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Old Gold Free Press Update For 8-6-2002

25 Days to Season Opener vs. ILL ST at newly renovated Ross-Ade Stadium!!!

Date: 8/06/2002
Author: TexasBoiler

    As of last night, the new website has MOSTLY launched (still some work in progress, you can see it at www.oldgoldfreepress.com!

    Thanks to Brad Jewell for his outstanding, Herculean work and also to Bob Richards (does some of the admin), Jeff Lytle (working on the football page) and to all our columnists (destewart, JoePurdue, waggs06) and future columnists who will pumping out some great FREE content for the diehard Boiler fans. Most importantly, thanks to Steve Sellers and the folks at Selco Engineering, our site sponsor! We are still working on getting some streaming video for you on the site, e.g. The 2002 Spring Game. The server bandwidth needed to pull this off is significant and we are investing in the most cost effective technology to make this happen, so please be patient in the meantime.

    So much for last Friday's report. I decided to hold back as the only news at the time seemed to be "new uniform" related. My extensive polling research leads me to believe that the following SEEMS to be the prevailing opinion:

    1. People like the road uniforms as it's not that big of a change
    2. People want more black in the home uniforms, whether it's going back to black jerseys or scrapping the white pants in favor of black pants, to go with the new Gold jerseys

    Any way you slice it, the way I see it at least, we ought to support what Joe Tiller has been asking us to do for a couple of years now - wear Vegas Gold tops to the game! Now if you feel that you need some contrast to help the Gold show up more vividly, than wear a black baseball cap, put on some black shorts, and when it gets colder - wear black pants and wear something black with long sleeves under your Vegas Gold shirt. I hear a TON of excuses for not wearing Vegas Gold, such as:

    1. I don't like Vegas Gold, I like Old Gold
    2. I don't like Vegas Gold, I like to wear black
    3. I can't find Vegas Gold in the stores or online
    4. Purdue doesn't sell a consistent Vegas Gold color, I'm so confused
    5. It's too expensive to buy Vegas Gold apparel

    While some of the excuses have some validity, I'm here to tell you that excuse #3 and #5 don't fly in my opinion. To prove it, I'm leading today's Update with a link and some words from our Director of Promotions/Advertising, Joel Rasmus. In addition to the news in his report, I'd like to thank Joel, Jay Cooperider, Host Communications, and subscriber Brian Hurst (aka Boiler B or nomore) who have brought to fruition a very powerful PR tool for Purdue Football. This season on Tuesday's following our games, The Joe Tiller TV Show (seen only in Central Indiana until now) will run for 30 minutes on Fox Sports Chicago! The time of airing is still to be determined, but I hear it will follow the Notre Dame show. Not only should this help our image in the Chicagoland area (which includes NW Indiana aka "The Region") with our fans and alums but think about potential recruits tuning in. Furthermore, Fox Sports Chicago is available as a sports package extra by Satellite providers and some digital cable providers. Most DirecTV subscribers know it as channel 639. This means that Boilers and potential Boiler fans/recruits from all over the country have a chance to tune in also!

    While I'm on the TV kick, some of you Fox Sports Net subscribers may be thrilled to know that you can watch Drew Brees begin his campaign to land the starting QB job in San Diego this Saturday Night (August 10th at 9pm CST) on Fox Sports West 2, channel 653 on DirecTV. His other preseason games are also believed to be on the air...

    The 2nd (Seattle, Fri., 8/16 @ 10pm CST) & 4th (at 49ers, Drew vs. Vinny, Wed., 8/28 @ 8pm CST) pre-season games will probably be on FSW2 also.

    Of course, the 3rd (at St. Louis), 8/22 @ 8:00 p.m. CST will be on national TV: CBS

    I hope you are still reading because we have much more football and actually an awesome b-ball pickup game report as well. Just a quick football recruiting update and frankly it's been relatively slow lately. Some names to keep an eye on, according to Chris Pool's mostly premium site at http://purdue.theinsiders.com/:

    1. LB Rob Caldwell from IN (6-2, 210, 4.6), top LB at Purdue camp, waiting on Purdue offer
    2. LB Sam Workman from IL (6-4, 220, 4.6), also waiting on Purdue offer
    3. OL Tom Aveneski from OH (6-4, 265, 5.1) who we thought was leaning towards a verbal our way had decided to hold off for awhile
    4. WR Jeff Samardzija from IN (6-4, 195, 4.5) is expected to announce for ND later this week
    5. WR Greg Bracey from WI (6-2, 190, 4.4) lists Purdue as a favorite but seems to be lacking an offer
    6. QB Clayton Richards from God's Country (6-5, 220, 4.7) enjoyed the weather in So Cal during his Elite 11 QB camp, but was impressed that Drew Brees remembered him when he visited Charger camp. I hope to see Clayton play and maybe get some film on 8-30.

