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2003 Nike Camp Evaluations: Players 21 - 40

Date: 7/30/2003
Authors: Bob Sternvogel, Bob Richards and Capri Small
© Old Gold Free Press

    #21 Amanda Thompson, 6'0, Chicago (Whitney Young) IL (2005)
    Although Wednesday’s first note on Amanda was that she lost her handle in traffic, she quickly atoned for that error by getting the ball in the open court and finishing her drive to the hoop. Later, she threw a truly wild shot off the top of the backboard. On Thursday, Thompson got off to an electrifying start by releasing well off a rebound, tracking down an errant pass from a teammate, and canning a fade-away from the side of the hoop. She regularly accelerated impressively when "taking it to the hole", but missed more attempts than she should have. By the end of her college career, she could be something special, but her coach will probably have a head full of gray hairs or, perhaps, be completely bald from the stress.

    #22 Brittny Picconi, 5'9, Thornton (Horizon) CO (2004) PHOTO
    Although many of the girls seemed to be auditioning for highlight films by showboating at every opportunity, Brittny quickly established herself as a classic, by-the-book student of fundamentals. Her dribbling form is impeccable, and she went to the floor to save the ball on the baseline and gain control before passing to a teammate. On Thursday, Picconi displayed outstanding form as she connected on two early treys. Although her third try "from downtown" was an air ball, it didn’t change the fact she acquitted herself quite well in Indianapolis.

    #23 Ernisha Bailey, 5'10, Kansas City (Pembroke) MO (2004)
    Emisha resisted the temptation to add mustard to the hotdog. She didn't make any flashy, "gee whiz" plays, but was a solid contributor every minute she was on the court. One of the most consistent outside shooters. Handled the ball very well for her height.

    #24 Apiphany Prince, 5'9, New York City (Murray Bertraum) NY (2006) PHOTO
    Prince always had her head up when she was dribbling the ball. She had the speed to blow by her defenders and the body control needed to consistently finish her shots. Apiphany has very good court sense, and always seemed to know were she was on the court. Apiphany won my pick pocket award as she was able to make several nice steals.

    #25 Lindsay Schrader, 6'0, Bartlett (Bartlett) IL (2005) PHOTO
    Lindsay's game was quite similar to Erin Lawless'. She was extremely athletic for her size. She used her jumping ability to rip down rebounds as other taller posts looked on. She also could dribble and pass very well, and hit her shots from three point range in. One of the nicest aspects of Schrader's game was that she'd follow her shots, something few other girls seemed willing to do.

    #26 Kristen Forristall, 6'2, Oregon City (Oregon City) OR (2004) PHOTO
    Evaluation 1: For the second year in a row, the best player at Nike at losing their defender. Constantly in motion and in the right place at the right time. On Thursday she exhibited two examples of what we talked about in last season's write-up on her. Trailing the break, she cruised right down the paint under the basket, where the lead guard stopped, faked a shot, then passed it to a wide open Forristall. No defender around her. Example two in the same game was also on a cut, where a teammate on the baseline passed to her standing open under the basket. The player other players at the camp should watch as an example of good motion without the ball. Whether instinctively or deliberately, she paid close attention to the offensive and you'd see her work to keep the floor balanced. Her shooting is without problem, and she'll bang for rebounds. Future impact college player.

    Evaluation 2: Note to Kristen - we like you, we really like you. Kristen has publicly credited a perceived negative review as an incentive to improve as a player. The comment wasn't meant to be a negative, but it sure worked. Kristen was a good player last year, but this year could be considered one of the best in the camp. One of the most athletic posts, she wasn't afraid to mix it up under the basket when needed. She has strong post moves, and can play solid defense without fouling. Kristen's best asset may be her ability to move without the ball. She's constantly moving to gain position on the court. Many times she was guarded by the other team's center or power forward. If that individual didn't follow Kristen out past the three point line, she'd nail the open shot when she was found by her teammates.

    #27 Adrienne Squire, 6'0, Greenwood (Indian Creek) IN (2004) PHOTO
    Another local product. Adrienne was extremely feisty - battling for balls with the bigger gals. She could also nail the open three within the flow of the offense.

