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2003 Nike Camp Evaluations: Players 41 - 60

Date: 7/31/2003
Authors: Capri Small, Bob Richards and Bob Sternvogel
© Old Gold Free Press

    #41 Iman McFarland, 6'3, Temple Hills (Bishop McNamara) MD (2005) PHOTO
    Evaluation 1: The team that secures Iman's services will be very lucky indeed. For every successful squad needs at least one player like her. McFarland excelled at doing the dirty work - banging down low against anyone, setting picks and screens, dishing to open teammates, going hard to the glass, and following her shot. Fast and agile for a player her size, Iman was one of the most unselfish players in camp.

    Evaluation 2: Has good balance and moves around well in heavy traffic.

    #42 LaKisha Freeman, 6'0, Saginaw (Arthur Hill) MI (2004) PHOTO
    Evaluation 1: To avoid getting blinded by names, I like to refer to players as numbers until late in the camp, so I don't have any preconceptions. I was pleased to find out that Purdue recruit LaKisha Freeman was No. 42 when I finally matched the numbers to the names. She is always around the ball on offense and defense. She has a defensively solid all-around game, but impressed me guarding forwards driving into the paint. She can stay on your hip and blocks quite a few shots by smothering the shot, not swatting at it. Doesn't hesitate on offense and knows what to do with the ball when she gets it. A good example was a bobbled pass she received in the corner. It is frustrating to see players think only of recovering the ball, which tends to pin them in the corner, trapped by the defense. Freeman scooped the ball off the floor, did an instant 360 degree spin down the baseline for a lay-up. The lack of hesitation leads me to believe she has had some good coaching in the past.

    Evaluation 2: Can play a physical game but has a surprisingly soft touch around the basket. A six-foot player who can legitimately drive the lane and pass like a guard.

    #43 Ashley Thomas, 6'0, Stone Mountain (Stephenson) GA (2004) PHOTO
    Ashley did everything effortlessly. Her ups and positioning allowed her to play bigger than her listed six feet. Ashley was one of the few players that would box out effectively every time she was under the basket. Once she snared the rebound she'd push tempo by delivering the outlet pass way up court. Her quick hands and ability to get quickly to the ball made her a good defender as well. All in all, one of the nicer players in camp.

    #44 Crystal Langhorne, 6'2, Willingboro (Willingboro) NJ (2004) PHOTO
    Crystal showed she could catch, turn, and shoot from the side of the lane. She’s not afraid to put the ball up in traffic, although she would be well advised to occasionally pass the rock back out instead of attempting to score over a double- or triple-team. Although she mystifyingly failed to collar one rebound after showing some “ups” and getting a hand on the ball, Langhorne appeared to believe that she was entitled to snare any errant shot that came near her. Her talent is undeniable, but needs to be harnessed a bit.

    #45 Morghan Medlock, 6'0, Harbor City (Narbonne) CA (2005) PHOTO
    One of the seemingly inexhaustible supply of talented players from Narbonne High School. Morghan has a nose for the ball and was always in the mix defensively. Offensively, she would single mindedly drive to the basket every time she had the rock. Once she looks to dish as well as spin her way to the hoop she'll be a much more well rounded player.

    #46 Lindsay Wisdom-Hylton, 6'1, Naperville (Neuqua Valley) IL (2004) PHOTO
    Has a smooth shot from anywhere, and her play can be described as effortless in the sense she makes everything look so easy. Can play the three or four position and has a solid basketball body. She is always in motion on the court.

    Against the Sparks, Lindsay quickly established that she has good shooting form from the edges of the paint. Later, she showed that her range extends to the arc, and also scored by taking the ball to the rack. She capped her afternoon by making a steal and bouncing a pass to Amanda Thompson for a layup. On Thursday, she continued to show off her power moves to the goal. Although one such move landed Wisdom-Hylton too far underneath to score, her awkward attempt landed in the hands of Courtney Paris, who proceeded to convert the opportunity. Near the end of the first half, Lindsay made a nice hustle play by knocking a pass away before chasing the ball down. I now see why she’s so high on so many Purdue fans’ wish lists.

    #47 Wanisha Smith, 5'11, Upper Marlboro (Riverdale Baptist) MD (2004) PHOTO
    Evaluation 1: When I sit down and figure out my six-member all-camp team, Smith will probably be on it. But to my surprise when I sat down to review my notes, I have little written down. Why? Spent most of the time enjoying her wonderful game. A very heady player with a variety of moves. Her ball handling, more specifically her decisions with the ball, raise her to the top of her class among guards. Might remind Purdue fans of former player Shinika Parks, but with a better defensive skill set. Aggressive is the best word to describe her guard play.

    Evaluation 2: The word that comes to mind when thinking about Wanisha is "workmanlike". Smith is a solid player that can get the job done all over the court. A tall combo guard with the strength to finish in traffic, she would direct her teammates while on the court, working to set up scoring opportunities. Although Wanisha often looked to penetrate first, she also had a nice outside shot.