    In addition, verbal Jake Cunningham's trainer has a report on Chris Pool's Top 30 ILL recruits dinner...

    Chris thanks for putting on a nice event for the great Illinois players. I was with Jake and his father and met you on my way in. I did not use my handle (Honk) when we were introduced, you were busy taking pictures. I sat with Jake, Chuck Cunningham, Benjy Kennedy and parents and the legendary coach Dan Darlington. The linemen were unbelievable how many pizzas did they eat! The pizza was great as well. All the players and families and coaches all had a great time and I think the turn out had to be close to 100%. Akim Millington and many others were just huge. Edgy Tim was fired up as usual about high school football.

    Chris, Pontiac is looking forward to having you and Edgy Tim at Williamson Field for the Morris Pontiac showdown. Last time Edgy was in town he was interviewed during halftime by the local radio station, I am sure they would love to talk to the both of you. Thank you for the kind words about Jake, he really had a good time yesterday. I'll see you 8-30-02.

    I will give a little summary of the event, Chris had 3 or 4 speakers that gave important advice to the players about college and football. Then all the players were introduced with all their accomplishments and one by one they went up and received a nice Top 30 Player t-shirt and hat. It was a treat to see and meet many of the future college stars. Thanks again Chris.

    Jake is working hard and is looking forward to his senior football season in Pontiac IL. He is extremely excited about coming to Purdue to play football next year. I am going to do everything in my power to put him on the football field next year as a true freshman. I am proud of Jakes progress in the weight room, he recently bench pressed 300lbs. for 3 reps and he can squat well over 400 lbs. for reps. With the help of Don Beebe I think we can improve Jake's already incredible speed. I am looking forward to meeting some of you in the future.

    Sincerely Honk

    Congratulations if you have made it this far...my understanding is that WR Taylor Stubblefield did not have the scheduled CAT scan and may be doing a different type of test but I don't know for sure...in the news today, a report from Joel Rasmus...Tiller likes athletic ability of rookie Boilermakers (Boilerstation.com)...Football Practice Report No. 1 (SID)...Football Training Camp Schedule (SID)...Saturday camp report (oldgoldfreepress football board)...Sunday camp report (oldgoldfreepress football board)...Changes await football squads (Indystar.com)...Michael Pointer: Purdue Q&A (Indystar.com)...2002 Purdue Football Preseason Honors (SID)...Purdue unveils new football uniforms (Boilerstation)...Boilermakers should have stuck with black (SID)...Andy Gamm's Wisconsin Preview (finalscore.net)...
    Mitrione played very well last night (oldgoldfreepress football board)...and Follow the NFL Boilers here (oldgoldfreepress).

    In hoop news...Nike agreement clothes athletes in new apparel (Exponent)...Purdue's Kartelo returns to game action (Indystar.com)...Bob Richards has some notes on Robert Vaden (oldgoldfreepress) and last but certainly not least a great report on pickup play from Bob Sienicki (oldgoldfree press basketball board)!

    Until Friday, and if anyone wants to help me with article coverage, let me know via email. Have I mentioned that we are only 25 days away from the start of Purdue Football! Have you gotten your tickets yet?



    Get your Good as Gold t-shirts for just $12.95 at the link below


    Some news from Joel Rasmus, Director of Promotions and Advertising...

    Thanks everyone for the suggestions.

    1. Purdue Pride will indeed have a large retail tent on the north end of the stadium. (This will become a brick and mortar store next year.) I am told there will be 'plenty' of gold merchandise available.

    2. "Licensing" (who heads these type of projects) says the "official" Good as Gold t-shirt will be available online and at 3-4 local merchants VERY soon.

    3. A "sea of Gold" is what Coach wants. Black "disappears" in stadium crowd shots. The gold (preferably a shade close to the "vegas" gold and not squawkeye yellow) will translate well both in person and on TV when you view the dark base of the stadium and the rest of the non-gold that people will wear.

