs off criticism of QB
    By Tom Kubat, Journal and Courier
    "Following the Boilermakers' too-close-for-comfort 28-24 victory Saturday over Western Michigan, Purdue coach Joe Tiller said he thought it was quarterback Kyle Orton's worst outing of the young season.
    After reviewing tapes of the game, Tiller softened his stance.
    "I was probably too critical after the game," the coach said Sunday afternoon. "I made a comment that it was his poorest game. I don't know about that. He actually didn't play all that poorly.
    "He did miss some checks, but the coaching staff counted and he was hit 19 times, which is way too much for any quarterback to take."
    for the full story click on the link above
    Purdue punter unsung hero
    By Jeff Washburn, Journal and Courier
    "Brent Slaton didn't score a point, gain a yard or make a tackle during Purdue's 28-24 victory against Western Michigan.
    But the junior punter's 41.7-yard average -- including five that rolled dead inside the Broncos' 20-yard line -- was instrumental in the Boilermakers' come-from-behind triumph.
    Slaton, a native of Rusk, Texas, who transferred from Kilgore Junior College, has transitioned nicely as the replacement for 2001 Ray Guy Award winner Travis Dorsch, now a member of the NFL's Cincinnati Bengals.
    The first-year Boilermaker's 64-yard punt Saturday is a career long, and his 10-punt average also is his single-game best.
    With 2:13 remaining and Purdue protecting a four-point lead, Slaton's 31-yard touch punt rolled dead at the Broncos' 15-yard line."
    for the full story click on the link above
    Stronger, faster Standeford enjoys go-to status
    By Brendan Murphy, Journal and Courier
    "As a senior at Monrovia High School, John Standeford was a two-sport Indiana All-Star, excelling at football and basketball. He caught 133 passes for the football team, including 39 for 879 yards and eight touchdowns as a senior.
    The Purdue junior was ranked as the 20th best receiver in the country by Prep Football Report and was rated as the 75th best overall player by SuperPrep. Yet, those accomplishments weren't enough to erase doubts in the minds of many football experts.
    "Coming from a small town like I did, people didn't expect me to play here," Standeford said. "I just come out here and try to prove people wrong. I just want to step up and make the big plays."
    Well, if the bulked-up Standeford's performance through the first three games this season is any barometer, he'll continue to prove tons of people wrong.

    for the full story click on the link above
    Schweigert picks off record
    Junior snares 12th interception
    By Tom Kubat, Journal and Courier
    The crowd broke into the now-familiar chant of "Stu, Stu, Stu."
    As Purdue junior free safety Stuart Schweigert was leaving Ross-Ade Stadium after the Boilermakers' 28-24 victory Saturday over Western Michigan, he high-fived many fans wearing "No. 9" Purdue jerseys.
    That's because the real No. 9, with 39 seconds remaining in the third quarter, intercepted Western Michigan quarterback Chad Munson's pass over the middle.
    The interception was Schweigert's 12th career pick, which broke the Purdue record.
    "It's great to be on top of a list with such great athletes such as an all-pro NFL player," Schweigert said afterward. "It's great to accomplish something that he didn't accomplish. I have so much respect for him."
    for the full story click on the link above
    purdue notebook
    Safety Schweigert nabs record 12th interception
    Junior had hoped to set the mark against Notre Dame, but he enjoys it nonetheless.
    By Michael Pointer
    September 15, 2002
    "WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. -- Stuart Schweigert dreamed of the perfect way to break the Purdue career interception record.
    It would come in last week's game at Notre Dame. He would pick off a pass and return it for a game-winning touchdown.
    It didn't happen. Purdue lost 24-17, and Schweigert had to wait until Saturday's 28-24 victory over Western Michigan.
    The Broncos faced a third-and-13 at the Purdue 47-yard line with 3:02 left in the third quarter. Quarterback Chad Munson threw under pressure and Schweigert easily made the 12th interception of his career, returning it 2 yards to the Purdue 18-yard line.