    #48 Janie Mitchell, 6'0, Jackson (Callaway) MS (2004)
    If Janie wasn’t yet fully conscious at the start of Wednesday’s action, she received a rude awakening when she drove the lane and put up a shot that was summarily rejected. She did later demonstrate that she knew how to establish position on the offensive board. Still, her overall effort was a lackluster one. On Thursday, Mitchell redeemed herself somewhat by taking the ball to the hole with determination and shrugging off contact to finish. Shortly before halftime, she went up for a shot, had the ball tipped away, and reclaimed possession – only to miss her second-chance attempt from the floor. Towards the end of the game, Janie scored on a neat little hook shot. Still, she didn’t particularly distinguish herself during the week.

    #49 Alexis Hornbuckle 5'11, Dunbar (South Charleston) WV (2004)
    Evaluation 1: One of the best one-on-one players at the camp. Showed that she can be frustrated by tight defense by one player, but cannot be shut down entirely. Opponents have to take a "team" approach to defending her. Solid in every aspect of her game, but strongest on the dribble with a very smooth crossover. Only area in need of improvement is she tends to showcase her skills too much when it isn't necessary. Case in point was in her first game, where she brought the ball up the floor, passed center court with no one within ten feet of her. She then did some razzle-dazzle, behind the back dribbling. She lost the ball out of bounds, which drew a chuckle from most of the coaches in attendance. Did not shoot a good percentage from the field in any game I saw, yet shot selection is not a real point of emphasis with many players at a camp like this. Needs to realize she's a player who rates as one of the top players at the camp and she doesn't need to prove anything to anyone by taking a ton of ill-advised shots.

    Evaluation 2: The one trait that set Alexis apart from her peers at Nike was her maturity. Perhaps because this was her third camp, she appeared to be relaxed and comfortable when on the court. At times she'd allow others to shine, but when she turned it on no one else could come close. Time and again she'd enter a scrum of larger players and emerge with the ball. She excelled at using screens to get off open shots, and rarely missed unless there was another player in her face. Alexis is also an excellent passer and has the vision to thread the needle in order to get the ball to open players. Hornbuckle came into camp rated as one of the best players in her class, and she did nothing to hurt her rankings.

    #51 Carrem Gay, 6'2, Valley Stream (Christ the King) NY (2004) PHOTO
    Carrem used an assortment of post moves to free herself and then finish when she received the ball on the low block. She was very good at sealing her defender. She also had a very nice steal on the defensive end.

    #53 Marissa Coleman, 6'1, Sheltenham (St. John's) MD (2005) PHOTO
    She’s not the best choice to bring the ball up the court, as she demonstrated when she got stripped by Sade Wiley-Gatewood. Marissa did distinguish herself on defense, most notably by cutting off a dribbler and forcing the Monarch to abruptly change direction. Also blocked a shot and threw a long, accurate bounce pass that Buley turned into an assist. Besides battling on defense until the final buzzer, Coleman showed she could score from behind the arc.

    Against the Mystics, Marissa showed decidedly unorthodox shooting form on what I can best describe as an off-balance push jumper that missed the mark. If she was attempting to create, I’ll suggest she’d be best advised to scrap the move. Then again, she maintained control of a behind-the-back dribble, and later impressed on a rebounding opportunity with her vertical leap and aggressive battling for the ball. Overall, not a great camp, but not a bad one.

    #55 Crystal Goring, 6'3, Hightstown (Peddie) NJ (2005) PHOTO
    Evaluation 1: Long legs and good footwork allows her to pivot with the best. A defender has to cover so much ground to stay between her and the basket when she is working underneath. I still did not get the impression we have seen Goring's potential yet.

    Evaluation 2: Gillian's little sister, Crystal "only" is listed as 6'3 but has arms that go on for ever. Her wing span and athletic ability made her a rebounding machine. Crystal's inexperience would show at times, and when pushed up to the high block would be unsure what to do with the ball. At times she resolved her quandary by putting the ball on the floor and going strong to the hole. She handled the ball quite nicely when doing so. Crystal needs more polish, but has unlimited potential.

    #56 Christina Cunningham, 5'8, Indianapolis (Perry Meridian) IN (2004)
    Listed on the injury board the first day of camp. A solid all around player. Held her own with the out-of-towners.

    #57 Marscilla Packer, 5'10, Pickerington (Pickerington) OH (2004) PHOTO
    Marscilla returned for her second Nike camp with more a little more muscle and lots more game. A quick, good sized guard with great court instincts, Marscilla always made the right decision on whether it was time to drive, dish, or take the outside jumper. Her shot wasn't falling for her when I was watching her, but she has all the tools and scoring will no doubt come in time.

    #58 Alex Fuller, 6'2, Shelbyville (Shelbyville) TN (2004)
    Was at the camp but did not play due to injury.

    #60 Lori Rayford, 5'11, Ingelwood (Lynwood) CA (2004) PHOTO
    Since Lori didn’t appear to be at full speed, she might have been playing through a nagging injury or two. She did have one nice drive to the hoop for a score, and was more than willing to pass the ball. Still, the Nike Camp experience couldn’t have raised her profile very much.

    More evaluations to come!

    2003 Nike Camp Scouting Reports:
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