    #28 Erika Arriaran, 5'10, Norco (Norco) CA (2005) PHOTO
    Evaluation 1: After a slow start Wednesday morning, she came alive in the evening. By Thursday morning, she was rather playful. Erica is good, and she is not too shy to let you know it. It would be an understatement to say she has a swagger. Rather, it is a prance. In case you miss her hitting a shot, she will usually tell you. Makes both guard positions look easy, but showed the most talent at the scoring guard position. She plays on the same Nike team as Mel Thomas, making up the best backcourt this year. The best way I can sum up her game is speed. She zips the ball when passing and zips around the court when working the ball. Her best move was a power dribble on a curl through the lane for a basket. Moves off the ball and catches and shoots with the best of them. She has three hands on defense. A young player who has the talent to take a team to the next level.

    Evaluation 2: Erika seemed to be following two different scripts when she was on the court. There were times when she shot the ball every time she touched it - hit or miss, good look or bad. Five minutes later her style of play was totally switch, and she looked to pass the ball and initiate plays. In that time Erika evidenced good court vision and excellent passing skills. When she played in "involve my teammates" mode, she was a much more effective player. At all times she's a tall, flashy guard. Her scorer's mentality will most likely dictate that she plays as a shooting guard in college.

    #29 Charel Allen, 5'10, Monessen (Monessen) PA (2004) PHOTO
    One of my favorite players. Charel did everything well without drawing attention to herself. Fundamentally sound in all aspects of the game, she is an exceptional athlete who was especially effective on the defensive end by blocking the ball and getting steals. She appeared to be giving it her all every minute on the court.

    #30 Mel Thomas, 5'9, Cincinatti (Mount Notre Dame) OH (2004) PHOTO
    Evaluation 1: A shooting guard who should be able to write her ticket to whatever program she wishes to attend. Not only is she a great spot shooter, but she is equally deadly using and shooting off screens. A vocal floor leader with a hint of swagger, and generally fun to watch. On day two, exhibited near WNBA range on one possession, then camp right back down and nailed another long one clearly from pro distance. Well rounded guard skills who should fill the role as a killer shooter in college.

    Evaluation 2: Because Mel plays within herself, she isn't the first player you might notice in a game. She's sure to be the one that leaves the lasting impression, however. Thomas went into a zone at times when seemingly she could not miss. She'd finish fast break opportunities, create her own shots, move off screens, and nail open jumpers. She was the best in the camp at moving without the ball, and was extremely savvy on both ends of the floor. Think of a faster, more aggressive Caity Mater. A wonderful player.

    #31 Mary Riley, 5'9, Inkster (Robichaud) MI (2004) PHOTO
    No impressions recorded.

    #32 Ashley Brown, 6'0, Wilburforce (Xenia) OH (2004) PHOTO
    Athletic player who was always quick to the ball. Ashley exhibited a wonderful cross over move to get herself open. She has a rather unconventional looking shot, but was usually able to connect.

    #33 Ashleigh Newman, 5'10, Shelbyville (Shelbyville) TN (2004) PHOTO
    Evaluation 1: Ashleigh floated between guard roles, plus even filled in opposite the other team's small forward. One major complaint about Nike this year was the lack of good low post centers, partially due to injury and partially due to many future college post players wishing to showcase their forward skills. What this meant for Newman's team was a shortage of height. Team Storm lost both Megan Darrah and Lindsay Moss to injury, leaving arguably the camp's best post player, 6'5 Sylvia Fowles, and 6'2 Carrem Gay to defend the paint. That led to three, sometimes four sub-6'0 players on the floor at times. Never-the-less, Newman had a great camp dishing out more assists than scoring herself. Did not look to score, but when needed drove aggressively to the basket. Word to defenders -- she is consistent from the perimeter so do not leave her alone. She caught on quickly to the motions of her teammates, and had the vision to make the crisp pass. I can see why Carolyn Peck likes this player.