    "It's not exactly the way I dreamed about it," the junior free safety said. "But it's the 12th interception and I'm happy to get it."
    for the full story click on the above link
    Lowe makes productive return
    By Brendan Murphy and Jeff Washburn, Journal and Courier
    "As Montrell Lowe walked off the Ross-Ade Stadium turf and headed for the locker room after Saturday's game, he was besieged by fans offering their support for the running back.
    Normally, Lowe hears the cheers from the fans after he scores a touchdown or breaks off a big run to get the Boilermakers in scoring position. This time it was for a different reason. It was simply to show the fans are behind Lowe as he battles with his demotion at running back.
    "It feels great," said Lowe of all the support he has received. "All week and the last few I have been getting a great reception from the fans. I've been getting e-mails from California, Texas and all over. E-mails, letters, everything. If I could thank each and every fan that has supported me I would."
    Although Lowe was listed as the No. 2 running back behind Joey Harris on the depth chart, freshman Jerod Void was inserted into the lineup before Lowe. What's more, the fifth-year senior didn't see any action until the final minute of the third quarter, when he rushed for 3 yards and received a standing ovation from the fans.
    Later, Lowe broke free and turned on the speed to dash 32 yards to the Western Michigan 39. It was vintage Montrell Lowe.
    "The fact that the fans are offering their support is one of the reasons I became a Boilermaker," Lowe said. "They have been outstanding. All week when I have been going through the storm they have been there for me. It's greatly appreciated."
    click on the above link for the full story
    Updates on verbals...WR/ATH Jake Cunningham, QB Scott Carroll, and RB recruit John Wall
    Posted by: DaKnuckleheadTexasBoiler on September 16, 2002 at 09:31:00 - IP
    From "KnuckleHonk" on Jake...
    Pontiac won big. Jake had some of the best runs in his high school career,
    wait until you see these highlights. Jake's plyometric training we learned
    from Don Beebe really has paid off. Jake is running more explosively, he
    looks much quicker this year. Jake would have had 4 TD's when Bloomington
    Central Catholic decided to punt one to him in the third quarter. Jake
    returned it for a 50yd TD, it was one of his best PR's, but it was called back
    because of a clipping penalty and Jake was already past where the clip took
    place (darn). Jake didn't play any in the fourth quarter. I think he had 150
    on about 13 carries.
    Radio announcer said," I don't know what position Jake Cunningham is be
    recruited at, but Purdue is going to get one great athlete."
    QB Scott Carroll from the football board via LA BOILER...
    "Called my brother in K.C. and he told me that he went to Scott C.'s game against Winnetonka High. He was 13 for 15, throwing for 264 yards in a huge victory. My brother said that this kid was awsome with his precision passing game.!!!"
    RB John Wall from Dallas, TX had 20 carries for 228 yards and 3 TD's. Long run was a 52 yd touchdown

    We've got first visit for 5-star LB/DE Lamarr Woodley on 9-28
    Posted by: DaKnuckleheadTexasBoiler on September 16, 2002 at 17:09:05 - IP
    Woodley is from Saginaw, MI and is teammates with 4-star RB Jerome Jackson who is highly considering us. Woodley seems to be in love with the Miami Hurricanes but we are considered to be in his top 5.
    If Woodley likes the NFL pipeline for DE's/Rush LB's, then he ought to check out the NFL Sack leaders list where 2 former Purdue DE's, Rosevelt ("how bout Purdue", he said after the game in which he sacked Mike Vick twice this last weekend) Colvin and Chike Okeafor are tied for 2nd and 3rd respectively.

    Brees representing Purdue...
    Posted by: RossMackey84 on September 17, 2002 at 07:50:58 - IP
    Anyone see...
    Drew on ESPN News last night?
    They did a live "look-in" on the Chargers' Monday press conference and there was our guy, resplendent in a Purdue "slant-P" baseball cap.