    4. With the exception of one polo THAT I THINK looks more yellow than gold, there are plenty of T-shirts, sweatshirts and a couple of polos to choose from on the listed link and the "official" t-shirt will soon be available. If you don't want to buy any of the noted items, than take your best shot. I'd rather you be in a wrong shade of gold, that in green or red or purple or...

    5. I would like to implement plenty of new "traditions" for Boilermaker Saturdays in future seasons, please stay tuned.

    6. There are tentative plans to host an event to tour the new football facilities prior to next season. As plans develop I'll keep you posted.

    7. I'd again like to encourage people to put a group (25 ppl. +) together for the home opener. Group Sales is offering a $15(!!!!) ticket opportunity. And what better way to introduce a casual fan to the excitement of Purdue football as we "roast the ISU Redbirds!" Contact Dean Fredette at GroupSales@purdue.edu for details.

    8. GOOD AS GOLD TV Show: Purdue Football 2002 will air on WLFI-TV18 in Lafayette on Friday, August 9 at 7:30 p.m.

    This something never before done at Purdue. The show will feature 4 student-athletes, Coach Tiller and Leroy Keyes. It will deliver, among other things, a behind-the-scenes look into the equipment room and the first video look inside the renovation of R-A.

    The new program will also air on Insight Cable systems around IN. Listed below is a PARTIAL broadcast schedule:

    LAFAYETTE area: 8/10-30 7:00p
    8/10,11,17,18,24,25,31 9:00a
    KOKOMO area: 8/7-30 7:00p
    8/10,11,17,18,24,25 8:30a
    ANDERSON area: 8/7-30 7:00p
    8/10,11,17,18,24,25 7:00a
    COLUMBUS area: 8/10-27 7:00p
    BLOOMINGTON area: 8/25-28 7:00p

    The show will also air on Purdue's BTV

    For those of you outside the above listed IN areas -- I am in the process of having the show posted on www.purduesports.com (similar to the Jumbotron shows) for world-wide viewing.

    Joel Rasmus
    Director of Promotions and Advertising


    Tiller likes athletic ability of rookie Boilermakers

    By Tom Kubat, Journal and Courier

    "After Sunday's first day of two-a-day practices for the Purdue football team's freshmen, coach Joe Tiller thinks this year's class is the most athletic of any of his previous recruiting classes.

    Leading the way in athleticism for this year's group are wide receiver Ray Williams and strong safety/linebacker John Lampert.

    Williams, of Scotch Pines, N.J., set a state record with a 47.45 indoor performance in the 400-meter run and led the nation for awhile with a 47.15 clocking outdoors.

    Lampert, of Abilene, Texas, is a long jumper, and his leap of 24-91/2 was No. 3 in the nation last year. He also has a 25-3 wind-aided effort to his credit.

    "They're two premier athletes, a couple of the top athletes in the nation," said Tiller, who admitted that Williams has a better chance to play as a freshman because of the need at his position.

    Click on the link above for the full story

    Football Practice Report No. 1
    Thirty-two newcomers report

    Aug. 4, 2002

    "WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. - Thirty-two players took part in their first two workouts as members of the 2002 Purdue football team Sunday. The Boilermakers practiced from 9:30 to 10:50 a.m. and from 4 to 5:20 p.m. on the fields on the west side of campus. Temperatures were in the mid-80s for the morning session and reached the low-90s in the afternoon.

    Of the 32 players, 19 are on scholarship and 13 are walk-ons. Duran Johnson, a linebacker from Bellwood, Ill., did not report because of NCAA clearinghouse issues. His status is expected to be known by the middle of the week.

    Since the current recruiting class signed in February, sixth-year head coach Joe Tiller has raved about their athleticism. He was singing the same tune Sunday. "

    Click on the link above for the full story

    Football Training Camp Schedule

    Aug. 1, 2002

    "WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. - Here is the training camp schedule for the 2002 Purdue football team:

    Aug. 4 Newcomers practice (shells) 9:30 a.m. 4 p.m.
    Aug. 5 Academic orientation
    Aug. 6 Newcomers practice (shells) 9:30 a.m. 4 p.m.
    Aug. 7 Media Day
    Aug. 8 Entire team practices (shells) 7:55 a.m. 4:30 p.m.
    Aug. 9 Entire team practices (shells) 7:55 a.m. 4:30 p.m.
    Aug. 10 Entire team practices (shells) 7:55 a.m. 4:30 p.m.
    Aug. 11 Entire team practices (pads) 7:55 a.m. 4:30 p.m.
    Aug. 12 Entire team practices (pads) 7:55 a.m. 4:30 p.m.
    Aug. 13 Entire team practices (pads) 7:55 a.m. 4:30 p.m.
    Aug. 14 Entire team practices (pads) 7:55 a.m. 4:20 p.m.
    Aug. 15 Entire team practices (pads) 7:55 a.m. 4:30 p.m.
    Aug. 16 Entire team practices (shells) 7:55 a.m. 4:30 p.m.
    Aug. 17 Scrimmage (closed)
    Aug. 18 Entire team practices (pads) 2 p.m.
    Aug. 19 Fall semester classes begin

    All practices will be held on the fields on the west side of campus."


    Posted by: TexasBoiler on August 04, 2002 at 09:53:52 - IP
    Here's an outline for Saturday's activities:

    The New Boiler Frosh all checked in to the Union between 10:45 and noon.

    They are all in a room alone and will be matched up with a return player on Tuesday. Lock down is 10:45 every evening (unless in meetings) and if they aren't with their coaches they are in the Union. No running around or extra curricular activities. Outside contacts by phone only!

    12:30 Mustered in Mollenkoph(?) Athletic center:

    12:45 Everyone (including Parents) ate lunch at new Cary Quad cafeteria used for Player regular daily and pre-game meals. First time open in two years.

    FS Pat Kohtz (scholarship player?) Seemed like a real nice kid and parents are big PU fans. Looked like average HS Safety. Third kid to go to PU. They live about 25 miles from WL. Dad, Alan in self employed on Consulting business. Bear and him talked a lot during lunch and got along real well!

    Kicker from OHIO-Walk on. No info and real small kid. Talked with Downing a little at lunch.

    JC Punter from TX was there. Didn't get to talk to him. Just an introduce while Downing was talking to him and Bear.

    Justin Green Walk on K/P-

    Downing, Chaney and Bennett spent a lot of time with him. Before Muster, walking to, standing inline and during lunch. Talked a lot about a lot of things. SD's mom and KC. They all asked how his knee was and his kicking and punting. They were pleased he was 100% and were genuinely glad to see him in camp. They all stated they expected him to get one job or the other. They talked about the other kickers good and bad and what the word on them was. They he was as good or better than what's here already and he can now prove it to them. They all agreed he needed to improve special teams and kicking.
    Justin was pumped, like some of the other guys, all day!

    JT was in his new Gold shirt, black pants and Cowboy (golf) Hat.

    Got the standard oh the pleasure is mine..yatta..yatta. Expect great things...yatta..yatta.

    Then he stepped out of character and said he's been waiting a long time to see Justin kick and punt and that his coaches can't say enough good about him.

    We then got to talking about the heat and that's God's way of showing our age..yatta!

    2:00 All Parents, friends, etc. leave and recruits report back to Mollenkoph for Physicals, uniform and practice gear issue and position meetings.

    6:00 Dinner somewhere all together. No one was allowed around.

    10:15 Position Meetings.

    Sunday is something like this:

    8am-Position meetings:
    9:30 - West practice fields - no pads (kickers 9am)
    11:45 weights
    1:00 PM Lunch
    2:45 Position meetings
    3:00 Practice
    6:00 Dinner
    8:00 Team Meetings
    8:30 Position meetings
    10:45 Lights out

    I'll be at the practice field at 0900.

    hope this helps out. Remember...I'm not a writer!

    Sunday camp report - emailed to me

    Posted by: TexasBoiler on August 05, 2002 at 08:29:09 - IP
    Two who were very impressive, WR Chase Lecklider and DB Jeremy Burnett.

    Lecklider got himself open every time I saw him run a pattern and never missed a catch, reminds me of a more physical Morales.

    Burnett has great instincts, is big and fast. Was step for step with Williams a couple of times. If he can hit and pick up the defensive schemes, I think you could see him play this year.

    Lampert is big and moves well.

    Williams runs well, but looked a little awkward on some pass routes and is pretty skinny.

    Spencer is really well built and quick, but still may be a year away as he only looks about 230 pounds.

    Brooks is pretty small but looks very quick.

    Chattams is big, but had trouble catching the ball.

    Kirsch throws the ball well, his velocity and touch remind me a little bit of Brees when he was a frosh.

    One thing that strikes me about this group is the overall athleticism and how no one seem to be out of shape.