    Evaluation 2: An outside bomber, Ashleigh could connect from anywhere on the court. Within the arc she scored on a pretty step back jumper

    #34 Kalana Greene, 5'11, St. Stephen (Timberland) SC (2004) PHOTO
    Evaluation 1: What impressed me the most was her speed, and she has it to spare. Her closing speed on defense in a break was second to no one.

    Evaluation 2: A player that could get the ball down the floor quickly. Kalana has an excellent handle and always seems to be in control. She would get out very quickly on fast breaks, and could score if a player on her team found her streaking down the court. In the half court, she'd never give up on a play. Several times she was able to grab the ball from taller kids and then finish on the put back. Very nice all around game.

    #35 Samantha Mahoney, 5'9, West Bloomfield (West Bloomfield) MI (2004) PHOTO
    Michigan State's head coach, Joann McCallie, seemed to be around every time Samatha played. Mahoney soon demonstrated why she might be garnering the attention. Samatha has a beautiful shot, the best form in the camp. She's a tall guard who plays within herself, she can penetrate and dish as well as hit the outside shot. Samatha is also a very good rebounder for her size, and moved well without the ball.

    #36 Cissy Pierce, 5'10, Littleton (Heritage) CO (2004) PHOTO
    Evaluation 1: Another player I really liked. Her game shines from an athletic standpoint. Very fluid movements, long strides, and maybe the best vertical of the camp. Major elevation on her jump shot. She likes to run a baseline sweep on offense and has the poise and body position to put a shot up under the basket under tight defense. Again, her legs help a lot with this. On defense, will run defenders to death. She can really wear on opponents throughout a game.

    Evaluation 2: All the guards in camp attempted penetration every chance they got, Cissy was one of the few that could consistently make good things happen on the other end - either finishing her shot or finding an open player on the perimeter. She has a very first quick step, and could get by all but the quickest defenders. Cissy also played attention to defense and was able to nab several steals for her efforts.

    #37 Kimberly Dietz, 5'9, Boulder (Monarch) Co (2004) PHOTO
    Kimberly is an excellent shooter but could sometimes lose control when she tried to do too much when running an offense. She used her bounce pass beautifully to get the ball to players who were posting up. Very explosive in the open court.

    #38 Chante Bowman, 5'11, Detroit (Cass Technical) MI (2004)
    Evaluation 1: An extremely good ball handler for a player her size, Chante got herself to the basket quickly and was able to finish most shots.

    Evaluation 2: Although her name wasn’t on Thursday’s injury list, I never noticed her on the court if she did indeed play.

    #39 Camille Lenoir, 5'6, Los Angeles (Narbonne) CA (2004) PHOTO
    Camille Lenoir first appeared at Nike camp as a freshman. At that time she was a tiny guard with great ups and speed. Since that time Camille has improved as a player, and is even more athletic than before. She has not grown, however, and her short stature may hinder her ability to draw the attention of the best programs. A college that was looking for a Dawn Staley-type point can't go wrong with her.

    #40 Sade Buley, 5'11, Knoxville (South Doyle) TN (2004) PHOTO
    On Wednesday, I was singing her praises. She caught a nifty chest pass from a teammate and drove in for the deuce. Not long after that, she took the ball right away from a Monarch, only to be denied an assist when a Spark missed a “bunny”. Taking matters into our own hands a few minutes later, Sade confidently buried a trey. After a short halftime break, Buley went back to work. On an early possession, a flashy exhibition of dribbling and ball control was capped by a stunning move on which she crossed under the basket and laid the ball up and in from what appeared to be an impossible angle. Subsequently, she nailed another three-pointer to cap an excellent performance.

    In Thursday’s clash with the Mystics, Sade looked ordinary at best. When she was out of the lineup, I saw her limping while attempting to run, so I’ll assume that injury was the culprit that prevented her from dazzling me anew. She did continue to demonstrate her range from behind the arc, and her overall performance for the two days was good enough to earn the rising senior one of the six spots on my All-Camp honor squad.

    More evaluations to come!

    2003 Nike Camp Scouting Reports:
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