    I realize Drew has (and will continue to be) a wonderful representative of his alma mater, and he has certainly done more significant things in the way of university/community service, but I can't tell you how proud I was to see that gold P...
    A simple, yet obvious statement of his loyalty to his school. I can't help but think that we've only seen the tip of the iceberg of the incredibly positive impact this young man will have for Purdue.
    (of course, I KNOW a lot of what makes Purdue such a special place has rubbed off on him as well!)

    Rosie Colvin, after Bears sealed victory yells..
    Posted by: Chicago Joe on September 15, 2002 at 15:32:35 - IP
    "how about Purdue!" into the WGN Radio field microphone. Jeff Joniak, Bears announcer, repeated Rosie's Purdue comment.
    Matt Light continues to impress in the NFL
    Posted by: DaKnuckleheadTexasBoiler on September 16, 2002 at 11:29:27 - IP
    I bet Orton would love to have Light in the line up after Saturday's constant pressure.
    Jets defensive end John Abraham has given Patriots tackle Matt Light problems because of his strength and quickness, but Light did a fine job protecting Tom Brady yesterday. The Patriots quarterback was not sacked and Abraham, who does rush from different spots, couldn't penetrate Light or any of his linemates.
    Abraham wound up with five tackles, and had some hurries on Brady, but he didn't get much else. Light pass blocked very well, and was also a factor in the running game that racked up 163 yards."
    Hadn't seen it posted, but Akin started against KC...
    Posted by: BoilerDav on September 17, 2002 at 08:05:42 - IP
    on Sunday!
    Don't know what the situation at LB is there, but Akin getting a start in only his 2nd game is outstanding. Tallied 3 solo's and one assist.
    Continuing on the NFL Boiler theme...did you know?
    Posted by: DaKnuckleheadTexasBoiler on September 16, 2002 at 15:33:18 - IP
    Rod Woodson is just 43 interception return yards away from passing Emlen Tunnel (1,282) to be 1st on the all-time list in that category.
    Is it possible that Rod Woodson may retire from the game as one of the top 3-5 NFL defensive backs to ever play the game? It just seems like he has been mighty productive for 15 seasons and few have done it better for that long at DB.
    Answer: Here is that NFL 75th Anniversary Team that includes Rod Woodson
    Posted by: Pa Boiler Knucklehead on September 16, 2002 at 19:44:36 - IP
    In Reply to: You are correct.... <28261.shtml> posted by Pa Boiler Knucklehead on September 16, 2002 at 19:12:12:
    Rod made the team while still an active player still in mid-career. Not bad considering most of the other players were already retired.

    Wake Forest Scouting Report
    by RaleighBoiler
    In Reply to: Wake Forest <28268.shtml> posted by Smattson on September 16, 2002 at 19:46:17:
    Mindful of the risk of this being my first post (despite having reviewed the boards on a daily basis for a few years), I believe I perhaps am in a fairly good position to give a comparative analysis of the upcoming game. I am a Purdue engineering grad and a WFU law school grad, having been born in Lafayette, but lived in NC for the last 25+ years. I watch every Purdue game I can (ESPN Game Plan, went to the Rose Bowl, etc.) and have seen the Deacons under Grobe (he is in his second year as their head coach) several times last year and twice this year. The following are my thoughts:
    OVERALL: WFU is very, very thin, depth wise. They seldom sub on either side of the ball (the one exception being the running back position and occasionally their QB). This was especially evident in the NCSU game this past week. Even when NCSU was in an obvious passing situation (i.e., third and long), WFU stayed with their base defensive package - no nickel back. In both games I witnessed and the one I listened to on the radio, they tend to tire in the fourth quarter. Nevertheless they are well coached, fairly well disciplined, and will give a 100%. (Last year at UNC they came back from a 21-24 point half time deficit and won.)