    However, its tough too measure performance after only one practice and the fact that they are not going against the vets. Also, first day jitters was probably in play here.

    So everything can change in a hurry.

    The season is here!

    The heat this afternoon was hard on everyone I guess. Besides everyone walking to the practice fields and back they were out there for 2 hours practicing. Some of the players almost passed out.

    The kickers ONLY kicked PAT's with snapper's and holder's that had never done it before. They all did a great job just getting through the day.


    Changes await football squads

    By Michael Pointer


    August 04, 2002

    "The Purdue football team is absent from preseason Top 25 polls, though it returns 17 starters.

    It's seldom mentioned as a contender for the Big Ten title, though it is one of only two league schools to play in a bowl game each of the past five seasons.

    Coach Joe Tiller thinks he understands why.

    "The good news is that there's 17 starters back," he said. "The bad news is that those are the same 17 guys that lost six games last season."

    Last season's 6-6 record -- which included five losses in Purdue's last six games -- was the Boilermakers' worst since Tiller arrived before the 1997 season. The quest for redemption begins today, when Purdue's newcomers begin preseason workouts. The first full-squad practice is Thursday."

    Click on the link above for the full story


    Michael Pointer: Purdue Q&A


    August 1, 2002

    'Question: What do you think about the football team's chances for a 9-3 season? I personally think that Kyle Orton will have a typical Purdue QB season. We all knew it would be a rough season last year because the entire offensive Line was new and the QBs were freshmen. I think Orton will be a pleasant surprise and will become the next great Purdue QB. P.S. ... I like the idea of gold uniforms. (Darrin from Indianapolis)

    Answer: I don't think 9-3 is out of the question because the schedule is favorable and the Big Ten is so balanced. I still say a lot will be decided with back-to-back road games in October against Iowa and Illinois. Purdue might be 5-0 going into those games. Win both, and the Boilers might be the favorites to win the Big Ten. Win one, and they're in the hunt and looking at a good bowl game. Lose them, and you might be looking at 7-5 and a minor bowl. I was very impressed by Orton during the spring. I think he could be a fine quarterback. But let's not make him out to be the next Drew Brees until he leads the Boilers to a victory or two."

    click on the link for the full story


    2002 Purdue Football Preseason Honors
    Schweigert receives greatest advanced billing

    Aug. 5, 2002

    No. 22 in nation - The Sporting News
    No. 42 in nation - Lindy's
    No. 51 in nation - Athlon Sports
    Fourth in Big Ten - The Sporting News
    Sixth in Big Ten - Phil Steele's
    Eighth in Big Ten - Athlon Sports, Lindy's and Street & Smith's

    Stuart Schweigert
    First team All-American - Phil Steele's and Street & Smith's
    Second team All-American - Athlon Sports and Football News
    No. 1 free safety in nation - Phil Steele's
    No. 4 free safety in nation - The Sporting News
    No. 8 safety in nation - Lindy's
    First team All-Big Ten - Athlon Sports, Lindy's, Football News, Phil Steele's, The Sporting News and Street & Smith's"

    Click on the link above for the full story

    Purdue unveils new football uniforms

    By Tom Kubat, Journal and Courier

    See the photo by clicking on the link

    "The gold helmet with the slant 'P' on both sides will remain the same.

    While Nike designed the new uniforms, Tiller admits it was his idea to switch from the traditional black home jerseys.

    He's hoping the fans will follow suit and wear gold to Ross-Ade Stadium.

    "Ever since I have been back at Purdue, we have been trying to get our fans to wear gold to help create a festive atmosphere in Ross-Ade," Tiller said. "Our fans have been extremely loyal -- and loud -- and now we hope they will help further add to our home-field advantage."

    Click on the link above for the full story

    Boilermakers should have stuck with black

    By Tom Kubat, Journal and Courier

    "Let me get right to the point. Purdue's new football uniforms don't do anything for me.

    The design is OK, but the color combination -- gold and white -- is too boring.

    Too blah.

    They're definitely not as bad as Oregon's green, gold and black monstrosities, but they're certainly not an improvement over what the Boilermakers have been wearing at home in recent years.

    As one critic said Wednesday, real men wear black. There's something intimidating about black.

    Can you say the Oakland Raiders?

    It's ironic that during an era when many teams are adding black to their uniforms, even though it's not one of their official colors, that Purdue is now using black only as an accent, or trim, color.