    OFFENSE: They run an offense that I doubt Purdue has played against in the past few seasons, if ever. While it is somewhat like NW's (i.e., no huddle, hurry up) it is still very different from NW's as WFU's is primarily run oriented. They rely heavily on misdirection and trying to get their running backs and wide receivers to the edge. They do this by running some option (although their starting QB (McPherson) is not too much of a running threat) and a number of various reverses and double reverses. Most teams seem to have trouble adjusting to their schemes in the first quarter as it requires the outside linebackers and defensive ends to be very disciplined. Despite what I said about last year's UNC game above, WFU tends to be most effective and/or get most of their points in the first half (this has been the pattern their first three games this season). I believe this to be caused by a combination of the opponent's halftime adjustments and WFU's lack of depth noted above. They really try to stretch the field horizontally with their reverses and then try to bust you inside with their fairly large and powerful back Maghele (sp?). They are not very effective vertically. Although they have some speed at wideout (Davis Young), neither their starting QB nor their backup is a deep passing threat. The passing touchdown they got against NCSU was just a blown coverage by the secondary - no one was within ten yards of the receiver.
    DEFENSE: Quite frankly, I think WFU is very weak on defense. While they do not necessarily give up the big play, they cannot ever seem to stop anybody. They have to rely on the other team's mistakes (and I say mistakes because their positive turnover margin is something that I do not think they are necessarily "earning"). They are not very good against the run (Pace is really their only standout on the defensive line) and worse against the pass. Their secondary plays very passive, keeping everything in front of them (sound familiar) and are not very big or particularly fast. As mentioned above, they are very thin depth wise and I believe if Purdue constantly rotates receivers (assuming we ever decide to throw the ball), it should have success late, if not early. Of course, WFU's run defense is so vulnerable that Cheney may decide not to throw much and so WFU's secondary weakness may never be exposed. Play action and throws to the tight end should be wide open as their linebackers like to take deep drops - again, keeping everything in front of them - and let the other team make a mistake.
    SPECIAL TEAMS: Their place kicking game is atrocious and may be the worst in major college. The field goal kicker's range is non-existent and he has already missed two out of seven PAT's - not bad snaps, bad holds or blocks, just flat out missed. His first attempt in the NCSU game had to be 10 feet wide and his first field goal was at least fifteen yards wide - no exaggeration. This is, in part, why WFU went for two in the first overtime against NIU. Their return teams, on the other had, are dangerous - punt returns probably more so than kickoff. Fabian Davis is a treat to take it all the way. I really do not have much of an opinion on their coverage teams other than to say that they do not have a plethora of team speed. They do not seem to have any glaring errors in this regard, but their lack of overall team speed probably makes them average at best.
    Conclusion: While I did not see the WMU game, I would be very surprised if WFU is as talented as WMU seems to be. If Purdue does not self-destruct by turning the ball over and plays with some intensity on defense, I believe Purdue should win by 17 - even with Purdue's predictability on offense. With Purdue's overall depth on defense and at the running back and wide receiver postions, they should expect to score at least 30 and I do not see WFU scoring more than 13.
    Football Game Notes
    Purdue-Wake Forest: Sept. 21, 2002
    Sept. 16, 2002
    "Purdue Boilermakers (2-1, 0-0 Big Ten)
    vs. Wake Forest Demon Deacons (1-2, 0-1 ACC)
    Ross-Ade Stadium (66,295) - West Lafayette, Indiana
    September 21, 2002 - 1 p.m. EST - P-Awards
    ALL-TIME RECORD: 524-448-48 (.537) - 115th season
    BIG TEN RECORD: 280-312-32 (.474) - 107th season
    RADIO: Boilermaker Sports Network (Flagship - WAZY, 96.5 FM, West Lafayette) - Joe McConnell (play-by-play), Pete Quinn (color commentary), Brett Schetzsle (sideline), Tim Newton (pregame/halftime/postgame)
    TELEVISION: none
    A LOOK AT THE BOILERMAKERS: The Purdue football team, under sixth-year head coach Joe Tiller , plays host to Wake Forest, of the Atlantic Coast Conference, on Saturday, Sept. 21, at Ross-Ade Stadium in West Lafayette, Ind. It is the second of three straight home games for the Boilermakers. Purdue is 2-1 with a 51-10 win over Illinois State at home Aug. 31, a 24-17 loss at No. 23 Notre Dame on Sept. 7 and a 28-24 win over Western Michigan at home Sept. 14. Purdue is one of merely two schools in the Big Ten Conference and one of only 13 nationally to play in a bowl game each of the last five seasons.