    I understand why Purdue coach Joe Tiller made the switch, in an effort to get Boilermaker fans to wear gold to the games."

    click on the link to read the full story


    The Daily Word - 2002 Big Ten Football Preview
    By Andy Gamm

    Editor's Note: This is the last in a weekly series previewing the 2002 Big Ten football season. Next week, guest columnist Ted Furlipa and I tackle the preseason Top 25.

    Team: Wisconsin Badgers
    2001 record: 5-7 overall, 3-5 (T-8th)
    Returning starters: 8 offense, 3 defense, 1 kicker

    "Look for the Badgers to get off to a strong start, with four big wins to start the season before a final out-of-conference slip up against a team I predict will turn some heads in the Pac 10 this year - Arizona. The leaves the Badgers 4-1 headed into the tough Big Ten slate. I expect Wisconsin to rebound strong from the close loss to Arizona with three straight wins to start the Big Ten, only to be followed by four straight weeks of sheer madness at MSU, at Iowa, home against the underrated Illini and again away at Michigan. Minnesota will be Badger food come November 23, which means an 8-5 (4-4) finish, good enough for a berth in the new Big Ten bowl tie in - the Music City Bowl. If the ball bounces right for Alvarez and his crew, the Badgers could be this year's Illini, sneaking up from the pack and taking the crown. But too many questions abound on defense and without Lee Evans at 100-percent (I don't expect him to be 100% at any point this season), the offense may become too one-dimensional for the new age Big Ten...

    For those who came into the fray late, here is a short rundown of my picks:

    T1 - Ohio State: 11-2 (6-2) - ORANGE BOWL
    T1 - Michigan State: 10-2 (6-2) - ROSE BOWL
    T1 - Penn State: 9-3 (6-2) - CAPITAL ONE (CITRUS) BOWL
    T4 - Michigan: 8-4 (5-3) - OUTBACK BOWL
    T4 - Purdue: 8-4 (5-3) - ALAMO BOWL
    T6 - Illinois: 8-4 (4-4) - SUN BOWL
    T6 - Iowa: 8-4 (4-4) - MOTOR CITY BOWL
    T6 - Wisconsin: 8-5 (4-4) - MUSIC CITY BOWL
    9 - Minnesota: 6-6 (2-6)
    T10 - Northwestern: 3-9 (1-7)
    T10 - Indiana: 3-9 (1-7)"

    click on the link for the complete preview


    Mitrione played very well tonight.

    Posted by: MattG on August 05, 2002 at 22:59:41 - IP

    Sure it was against the third team of an expansion franchise, but still he could only have helped himself tonight. I had him for at least 3 tackles, including a sack and a tackle for loss. His third tackle came when he chased the QB across 3/4 of the field to force him out of bounds. The guy still picked up the first, but it showed great hustle on Matt's part. More important than his # of tackles, he was in the backfield pretty much on every play and was half a step from 3 or 4 more tackles.

    The only negative I saw in his play was that it looked like he was wearing down as the quarter came to a close. I don't think he is quite ready to take Strahan's place just yet, but if he keeps showing this kind of production, he'll make the team pretty easily.


    Follow the NFL Boilers here



    Nike agreement clothes athletes in new apparel
    By Jason Tomcsi
    Summer Reporter

    "The new football jerseys revealed on Wednesday are just one part of a new deal that will soon be finalized between Purdue and Nike.

    Three sports, football and men's and women's basketball, will get head-to-toe deals with Nike, meaning the company will outfit the team in everything from uniforms to shoes.

    "We do have an agreement with Nike at this point," said marketing director Bob Bernard. "It is a handshake agreement at this point in time. Basically the scope of the agreement we are working towards is a head-to-toe deal for the football and men's and women's basketball programs and also products for other sports teams as well."

    Click on the link above for the full story


    Purdue's Kartelo returns to game action

    Center has missed 1 1/2 seasons after transfer, ineligibility; team waits for news on his grades.

    By Michael Pointer


    August 05, 2002

    WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. -- Like his Purdue teammates, Ivan Kartelo headed for Europe in May.

    But unlike his teammates -- who embarked on an eight-game tour in England, France and Belgium -- Kartelo headed to his hometown of Split, Croatia, for 25 days.

    Kartelo learned he was academically ineligible one day before the Boilermakers left.

    "I practiced really hard and prepared for the trip," the junior center said. "When that thing came up, I lost my mind. I couldn't concentrate. The chance to go home really helped me a whole lot."

    Click on the link above for the full story

    Okay, my 2 cents worth...

    Posted by: BobSienicki on August 06, 2002 at 01:54:06 - IP

    After watching several scrimmages with my son, I made the following observations:

    Players present (including non-Purdue players) at one or more of the scrimmages:

    (DNP - did not play while we were watching)

    Willie Deane
    Ivan Kartelo
    Chris Booker
    Kenny Lowe
    David Teague
    Matt Carroll
    Matt Kiefer
    Brett Buscher
    Austin Parkinson
    Brandon McKnight
    Andrew Ford
    Melvin Buckley
    Kevin Garrity (DNP)
    Greg McQuay
    Brad Miller
    Russell Trudeau (DNP)
    John Allison (DNP)
    and others who remain unidentified

    First, some general observations and disclaimers:

    - the scrimmages were merely pickup games with little or no structure to them. How players played in that context certainly has little or no bearing on how they might play in a more structured offense and defense.
    - scrimmages were generally played to 5 or 10 baskets with breaks in between games. Players rotated in when there were more than 10 present.
    - games were generally fast paced but with a fair amount of passing on occasion. Man defense used exclusively of course. Players called their own fouls and were generally pretty fair in the calls.
    - overall, the games were not really intense though the play would elevate on occasion as one or more players would make a really good play causing the others to pick it up. Chemistry between teammates seemed what you would expect from student athletes tired of summer school and endless weight training regimens. Plenty of good natured ribbing but generally subdued. Players often sat off by themselves between games. However, there were no tempers that flared up despite an occasional hard foul. Even Brad Miller seemed somewhat amused by Kenny Lowe's constant verbal and physical harassment...

    Common matchups:

    Willie Deane vs. DK
    Brandon McKnight vs. Austin Parkinson or Andrew Ford
    Kenny Lowe vs. David Teague vs. Melvin Buckley
    Matt Carroll vs. Chris Booker or Matt Kiefer
    Brett Buscher vs. Matt Kiefer
    Ivan Kartelo vs. Chris Booker or Brad Miller

    other matchups occurred but not with any observed regularity.

    Some notes about each player's performances:

    The guards and small forwards...

    Willie Deane - quick as a cat off the dribble. Gave DK fits trying to contain him. A LOT of very creative drives into a very crowded lane. Finished exceedingly well despite being hammered in the lane. Somehow got the ball above the rim amidst a sea of waving hands every time. Easily the most entertaining player in the scrimmages. Constantly caused my son, Mikey, to drop his jaw in amazement. Face it, he is super quick with major hops and gets great hang time as he maneuvers the ball in and around grasping defensive hands. Hit numerous 3's effortlessly beyond the arc even with DK in his face. His outside shooting was somewhat streaky but when he wanted it, he usually hit it. Defense was adequate though DK and others got around him on occasion. Seems to be content to let someone get around him knowing he has the hops to block any shot from behind without fouling. Recorded more blocks than anyone in the scrimmages including blocks against DK and Kartelo among others. His hops may be part of the reason he has been somewhat lax with on-ball defense. Why not? When you can block anyone in the gym, why worry about IYF defense? Of course, Gene Keady might see things a little differently...

    DK - Very enjoyable to watch as he is extremely fluid in transition. Finishes exceptionally well. Outside shooting remains streaky. His body rotates as he shoots which can only make it tougher to compensate with his wrist to keep the ball square as he releases. Very consistent motion though. Can sky as well as anyone with superior springs. Rarely showed his hops except for a couple of boards and blocks on the break. Was forced to release high to get his shot off over Deane on numerous occasions. However, Deane never got a finger on any of DK's treys. Did not look to penetrate as much as Willie. Seemed to work on defense though effort all around was about the same as the others in a hot, humid Mackey at the end of a long day.

    Brandon McKnight - Like a good waiter, Brandon kind of disappeared into the flow of the games. Seemed to play inspred defense, passed well, penetrated pretty much at will when he wanted which wasn't a lot. Took few forced shots and seemed to move well without the ball. He has deceptive quickness and can accelerate as quickly as anyone I have ever seen with the possible exception of Kenny Lowe. Plays within himself and rarely got himself out of position. Perhaps because of the conditions, he did not dominate Park on offense or defense. It was a very good matchup between two talented guards. Brandon hit some outside shots with ease but is not the shooter that Willie or DK is. Brandon is probably the most versatile of the point guards.