    * They will be 3-1 for the third time in six seasons under head coach Joe Tiller (also 1997 and 2000). Purdue was 4-0 in 1999 and 2001 and 2-2 in 1998.
    * They will improve to 28-5 at home under Tiller.
    * Tiller will move into a second-place tie on the Purdue career wins list with 42 (with Noble Kizer, 1930-36). "
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    Purdue News

    September 13, 2002 Athletic ticket prices unchanged for 2003; prime Ross-Ade seating option introduced WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. - Due to current economic concerns and conditions, the Purdue University Division of Intercollegiate Athletics will freeze all ticket prices for the next fiscal year with one exception under a plan approved today (Friday, 9/13) by the board of trustees. "We realize the uncertainty of the economy and its impact on our fans," said Morgan Burke, director of intercollegiate athletics. "In recognition, we recommended a freeze with one exception, which affects Ross-Ade Stadium. Prices for a portion of the seats in Ross-Ade Stadium, which is currently undergoing a $70 million renovation, will increase in 2003 under the approved plan. Those seats in all rows located behind the home and visitor benches will be designated as prime seats." Prices will increase $10 per ticket per game for these prime seats, Burke said. The prices will take effect fall 2003, although the seat-selection process for next year will begin just after Jan. 1. James S. Almond, vice president for business services and assistant treasurer, said the new price structure will help offset revenue loss due to a reduction in stadium seating capacity. "We will lose more than 4,500 seats when the first phase of the stadium renovation is complete," Almond said. "These price changes were recommended as part of the seating reallocation necessitated by the project." Under the new plan, raising ticket prices by $10 per game for 7,524 seats in the newly designated prime areas will recover an estimated $75,000 per game, or about 40 percent of what will be lost. The price for most Ross-Ade tickets will remain the same as last year, Burke said. Roughly 12 percent of seats in Ross-Ade Stadium will increase under the tiered pricing system. The 2002 capacity is 66,295, but that will be reduced to roughly 62,500 in 2003. Before the start of the renovation project, capacity was 67,332. As in the past, tickets for "premium" games against Ohio State, Michigan, Indiana, Notre Dame and Penn State will be $5 more than other games. In 2003, Notre Dame and Penn State visit Ross-Ade Stadium. For the seven-game 2003 home schedule, general public prime season tickets for those selecting seats will be $294. This is based on seven games at $42 per game. Ticket prices will not increase in the rest of the stadium. In 2003, general public season tickets for seats beyond the home and visitor benches will be $224, based on seven games at $32 per game. Beginning in February, all season ticket holders who are John Purdue Club members will choose new seats, with the option of choosing and paying for seats online, via telephone or in person. General public seating will be assigned after John Purdue Club members have chosen their seats. The seat reallocation is the result of widened seats and aisles, the addition of increased spots for fans in wheelchairs, and the addition of a 1,450-seat outdoor club seating section on the west side of the stadium. As of Sept. 10, more than 960 of those seats had been sold. The reseating order will be based on priority points accumulated by John Purdue Club members, who are being contacted this fall about seat reallocation deadlines. Points are earned for financial support of Intercollegiate Athletics, as well as consecutive years of season ticket purchase, membership in the Purdue Alumni Association and other factors. More information on seat reallocation in Ross-Ade Stadium and club seating is available on the web."

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