    Austin Parkinson - This kid is old school all the way. Tough, determined and easily the best passer on the team. The jaw-dropping wizardry of his passes were only exceeded entertainment-wise by Willie's gravity defying drives to the hoop. This kid can get the ball to the right man in a major hurry. This was the first time I saw him (and the others) in person but he looked like he has REALLY bulked up more than anyone except for Matt Carroll or Ivan Kartelo. Actually, Mikey and I were surprised at how quick Austin really seemed as he completely torched Willie on one drive that left Deane in knots. To Willie's credit though, he recovered and skyed to block Austin's layup from behind. Too bad it was a foul! Anyway, Park's shooting seems marginally better than last year from what I observed though I heard from several sources that his shooting is much improved. I guess we'll see. His on-ball defense seems pretty tight and kept Brandon at bay for the most part. Whether that is because Brandon chose NOT to drive, I cannot tell from my limited exposure. In any case, whether Brandon drives the team or Austin, we will not be hurting in either case IMHO. Word has it that Brandon will get the nod though. It seems to be the general conclusion that Brandon brings a few more weapons to the table.

    Kenny Lowe - Wow! Is this guy on a mission or what? Clearly the most intense player on the floor at all times bar none. Incredible acceleration, smooth-as-silk movement, fearless pit-bull drives to the hoop. Easily the best defensive player on the team. He shoots well and drives almost as easily as Willie though he did tend to go out of control on occasion as bodies would fly. Ferocious rebounder not afraid to mix it up with the likes of Brad Miller. In fact, Kenny blocked Brad's shot from behind once causing many whoops and catcalls. On another occasion, Kenny quite literally mugged Brad as he tried to board over him from behind. He landed on Brad's broad back and proceeded to wrangle him from behind. Of course, Brad finally stood straight up and merely shrugged him off but the incident left a smile of respect on Brad's face as he chuckled and shook his head at Kenny. For awhile, Kenny seemed on a crusade to be a major thorn in Brad's side every time he touched the ball. Anyway, Kenny seems to have some rust but that should quickly disappear. He shows no signs of any nagging injuries. A deceptively good ball handler, Kenny could easily play the point IMHO.

    David Teague - Very fast and fluid on the break. A very good finisher even in traffic. Good shooter and seems to be able to create his own shot though he did not show a lot of moves to the hoop. Most of his moves were of the stop and pop variety. Good pump fakes and squares up nicely with a good high release on his shot. Very active off the ball and looks to use screens very well. Now we just need someone to get him some screens! Adequate defender but was no match for Kenny when he made up his mind to go to the hole. In time, with experience, Teague will get quicker and learn to read his man better. Again, considering the conditions, nobody but Lowe really put a lot into defense.

    Melvin Buckley - a very pleasant and well-spoken young man who seems to have an excellent attitude. Did not get to see him play significant minutes but what time we did see, he was very well balanced with excellent overall skills. Can drive and pull up and stroke the J with no effort. Is quick and runs the break with ease. He did not see the ball enough for me to offer any significant insights. He was the only one on the men's team besides Kevin Garrity to actually come up to me and my son and strike up a conversation with us. He is very polite, respectful and quite enthusiastic about his opportunity. He will make a fine addition to the Boiler family. I wish more people were like him.

    Andrew Ford - Actually I was quite impressed with this young man. Obviously very grounded in fundamental skills no doubt learned from his talented father. He ended up playing about the same amount of floor time as Park with similar results. He is a good passer and playmaker. He could drive when it was prudent and could hit the open J when it was available. He showed very few weaknesses. In fact, perhaps more so than others more talented than he, Andrew knew how to play within his capabilities better than most on the floor. He did not try to force any part of his game and could be counted on to play quality backup minutes with minimal risk of losing any advantage due to his heady play. He is scrappy and appears fearless when it comes to fighting for a board with much bigger players or driving the lane on a fast break to draw in the defense. He seems smart and savvy and plays under control at all times. He may never end up starting but he will never hurt the team either. Andrew was certainly not out of his league in the pickup games and could be counted on to be a steady contributer in whatever role Gene may have for him.

    From discussions I had with individuals who are a part of the program, the biggest question seems to be whether or not this group will, in fact, gel into a cohesive unit. In my opinion, the talent is there at all positions but how it is integrated into a complete team with good chemistry will make the difference between a losing campaign and a potential contender.

    Tomorrow, the forwards and post players...


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